>absolute best

some 100.000€ jeans you fucking retard. Get Levi's out of a normal retail Levi's store and you should be good faggot.


This is a reddit answer, but literally uniqlo. they're $50, come in every colour and fit and are very well made.

95% of looking nice in jeans is just making sure they fit you and you've looked after them.

If you want to spend money though, you can buy samurai jeans, n&f or oni. these won't necessarily look better though.

Nudie's are good


Levi's are significantly higher quality than Uniqlo jeans and are the exact same price.

Huh, I guess it changes by country, I've looked on the Australia site and the cheapest uniqlo jeans are $30 aud, the most expensive are $59.

Conversely the cheapest Levi's are $90 and the most expensive are $200.

I guess that's why so many people here shop at uniqlo.

Depends, if you are not living in the US, Levis can be useless
For example some Levis jeans are like 3 times more expensive in France for some reason
In such a case, yeah I would either go with Uniqlo, or maybe APC or something

I recommend L U C K Y B R A N D

Shit quality and style


Price range & fit?

Legitimately this.

absolute best high quality is not that objective so that question really has no answer
but more than likely what comes to closest is some 'weebshit'

Levis are literally the only brand of jean worth wearing.

levis uniqlo pacsun imo. if you want something better dior

I really love my Railcars. If you're truly looking for the best denim outside Japan, Railcar, Rogue Territory, or Left Field are all good options. Naked & Famous is ok, but I don't like their fits that much.

diesel is right up there with gstar

I'll second Railcar. Both my wife and I have pairs and we love them.

who cares, but i wish i saved the clothes i wore when i was a high schooler and wore shit like fubu and shit

Nice fades those look great
those are looking nice too

Wrong, normal Levi's at that price aren't bad by any means but for the same price the Uniqlo selvedge denim is from Kaihara mills and is a better product if you want to get into raw denim. If you don't care about that and like to wash your jeans often then by all means go with the Levi's.

Gap also makes some Japanese selvedge jeans, their denim is also from Kaihara mills. They retail for $108 but can be found on sale or use a 40% off coupon like they had recently.

Another good budget brand for selvedge raw denim is Unbranded.

OP asked for high quality, not sure what his idea of high quality is though or if he wants raw and/or selvedge. Though IMO to even be in the conversation for high quality it should always be selvedge.

Lots of good brands posted already, lots of not so good (not bad, just your typical mall brands i.e. pacsun? really? haha)

We need more info OP, do you want actual high quality denimhead stuff or your basic bitch prewashed/prefaded mall boi shit?

Levi's 501 Shrink-To-Fit CONE MILLS WHITE OAK fuck you weebshit cancer

go for best fit with decent denim . . . APC petit standard is best for me, I add spray starch when I iron them from time to time

hows the quality with g-star?

'Weebshit'? How autistic are you fuckers?
Japan has some of the best denim mills in the world. There's a reason a lot of high end western brands source their denim from Japan.
Just say you're too cheap for Japanese jeans, you're not better than them.

>Levi's 501 Shrink-To-Fit CONE MILLS WHITE OAK
is this 2012 again

cwhat ripped jeans off taobao

Some of the best fabric..some of the worst cuts.

Stick to European creations if you want your jeans to fit well.

MIJ is great if you're a fat reddit nerd who doesn't give a fuck how he looks, just cares about 'muh quality fabric'

they are okay, really just another option on that price point, though I must say I have g-stars that have held up way better than my nudies
also aitor throup is working with g-star which is balling as fuck

really good, actually. i have a gstar denim jacket and it's way higher quality than i expected, same goes for jeans. i was kind of worried because their name is terrible but i've been pleased w/ their shit

ive owned lots of raw denim , and the ones i keep coming back too, are my rogue territory stanton jeans. theyre the perfect "straight slim" fit with a slight taper, and the qualiy of the denim is awesome. they get amazing fades.

thanks g-star isn't too too expensive so i guess i'll just go for it and see how it turns out.

We talking raw denim?

Best I ever owned are a pair of Japan Blue Jeans 16.5oz ones. You said no weeb shit, but Japanese denim is pretty up their in terms of quality. Shuttle looms and shit. Weeb shit aside, Naked and Famous are the ones I've been buying for years. Solid quality and they're easy to find in my city plus the variety they have is pretty sweet. Barring them, Nudies are good but I find they're more expensive and not necessarily better than Naked and Famous anyway. Railcars are fucking sweet too.

What don't you like about the N&F fits?

These are beautiful

do you ever wear the jacket with the jeans? double denim , in different shades? just wondering if that works well

Every now and then. Usually the contrast has to be pretty defined for it work to any degree. Denim and denim is not something I do a lot. My jacket in that pic would work decently with the lighter jeans presumably, but I legit haven't tried that combo yet. I cycle through my jeans every couple weeks.

dam people are still buying raw denumzz? i remember having a pair of APCs almost a decade ago. the fit was great and they faded nicely but I was so autistic about washing those things because I wanted sikk fadez

You're allowed to own and wear raw denim without being autstic about the fades, you know. My favorite pair of jeans is a pair of APCs, and I don't care about fades, so I treat them like I do any of my other jeans.

fades are one of the reasons people like buying raw denim
post a fit pic though

I like buying raw denim because I like higher quality jeans, and higher quality jeans tend to be raw. I don't feel like putting them on to take a pic right now, though. Maybe later if this thread is still around.

What a bunch of maggots in this thread

RRL are the absolute best high quality jeans


Saint Laurent. They are the best jeans I've ever had, in quality and fit

why is it so fucking hard to find dark, unwashed, unripped jeans? what is this autistic obsession for having clothes already look like shit to the point where entire stores have nothing but "extra special beat up jeans :)"?


You can enjoy the fading without being autistic about SICK FADEZ. If you wash them regularly you can just enjoy watching your denim change in appearance and it will be more of an all over change.

Japanese make the best denim retard, nothing weeb about it

Is it 2007?

What's the rise like on these?

I have APCs and I love them but the rise is stupidly low, as I'm a bit taller

It's not hard at all

Levi's always have dark wash jeans. Stop shopping at trendy teenage mall stores and you'll find them

Else search for raws because they never come pre ripped

ami alexandre mattiussi

Bullshit. Also your mom is right up there with my dick you stupid weeb.

Japanese make the best quality denim sure, their fits are terrible though and you will look bad wearing Japanese raws. Fact.

Just bought some Levi 511s.

Can't go wrong with the classics.

>their fits are terrible though

confirmed fat middle america shitbird

medium rise. much more comfortable than the ball crushing apc.

post a fit pic

Rude skinnies best quality/look

You're fat if you wear Japanese denim. Just check reddit rawdenim lol

Uniqlo selvage is defiinitely value for money however from personal experience its very hard to get fades on them for some reason.