Are dark circles effay and how do you get them ?

Are dark circles effay and how do you get them ?

they can look effay depending on how you're dressed imo

They can.
Anemia. Drug problem.

Lack of sleep
Shitty diet
Stop using face creams around the eyes that tighten the skin.
Stop using face makeup.
Don't use that stupid cold bean/rice trick to keep circles from growing due to heat.

Mine are from a shit-ass diet and a lack of sleep that's persisted for, oh, who knows, most of my life.

>sleep max 3 hours per night 5 days a week and min 12 hours per night on the weekends
>maintain a minimum level of stress typical of graduate students, medical students, or deployed infantrymen
>take lots of caffeine
there you go, now delete this shitty thread

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This is more a 1/1 checklist of my actual flaws as a human than anything.

Damn man... ur so fucked up

You may aswell kill yourself dude. A life like that isn't worth living

Don't smoke, it's a joke


Heredity. Like being born with super huge eyes. Early on i childhood, you get really big eyebags because of your fucked up eyes. Then in adulthood when every part of your head sizes up to your eyes, you'll still get the shitty bags due to years of stretch.

lol no
alcohol and cigs

I got born with really huge eyes. Not gonna take a pic, but my eyes look really bad. Like a fish's so I cover my forehead with bangs so it wont look too much bulgy esp from the sides

But that doesn't mean that this 'condition' necessarily causes prominent eyebags

Her eyes were not bulgy. Mine was big and bulgy. It doesnt look so bad now as it does years ago, but you get eyebag marks that arent dark circles, but loose eyebag skin. And its going to be there 24/7 even with 10 hours of sleep. Perma eyebags. Think of pepe's eyes.

My eyes after years of anaemia, anxiety and awful diet. I don't use makeup as it's visible, also I don't use any creams. So if you want to have really visible big circles under eyes, go for different stuff

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Massage semen into your eyelids before supper

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the darkest circles are genetic

I have dark circles too but I don't like them because I think they make me look angry :(

Would you show? I am sure that it doesn't make you look bad. It's probably all about how you match hairstyle and clothes with it, so maybe if you act in a nice way people just think that you look a little tired, but not angry!

Maybe that wasn't the right word to use. I guess it can just make me look a little intimidating or moody. Some people have said it looks cute though which is nice.

About intimidating I have to agree, but to be honest most cute/good looking things are because people feel like a person dresses better/looks nicer/whatever. Imo it looks cute when people have them, but not if it gets all swallen and goes really low (like halfway through chin). I got lucky to have it just under my eyes, slightly greyish, most of the people don't notice if I do. Really mate, as long as you don't cry yourself to sleep and wake up 3h later to work/school, it should look nice

baby me secsi

They age white people by 15 years

I guess it depends how they look + face of a person and style of clothes. If they don't match they make everyone look older

Hmm, I dunno. I have a face with soft features which probably helps me. But sometimes I just see them and I think they might look really noticeable, like at the end of a day or something

If your face is soft looking then really a lot of stuff should make you look cute, especially if you have pretty eyes and not too big lips. How do you dress? I would really appreciate a picture of how your eyes look

I guess I dress kind of preppy but I don't know if that would the right term to use. I would give a pic but I don't really like doing that on here

Hmmm to be honest I understand why you wouldn't want to post pictures here. If you dress in this way (as much as I understood preppy is the same as posh) then I think that it would make you look more mature in a way? Unless it's really visible, then it would probably give you a "I'm always tired and easily irritated" look, I think. But I guess the way you look at stuff and move is the first thing people will connect to shades under eyes, if you look down and act quiet/upset and just all grumpy it would make you really intimidating. But if you act normally, and are polite people will 100% assume you are just tired

yes. acquire severe insomnia.

>durr I want to look like I'm fucked up because it's cooooool

i fucking hate this sub sometimes, too

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If it helps to show, I'd say that the dark circles look kind of like how Anzu's do in this pic:

It should look good mate

Mine were caused by alcoholism

If your eyes look like that then you must be cute. Stop worrying. Are you a guy or girl?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really bothered about it but I was thinking about maybe trying to get rid of it. And boy.

