Unpopular opinions thread

I like roshes.....

Tucked in shirts always look terrible, and it's disgusting how it's become almost necessary in business.

It looks disgusting. Men virtually always look better untucked.

I second this, it's a good way to make people look taller/skinnier when it's untucked

not even children are wearing roshes anymore OP what are you doing

good, but the Roshe 2 is whack, the OG Roshe 1 where it's at

Disgusting. Look at the glue residue coming out from between the upper and the outsole.

Nike is fucking trash, I've never been soo disappointed by a company like this, I was genuinely interested in buying a pair because I already had a shit ton of addidas, puma and rebook but holy fuck was I disgusted by the awful build quality and the glue, it feel's cheap as fuck, the stitching and materials are miles behind adidas, adidas had the tendency of blowing me away with the build quality, no visible stitching, no glue, it all looks like one big compact thing, not a mix of plastics glued and stitched with cheap polyethylene plastic wool.

none of those brands has any difference in the quality of their products, all of them have better and lower quality products, you happened to be lucky with Adidas and not so lucky with Nike, that is all

don't you think that judging a whole brand based on a single product is not too fair?

on the other hand, if you want get quality from Nike, get the Nike Lab products, this premium category for Adidas is non-existent

Nah sorry Adidas will always be better than Nike.

never was and never will, it's just hyped at this present moment for no good reason

Adidas doesn't even have a premium line, how is that better in any way? paying $200 for some knit shoe with styrofoam soles is plain stupid, when you can get a nice Nike Lab leather sneaker for that amount, which is really nice

Adidas may have the upper hand now, but they were nowhere a few years ago and will be nowhere soon, if they don't put out something new, because they're just rehashing last year and the year before that

don't forget, Nike is still a 10 times bigger company, in innovation it's still in the top 100 brand, whereas Adidas is nowhere to be found on that list

Nike is well know for it's bad quality control and it's shitty glue, I see it all the times in forum's, it's literally a joke at this point, "aceton comes in separately" I've never seen a pair of addidas with Elmer's glue sticked all over them, having to pay premium for good stitching and less glue really makes you think, the shoe's have leather details good stitching and really neat designs.. that's literally adidas, it's weird that you have to pay premium for materials commonly used by the other companies base products.


taller? untucked makes people shorter because it makes the torso longer and the legs shorter

keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night

it shows that you have never handled any Nike Lab products, the leather is much better quality than on your average [insert any same tier brand here] shoe, but even if you haven't handled any personally, it clearly shows on the product pictures

the base Adidas products have awful leather quality for the most part, more like plastic

actually Adidas has products with premium quality too, i have Stans with premium leather, those are nice, it's just that they don't have a separate line for it

nope, EU

if i have to spend $200 on a pair of sneakers, it's sure as hell i won't buy any overhyped gimmick knit shoes from Adidas, i rather buy some Nike Labs

have you managed to notice the subject of this thread? i have an unpopular opinion, you have a popular one, which doesn't make it true, it only proves the sheeple mentality

If your pants are long enough to break at your ankle they're too long. Pants almost always look better cuffed or cropped to the point where you can see a little bit of your sock when you're standing.

Those reeboks everyone here is obsessed with look like orthopedic grandma shoes.

I like Roshes too and feel like it's been long enough since they blew up that people can start wearing them again without it looking played out.

Stans are played out and I also think they never looked good in the first place.

Nike Cortez are some of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen seriously mentioned on this board. I can't begin to understand why people like them.

The "young leo" looks bad on most people.

Buzz cuts look bad on most people.

Buying expensive pieces that look super common is usually a waste of money.

The texture of the boost material Adidas uses in so many of their shoes looks like cheap styrofoam. It's ugly, it always has been, and it always will be. They should start covering it up again.

Being obsessed with models is pathetic.

Thinspo is disgusting and unhealthy.

Things like sleaze/slacker-core and terrorwave seem like excuses for people to play thrift shop dress up, but I like it and am in favor of people doing it because it seems like they're having fun.

where were you 5 years ago

t. pleb

maybe if you're fat

Maybe if you're a fat manlet.

maybe if youre a fat bald manlet

maybe if you're a fat bald dicklet manlet

maybe if you're a fat bald old dicklet manlet

you shouldn't wear dress shoes casually if you're younger than 30

I unironically wear tuxedo dress pants casually

i like roshes 2

Thats my point

Thats why the thread is called unpopular opinion thread

All Rick gear looks fucking retarded.

