How do i wear this without looking gay? male(male) here

how do i wear this without looking gay? male(male) here

Don't start threads like this, dude
Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general

im definitely not a fuckboy though i just like chokers
>tfw no gf with leash




it's our qtddtot. If you read the sticky you'd know that

You can't.


have you considered going metal instead of leather

If you're the kind of person who has to ask, then you won't be able to pull it off.

make sure it fits as tight as possible
soon you will look like you are choking

Hold hands with a girl while wearing it


doesn't xxxmemetacion wear these?

I hope that's for your wrist

>not just wearing a plain one

do you mean xxxtentacleporn?

only right answers

>what a weird collar
>is that your helper?
>is it gps?

This ain't Reddit, boyo

why would you wear this other than to look gay

>not a fuckboy
>I just like chokers

Pick one, please.

just bee urself

What an intelligent, qualified answer.

I don't know but I wish more guys wore this.

just wear it, it looks aight on guys and not as overwhelmingly gay as you might think

This is neat. OP's is disgusting.

>complimentary cock ring attached

truly the epitome of fashion

only if you can pull off 9s-core . (dude on the right). If you are above 20 years old, please don't attempt.

I used to wear two buckled chokers before I got too old. It's neat, but that ring on the front is a bit too extremely gay.

Simple. Be Iggy Pop.

op, don't, because you're going to look gay regardless (unless thats what you're aiming for.) you're not lil uzi or xxxtentacion.


have a woman holding a leash.

You'll still look like a fuccboi who likes to get cucked though.

Look like this OP, looks less faggy if you're attractive and wearing hypebeast clothing

be fit and not a skinny fag