Wanting to buy a new wallet, because the peice of thick pleather shit I've had for a year is really grinding on me, any suggestions? Preferably under $100

I have been looking at the bellroy slim sleeve. Might cop

Need a new black one. Bumping.

What would you guys think if a man pulled this CDG wallet out? Too feminine? Or am I overthinking it?

I've always kinda associated zippers with female wallets. I prefer the fold, but that's just me

Slim sleeves are very good. I have one myself - haven't regretted the purchase.

I think Status Anxiety wallets are usually bought up in these threads. Not sure if they're good or anything but yeah.

the CDG x Supreme eye wallets are really nice and the print makes them look less feminine imo
I might cop the coin pouch even though I mostly use credit cards

Bellroy is good, I have a note sleeve, it's a super convenient size and has never let me down

Had this for bout a year. Love it



Recently switched to cardholder and fucking hate it.

At first I thought it would be a smart move with it taking less space in my pocket, but really not the case. Sure I guess it's technically smaller then a wallet , but hardly makes any difference whatsoever in pocket. And it doesn't really have the nice feel of taking out a wallet and opening it up. Also I look like a autist all the time trying to take money in and out , because the small slit on top is so small and hardly fits any cash. Also most of my ID's and Cards are getting bent on the corners because it's always exposed and also bends when I try to take it out of the sleave.

All in all , don't fall for the Cardholder meme like I did.

Are you buying it because you love it, or because it's cdg. Because right now it looks like you care more about the brand than the item sinceq you're so caught up worrying what other people think (especially if you're worried about coming off feminine.)

Use a money clip for cash in your front pocket. The slit is for valet tickets, parking meter tickets, etc. that's most effective for me anyway. I don't use cash much, it's just there in case I need drugs or something

What card holder do you have? Mine is a few months old, still looks impeccable, none of my cards are damaged and I love it. I've had several compliments on it.

I use this bad boy. It's so slim that I can wear it in my back pocket without any discomfort when sitting.

Also, a PSA: If you have a fat-daddy wallet, don't wear it in your back pocket. Over time this can cause back/hip issues as the unevenness of your posture can pinch your sciatic nerve.

Front pocket is a lot more secure. If your pants are too tight for that to be comfortable, your pants are too tight.

It's not about pants being too tight, it's about not having a huge lump in your back pocket that you have to sit on.

Whatever you do assure yourself that your wallet is RFID safe.

Nice meme

Extremely Feminine DNC

Cardholder meme is good if you don't use cash.

What's a good slim design if you do use cash?

I would look for a minimal bifold or a snap wallet kind of like these.

simple bifold.

What do you Veeky Forumsggots think about the Common Projects Standard Wallet? I think it looks clean sexy like other CP products, but also is expensive as fuck (like other CP products). Snooping for some online vouchers and shit to try and get it discounted but I doubt I am gonna find anything and I can't really convince myself to drop $200 aus on a wallet.
So, I was just wondering what y'all thought of it.

it's nice, but you could get something more interesting for that price

best wallet I ever had

kek at you guys so insecure in your sexuality that you worry about your choice of wallet.
I've had that same small CdG one in bright blue for 4 years now, it didn't turn me into a gay soft boy yet, user, cop if you think it looks good.
Only thing is I have to keep my coins in my pants now, because it's not roomy enough. I don't mind that, if you do, get the bigger one with extra pouch and zip on 3 sides.

Examples? I'm hanging for something cool to drop some cash on and I really cant find much other than disgusting thick ass hunks of thick leather or minimal billfolds.

margiela paint splatter bifold

dries van noten tapestry wallet

Really like some Margiela wallets, but that unfortunately brings the price up to around $400 aud.

CDG polka dot wallet
I got that exact one for 170$ on sale
you could probably get it even cheaper on ebay or grailed


Poorfag student here, what's the cheapest wallet/cardholder I can get that doesn't look like absolute shit?

cdg user here. I had a card holder but it doesn't hold bills very well. Does this one hold em well? Kinda want a bifold but they're so big.


this one is fucking amazing
too bad it's archival and worth thousands

Get a CDG wallet. Who gives a shit if it has a zipper, it's so convenient. I've had the same one for almost 4 years now, zipper is buttery smooth and the leather is all broken in.

god if only
there are no reps or anything close out there

Had this bad boy for about 3 years but my dad had it for like 10.

Still remember the camping trip when he got it in Duluth trading co.

9/10 I almost never carry cash but fuck cash

Thanks for the advice user, not OP but I'm going to get the neon superfluo one