This is back on eBay, cop or not?

Just got the e-mail of relisting. Still wondering if I should cop, there's only two left.
Price is ok for buy it now ($150) considering the jacket alone is 100 bucks retail on Levi's...but I don't know how often I'd wear it.

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also the new description says there are only two available now


ye merch always seems corny in person

yeah but it's not merch, it's a jacket inspired by this homeless dude and only made famous because Kanye wore it once

I'll try to cop it for 99 cents

did you cop?

Still in auction, waiting for the last day

You could probably make a jacket like that yourself.

yeah but op's logic is right though.
that jacket is 98 bucks plus tax, that's 110 and whatever you need, paint or sharpies or whatever will take to make it will be 15-20 bucks. that's $130 total...fuck that man, for 20 extra bucks I get someone else to do it for me

Exactly user you understood what I was saying originally.

I really like this aesthetic how much did the previous ones go for?

according to seller's history last one sold for 147.50

Check Jim Goldberg's Raised by Wolves

why don't you just get a similar jacket and scrawl babby-tier slogans on it with a sharpie?

I bought the repressing from last year a "bootleg" edition of the book. It's really dope, plus the interviews with the homeless people are deep

you gotta represent history and make a statement, not only wear doodles for the sake of wearing doodles

>make a statement

that you are retarded?

do you think this will go high again? It doesn't have any bids so far

>copy a mentally ill homeless guy's unique and painstakingly custom jacket, mass produce it, and sell it to hypebeasts
fucked up

that you're cultured enough to know about art like Jim Goldberg's work

>mentally ill

if by that you mean heroin addict


where the hell do you live that a levis trucker is $100?
mine cost $30 new

not worth it imo
just make your own

OP is right on this one

Still curious where that'd be?
I could walk into a store downtown and get one for fifty bucks max. I already told you mine straight up cost thirty dollars retail. That's also a truth.

Levi's site

Yeah, no shit. I mean where are you located in the world. Prices are not universal.

San Diego dude

i would wear it no fucking issue fuck those salty anons in this thread OP, go for it

the united states, faggot are you daft?

lmao god what a fucking victim
post a fit pic once you have it, OP, i want to laugh

this is sick, cope for sure

how can you be so retarded?

wtf! I know a girl who modeled this jacket a few months back. Let me find the pic on her IG