Thought so, you sound like a boy, in a way. Tbh I have no idea how to make them not visible, I never really tried anything like that, it seem to be a lot worse when I sleep for 17h than when I do for 5h, probably diet is most important. Also taking care of stress if there is a lot of it in your life

I mean like they can be pretty effay

Do you have a Discord? You could show me a pic there if you don't want to on here.

And it cannot be that bad

Yeah, it's been pretty stressful recently with exams and other stuff going on. I'm also a night owl which probably doesn't help. I think tightening cream can help.

That sucks, I'm rather the type to go to sleep before midnight. Do you consider changing your sleep schedule or is it not an option? Cream is useful but it's a pain to use it all the time imo

Ok. Mine is RPD123#3982

I could, it's just a habit. My appetite usually goes up later in the day as well. I get what you mean about creams. There's so many for so many different things and a lot of them don't seem to even work.
Okay cool

Maybe you should try to make yourself change sleeping schedule? The same as eating. I probably shouldn't talk about the second one tho, I'm horrible at this. I guess that forcing yourself to eat earlier and not letting yourself eat later until you get used it the only option?

It only looks cute on paper white skinned people with baby faces. If you're tanned, fat or prone to acne, forget it and go get some fucking sleep.

>come back to Veeky Forums after 3 year break
>still threads about "how 2 get dark circles pls help i wanna look even more autistic than i already do"

haha lol

Yeah, I will have to anyway because of school. I usually just eat over the course of the day but I won't have anything big in the morning. Protein shakes are good as well for saving time and also getting a meal's worth of nutrients. Do you find it hard to eat?

Yeah, I've always panicked when I weighted more than what would make me underweight so I don't really have a habit of eating. I usually just stick to one meal a day, during school days, sometimes two. But it's no good, my blood is fucked up because of that

Sorry that I keep taking a while to respond. Please don't do that, that is dangerous as hell. When you do that, you are missing out on so many valuable nutrients. I have a high metabolism and I have to eat a lot to maintain my weight and I would rather be chubby than have to deal with it. And that's not saying you would be chubby if you ate normally. My sister used to do that and it was unnecessary.

Its just probably something off with my mind. I used to try to make myself throw up which is kinda gross. Thank you for worrying but I really can't help myself with it, especially that if I took literally every med I need I would be taking around 10 meds daily which is fucked up, and my metabolism is probably ruined too so I would jump into being a fatass after eating 3 meals a day. I can't stand being chubby, it all goes to my tummy and face instead of hips so I look like a fat 12 year old girl. At least I don't have eating disorder so I am fine for now

Lol it sounds so weird but it's not a big deal at all

There's a middle ground between eating very little and a lot. You would be doing yourself a lot more harm by not eating much over being 'chubby'. And there's nothing wrong with meds imo, they're just there to help you out a bit. I don't want to ask you anything that you probably wouldn't want to talk about on here but I feel like someone might have been giving you shit and that has affected your mindset.

So much edge omfg :-[

What circles? You got very very very slightly baggy eyes but nothing standout.

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They are not, why would anyone want them? I hate mine.

Tbh I never got much shit when it comes to my weight, but I grew really insecure about it, well, the only person who was criticising it was myself. Also meds are okay but always make me feel sick after one accident so I don't take any even though I should. And in all honesty, I am not able to eat more, physically I mean, I get full after small portion and feeling lasts for many hours

That's why I said that if he wants a really visible big circles he should try different stuff. I reread my comment and it really sounds like I say that I have it really visible but I meant it in an opposite way. By my post I wanted to say that "I deal with this stuff and I don't really have them so you should try something else if you want it" as people before suggested that stuff and said that it makes them visible

Everything you said apart from the meds is the same for me. I don't know where you live but maybe you could get prescribed something to help you with your eating. I get full easily as well so I try to space out my meals as much as possible. Sometimes, it's impossible for me to eat in the morning though which is why I might eat more later. Also, I honestly wouldn't worry about the way you look either, you like nice in the picture you posted. I probably don't have grounds to say that considering how I sort of feel the same way about myself but still.

I've never liked mine, I feel like they take away from my eye colour.