I like you. I honestly think anybody would be better off for having you as a friend, user.


he does whole bunch of plain ass fucking clothes, jeans, tee shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, boots and now even sneakers
I think it's you who is retarded

t. guy who has geobaskets

Nah, Rick sneakers aren't my cup of tea
I was talking about geotrashers though, plain ass regular every day sneaker, simple as fuck.
And was the comment supposed to disprove something? Pic related is jeans by rick, maybe you shouldn't just automatically spout "everything" if you don't like something you see.

Also yuck

weird, i was just about to buy these shoes from amazon (in black also)

Those are all actually popular opinions really, i mean that first one for example, cropped pants are huge now, i barely see anybody talking about stacks or breaks anymore really.

Well I must say, can't get much more unpopular than hating on such basic pieces
But then I have kinda hard time imagining what kind of wardrobe would someone like that have, must be on some dadcore shit if he wears no tees, jeans, boots or sneakers at all

Why so triggered?

To be honest, I feel like the man claiming everything that is rick is "retarded" is more triggered than I am, I just find it kinda baffling either how uneducated his opinion is or how someone can find jeans and tees 'retarded' looking

>unpopular opinion
>75% of this are popular opinions

This is such a reddit thing to do, yet you din't even get Karma for it. What's the point?


I just came here to post an unpopular opinion. And here you are sperging out. Are all Rick fans this insecure?

No but that's what I'm questioning, do you find tees and jeans 'retarded' looking as you claim, it's such unpopular opinion I just find it hard to believe.
> Rick fans
Now now, no need to start projecting there fella.

>unpopular opinion thread
>someone has an unpopular opinion
>you sperg out about it

Even the plain stuff looks kinda goofy to me. I still get the gothic clown suit vibe. I'm more of a normie so don't take it personal buddy.

Japanese fashion is terribly overrated

Gosha is terribly overrated

Rick is terribly overrated

Geometric tattoos are terribly overrated

Being a fashion model is not glamurous as it seems (unless ur in top 1%)

I never found a normal piece of clothing which lasted me more than a month in Zara

I mostly loved and still do love hipster fashion

Thinspo threads are full of circlejerking faggots and trannies

Not a single piece of clothing on you will look better than being muscular/buff

Being 5'9 and shorter will seriously fuck up your chances in dating.

If you have wide hips as a man you should kill yourself.

I like buying shoes half a year before they become mainstream (stans, club c's, roshes back in the day.. etc)

If you like : yeezy, off white, fear of god - you should kill yourself.

Nike is awful

Adidas makes high quality clothes that will last you for years.

Americans and germans are utterly incapable of dressing themselves, italians overdo it and are faggots

>loves hipster fashion
>hipster fashion

>calls italianos faggorios


I'm questioning if he is being genuine, had he name literally any other designer I would have questioned if he is actually being real or memeing around because most designer brands offer the simplest, most inoffensive plainest things in their collections.
There is "unpopular" but there is also contrarian, uneducated and biased opinions, I've never seen someone genuinely claim they find such regular clothing look 'retarded' so I just wanted to be sure here.
> I still get the gothic clown suit vibe
I see. Another unpopular opinion maybe?
Pic related another regular plain old ass piece of footwear under, clarks desert mal- I mean desert boots by rick.

>Japanese fashion is terribly overrated
and this is how I know you have no idea what you are talking about
My not so unpopular opinion is that Veeky Forums is full fo absolute fucking clueless plebs whose opinions really aren't worth listening to.

jap fashion is terrible

Gosling is wide hips for example

>5'9 or shorter
I'm 5'10 when I put my chuck son. Is this good?

japanese fashion in the 80s basically changed the entire high fashion scene and we are still living in the post-japanese revolution
more than likely you are wearing and appreciating shit that can be directly tracked back to that
I don't know why I even bother discussing this though
>I like buying shoes half a year before they become mainstream (stans, club c's, roshes back in the day.. etc)
cause I can tell you right now you did not wear any of those 'half year before mainstream' and you really just seem kinda lost with this whole fashion subject in general


Rick looks better on black people than on while people.

I don't think so. In terms of high end fashion, it is virtually impossible to be clean cut without having a tucked in shirt. If you're attempting the prep look, then there is no reason to not tuck.
Now if you're talking street wear, thats much more open to debate. I personally like it because I have a ton of large shirts that I do nothing with.

Bitches should stop using high rise jeans to make their asses seem bigger, it looks awful everytime.

the only thing you're right about is that your opinion is unpopular

Completely agree. Its also not nearly as comfortable.

>Buying expensive pieces that look super common is usually a waste of money.
What do you mean with expensive? Spending more for quality products is usually never a waste of money

Second this especially when their ass is flat it only makes it look smaller