Owning a piece of Junya changes you. I love it...

Owning a piece of Junya changes you. I love it. I love how Junya's creative vision enlivens workwear with a contemporary, whimsical twist that can be worn anywhere. Japanese Americana is still as fashionable now as it was when brand new Visvim FBTs were $400 a pop. Who knows what I'll do with these things on; enroll in a fall term at Bunka Fashion College, begin an apprenticeship under Rei Kawakubo, or patch old clothes into rompers because that's something Junya would do. The possibilities are endless. One step at a time though.

>beach house

Not really sure if that is you, but if so, I think you'd look better with wavy, shoulder length hair. I think it is more suitable for that style.

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>spent some untold cash on clothes
>can't buy like a $100 bed frame

This fit looks great but you need more confidence man, you look so uncomfortable and also normie hair doesn't really work with Junya.

Thanks for reminding me to never wear jodhpur boots with loose pants

elite b8, crossed full circle into welcomed content

Review the ring coat for me. Why is it (if it even is) worth the money?

quality cringe

Imagine dressing like OP

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god the bottom half of this fit sucks

i agree completely op i saved and got a 2nd hand junya t shirt (that has holes in it and its in pretty bad condition overall) and i feel like my life changed drastically for the better, theres got to be something in the fabric or maybe its just the japanese touch whatever it is i am now a happy junya wearer : - )

He is great honestly, would love to own plenty of things by him

You look like shit.

it's good that you're trying to understand, but those arent jodhpurs and you can definitely wear ankle boots (of just about any variety) with loose pants

>those arent jodhpurs
Yes they are.
>you can definitely wear ankle boots with loose pants
Of course you can wear certain ankle boots with loose pants. Just not ankle boots with the sleek silhouette of jodhpurs. They're best paired with slim, skinny, or tapered pants.

no you moron, jodhpurs have a buckle on the ankle, and you can please miss me with your /r/streetwear fashion platitudes


The classic jodhpur has buckles. Chelsea boots are also considered jodhpurs. It's literally a google search away, faggot.

Also, I'm not calling the boots in OP chelsea boots (before you accuse me of doing so). Chelsea boots, just like OP's boots, are a variety of jodhpur boots.

ah i remember my first Junya piece

You are ugly and your pants are shit

is he really filling those boots? how big are his feet?

They're babbys first Kapital purchase. It's boring compared to almost anything else they make, it has drawstrings so you don't actually need to wear it loose and comfy because most people are afraid of experimenting with proportions, but because proxies weren't widely used when everyone was sperging over them, very few people bought them anyway because it's an oversized m65 for $800+. So there aren't enough of them around so people still feel unique when the buy it.

To its credit, since it is a Kapital product, it's extremely well made and because it's so simple it goes with lots of different things, assuming you remember it's supposed to fit like a fucking tent.

Don't forget this whole style was a big thing at the end of when Americana was an actual style people cared about. So more than 6 years ago.

Just goes to show you that dropping 3k on a bunch of pieces, even by companies that work amazingly together, won't magically save you from looking like shit.

>fashion victim core

I think it looks dope, actually. I almost feel like it'd work better with slightly wider pants. The wide leg silhouette is trickier to pull off than the slim slp style silhouette you're thinking of but it looks so much more interesting.

I agree with others though that you should have longer hair for the look.

>It's boring
well that's pretty weird fucking take on it considering it's one of the more interesting things they have done from design and pattern perspective
I wouldn't wear one myself but just cause it's popular is no reason to spout this kinda horse shit

u r dum

>it's one of the more interesting things they have done from design and pattern perspective
Care to elaborate?

I'm curious as to how you think a plain cotton military inspired jacket is more interesting by design and pattern than say, this random jacket from their site.

I'd like to note I don't think there's anything wrong with a ring coat. Just that it's a very plain item compared to other things Kapital makes, and that people liked it because it was well made and simple enough while being just a bit different.