I'm from Poland. I am going to mention my eating habits when I go to doctor but I honestly doubt I would get anything helpful, and I'm worried that it would end up on me putting on too much weight which would result in myself stopping eating again to go back to being thin. So I kinda have to find a way to make myself eat meds daily to correct my blood, which I think would be the best thing I can do for now

ffs don't sleep enough, worry a lot


I have them no matter what I do, thank you genes

low pixel camera so they look even worse in real life

got that glossy chicken skin texture as well

permanent acne scars/inflammation on nose if anyone is wondering what the red s*** is

everything is effay on attractive people, I'm not attractive, so

I see. I'm not sure how it works in Poland but in the UK you can get stuff to help you with eating. You should try a BMI calculator to check what a good weight would be (although it isn't as accurate for people still growing). You can still be slim and also at a healthy weight. I know it's like 1 o'clock in Poland right now and you might want to go to sleep so I'm sorry if I'm keeping you up.

I know that feel lad, I have them since childhood as well. Recently my female cousin who hasn't seen me in a while came over and she thought I was sick or something because of them.

I also have same skin/nose problems.

Hang in there bro.

Here I probably could but it wouldn't be as easy, also I believe that I have to take care of different stuff first that are one of reasons I have problems with eating. BMI usually tells me that I have to be around 2kg more, so I was never worrying about going anorexic. No lie, it's nice to talk with you. I am currently at my friend's house hence I am up, so don't be sorry about that

Same to be honest, when I have tons of schoolwork to do or I'm doing a hobby, I'll end up ignoring other stuff and prioritising that one thing. One of the things that gets in the way of my sleep.

I swear I am a master of doing nothing when I have dozen things to do, still am always tired for some reason. When it comes to sleep I always wake up a lot in the morning, starting from 6am I have to force myself to fall asleep like 4 times until 9am

Lol, same. If I have an essay for the end of the week then I won't do the responsible thing and start it when I have been assigned to do it, I'll wait until the last day and spend the whole day on getting the essay done and perfecting it.

We're different for sleep though. I'll wake up early in the morning and if I decide to sleep a little longer then I'll end up sleeping for another two or three hours. I seriously need to use my alarm.


I am basically just doing stuff in a last minute, starting essays on 11pm because I spent whole day being anxious about having to write them

I never have to use it. To school I always wake up minutes before it (I still set it tho). It's awful because if I don't go to bed around 10pm I wake up without getting enough sleep, and I have to struggle a lot to fall asleep for 30min more

What I put out gets good marks but I always stress out over them and sometimes I might work on an essay and then think that the content is stupid and start over again. Either that or sometimes I'll face a dead end which is annoying.

For the last couple of terms, I was coming to school late quite a lot but at the same time I was getting burned out with school so I didn't care much. I'm not going to have it the same way this year though, hopefully.

Fortunately most of the essays I have to write during lessons so I don't have to at home. Exams are the worst tho because I actually have to sit down and study

According to my British friends schools in UK are good in a way that lessons start rather later, but I'm not sure how it works for you, I guess it depends on what you are taking?

Hmm, I'm not really sure what you mean. School starts at 9am for me.

Got some friends that have like 4 lessons a day, they are not one after another tho so they have to wait between them, I can't explain it better since it's a lot different than here and I don't know much about it. I used to always start on 8 am but after I got a lot better schedule

Well we have 7 lessons per day. The way it works varies in later years though because of the amount of courses you choose and whatnot.

I guess it is because they are in later years. I think I am going to sleep now, goodnight, it was nice to talk to you, so thank you for that

Cool, see you around.

I've had dark eye bags for as long as I can remember, I hate them.

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>and how do you get them ?

if you live in seattle, we can meet for coffee and i'll punch you in each eye socket a few times

let me know if you're interested

A lot of eye creams are just concealers or basic hydrators. The only thing I've used so far that has kind of reduced dark circles is Lierac Diopticerne -but it's $35 for such a minuscule amount.


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maybe it's hyperthyroidism, and because of some sick metabolic trick, you developped dark circles idk kek

they're genetic

all 3 of my sisters have them
i was in a military academy, i had a structured sleep schedule for a year straight, 2100-0500 and I still had them

no. they are not.
Don't even try.

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I think eyebags give your face much character.

>not getting each others name

smoke weed everyday for years and you'll get them

I really wouldn't want to say my name here mate so I thought that I shouldn't ask him about his

You forgot genes.