Feet shoes edition

Waywt on your feet today my familia.

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They gonna charge u shopping

Nice. What kind of pants?




literally looks like two stitched turds

these look like fucking cartoon shoes that went through a portal and became real


>cartoon shoes that went through a portal and became real

I've wanted a pair of spectators for so long. Ever since seeing them in this:

I wouldn't cop those ones in particular, though.

They are the comfiest shoes I ever had and I like such suede brogue with casual outfit. That being said I can understand some people dislike the Bottega Veneta stitching design, specially for weeaboos wearing mostly sneakers.



this is a really really special kind of terrible

truly impressive how fucking bad this is


Looks nice




goat colorway

What shoes are these? I'm looking for something similair

w2c pants and socks

Thats mine , i bought it almost a week ago.

Yall already know what it is




It's winter

W2c pants

Wtf this is flameoooo

post a pic of your room

fuck thas good

I had beater af1s on earlier

Gazelles on ya boi



absolutely disgusting

this and stone wash walmart jeans

Show what you wear faggot

Just curious - are these hideous?

Bonus points if you can guess what special function these shoes are designed for.

My shoes are by the front door, so I'm posting a stock photo instead.

Adidas crazy 8's

This is edgy, but I like it all too much

these with some green cargo shorts


Just bought some new chelsea boots and some desert boots today

w2c in brown?

I dig these, full fit ?

or these with some bootcut jeans