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usual ootd's and post alot of clothes that i make :)

i'll follow back most likely

my ex has more followers than me


i'm going to be posting more of my music and maybe stuff from my brand soon



photatographer reporting in for doody

Recently made it so don't have a lot of content. Make stories more frequently then posting pics.
Mostly pretty people/good fits, videos of concerts/house shows I go to, architecture I enjoy (brutalism/industrial)
Will follow back if I like your stuff

you're talented man, really cool to see someone from /fa making clothes of the quality you do. followed

My account is shit, I know. I follow back & i show some love to your feed.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


you're a good looking dude but your feed isnt pleasing

boring feed desu, looks like a normie insta. not bad but wouldn't follow it


Will give you guys a follow, some good stuff here.

here I go again buddies
my art stuff

love your art man, been following for a few threads now

I appreciate it,man!
I'm really glad that many of you guys have been showing some love for my stuff and this is really important to me and keeps me motivated.
Thank you!

Just started instagram and really want to gain some followers to plug emptiness in my poor soul. Will follow back of course.
I don't post really often but whatever

Follow @enjoimisalami or this will come for you tonight

Always on the lookout for interesting feeds so I'll check everyone out
forgot my link.
I generally follow back if I can recognize you're from Veeky Forums

i will probably follow back

I noticed you followed me then unfollowed lol, I was asleep so didn't have a chance to follow back. Following you now tho

Mostly film (street) photography, occasional sketches and some art.

All interesting feeds. Followed

Also this one

I'm just flexing on my ex, I post random shit. f4f

>my ex has more followers than me
I know that feel, following

Nice, following

Fucking nice, following

jesus christ weeb

drives a piece of shit honda to feel like he has a 'modern sports car'

why do you say he's a weeb? the only connection I see is they're Asian, like not one photo is related to anime. just a hypebeast

thanks. I used to go full weirdo but I want to get girls who are IN MY AREA

>but I want to get girls who are IN MY AREA
lame. you should be able to be weird & get girls. are you still in high school? or just live in a boring flyover place


I'm not Asian actually.

oh. nevermind then I see what the other guy was referencing

the only reason I open this thread is to check if runts I know of are actually posting their instagram accounts

cool man

It's cool hooded eyes means ppl assume that a lot

what is your ethnic background?

Half white half Colombian



Post moar.

Just made a new account and looking for cool stuff to follow. (preferred if you post OC)

would enjoy some feedback


Some pics could do with some very minor retouching and the mirror selfies are a bit cringe. Otherwise, very well done.

you guys have some good ass feed

ohshit forgot
Attempted Kate Moss pun...

Ungainly second bump



Seeing things like this weirdly makes me very happy and relieved to realize how very uncool I apparently am. Must take a lot of effort to keep up with all that stuff and actually value this. Love it.

sexy as hell boi


Wow. Seeing posts like this makes me realize how nobody gives a fuck.

what? don't even understand this post like having an insta isn't a lot of work at all.. but hope this was a cathartic experience for you

thank you. drop us a follow you didnt include a name like

nvm am dumb

You look similar to young Jared Leto but better imo, hot af
Not from the images you posted but from checking your profile. Nice style too
just tryna get some traction before our first drop, should be coming early september

since ive got 420 followers ive decided to quit and spend my time smoking weed instead

kys nigger

dope accounts senpai

will follow :)

I am so hip hop


this is prob my fav itt
also extremely good

>this is prob my fav itt

yeah i just followed it, i like the aesthetic

uma tuga no /fa??

espécie rara, posta link do teu ig

Minha mãe é portugues, mas sou americano. Temos uma casa lá e passei muito tempo em Portugal. Eu vivi na Europa todo o ano passado.
Meu ig é Eu seguirei seu ig agora

I'm out of school and live outside of Philly

actively working on it. be patient.

prefer to follow back

cocaine, vodka, and cigarettes

checked and saw none of the 3. disappointed because that's a heavenly mix

Why the fuck did you shave the moustache?!?! It was hot

hello friends

Woah dude... Cocaine? And cigarettes?? Woah dude.... You're a pretty cool guy.... AND vodka too?

lmao it was just a joke for some friends, it looked awful. pic unrelated

Not really fashion related, i'm a french boy trying to post cool pics

I also have a flower account because flowers are cool


>Yeah, da's rite, I skip leg day, erry day.

no pic no follow

>going to the gym and trying to get gains
being very thin is objectively the most /fa body type. lurk more

That's very ill, not manly at all.
All in all, it just looks weird and non-proportionate.
Anatomy, get good at it.

I'm not referring to the guy you replied to, also you're in an insta thread on a fashion forum and worried about being manly hahaha
Why are the vast majority of models very thin? You cannot argue it's not the most /fa body, you're just wrong

>I'm not referring to the guy you replied to
You're actively defending said instagram guy.
>you're in an insta thread on a fashion forum and worried about being manly
Are you implying your fashion skills are so weak; that you can not even propose fashion for strong men, to the point that you need to project said weakness onto me?
Ooooh, sad.
>Why are the vast majority of models very thin? You cannot argue it's not the most /fa body, you're just wrong
Neither can you senpai, ouch, rekt.