How do I pull off the blazer + t-shirt look?

How do I pull off the blazer + t-shirt look?


> Blazer + t-shirt
> pull off
> only t-shirt left

I meant what colours/brands work?

casual blazers only with monochrome t shirts only
only looks good if you look good, if not it comes off as tryhard

best colour combos? tucked or untucked? best pants/shoes to go along if I just want to keep it casual?

The obvious-- be good looking.

Sure, it doesn't look awful, but at least a kinda casual, white button-down would look better. It's not like it takes much more effort.

If you want to wear a jacket over a shirt, I think some types of Harrington jackets with buttons are slightly more formal and structured than other jackets, but not quite like a blazer.

blazer would probably be textured and dark colored, or navy, unstructured shoulders, wool or chino fabric
white, grey, black tees, tuck if shirt is too long, otherwise you'll get a trumpet effect that makes your hips look wider, shirt in OP hits just right
this look only looks right if everything has a more casual cut, so slim blazer, slim pants, slightly out there leather shoes
this is kind of a dated look now

> blazer
> t-shirt
> not looking like a reality tv host from 2011

pick two

you don't, wear it with something with a collar, even wearing a sports coat with a polo shirt is kind of tricky.

Either be extreme handsome and masculine looking to begin with, or be a Silicon Valley millionaire

The look is such a gamble

maybe 90% of people look like idiots so good luck to you

a noose

Asian popstars are the only people that can pull off this look, but even they struggle at making it work.

I think it's easiest with a full suit, rather than a blazer and jeans which can easily be how I met your mother tier. A well fitting navy or gray suit will look pretty good with a tucked in fancy white t, it's obviously gonna look trash with a Hanes t or something. Rock it with some laceless Margielas or side zips.


The best way to pull off casual items with formal outfits is to start with a full suit, dress shirt, and dress shoes, then replace a singular piece of clothing.

Like this, full formal outfit but with casual shoes.

I just clicked on the Veeky Forums banner and landed here out of curiosity what on earth is that person doing, tweed with t-short wtf is this a young people thing like wearing women's trousers? What is wrong with you people. Maybe you just want to wear a t-shirt then don't bother with fucking tweed on top those poor scottish sheep are freezing their bums off in vein

don't do it. Blazer with sweater, especially turtleneck is way better

It can look ok with beige suit. Like earlier user said, better with turtleneck


Black derbies, black dress trousers, white tee and black 1 button blazer will look good'

I would say stick with a full suit and a t shirt to avoid the how I met your mother aesthetic mentioned above. And if you are gonna do suit and t shirt, either go all black like a club bouncer, or all white like a 1980s cocaine dealer from Miami

i honestly don't understand what kind of situation a person would be in to want to wear something like this. are you a middle-class shitlord or what?

engineered garments bedford my guy, the shirt he's wearing is a EG Workaday cross collar shirt

I get what you're saying, but man I'm glad double breasted suits fell out of favor.

I've worn something like that to the bar before. It's good for a Saturday night, at least in a mid sized city and not clubbing.