Itt looks for denim sherpa

Itt looks for denim sherpa

Black jeans, cherry docs

nondescript color sweatpants
work boots

Grey sweatpants
Red Wing Iron Rangers in Hawthorne Muleskinner

The sherpa god himself

Id on pants?

literally anything jfc

how does he always look so good ?

Frank is sleaze inspo. I found this jacket at Zara Man but I don't want to buy that trash. w2c Levi's? Do they still sell?

i can't not fuck him

w2c boots? and mia is a qt

Too bad this literal leftist jew got blown the fuck out forever thanks to his ability to sperg out everytime everywhere. Unemployable now. Thank fuck.

good looks with a beige corduroy sherpa?

do you think he cares

Frank isn't sleazecore, he's more pure alky core


with some rusty engineer boots

or this

Mfw my dad passed the exact same jacket to me before died.
I feel a green text coming on...

I had a similar denim sherpa when we came from USSR to Italy, needed a winter jacket before we moved to Canada and asked for this. But it was an Italian brand one.

Picrel also Levis jacket, uncle sent me when I was still in USSR.

These boots he got from the military.

You seem like a very sad and angry man. I wish you the best.


Nobody knows, all we know is that hes /ourguy/ through better or worse

Could it be a fake?
they shipped from USA.