If 180 cm is the manlet cutoff what's the womanlet cutoff? 170cm? 160cm?

If 180 cm is the manlet cutoff what's the womanlet cutoff? 170cm? 160cm?

5' 8"
But its socially acceptable to be a womanlet

180cm is manlet next to 190cm

What's that in rest-of-the-world units that NASA used to go to the moon?

real world? or effay? real world is about 5'8''- 5'9'' effay is about 6'3''

5'6" and I'm a man.
How fucked am I?

You are probably fucked every day by your boyfriend, twink

very fucked sorry kid

Yeah pretty fucked. I'm female and a bit over 5'8" and it feels rather normal.

>tfw 179 cm/5'10.5"
Just fucking kill me

is it over

What's more unacceptable is being a hairlet. 99% of the time you will never be effay.

Am 180cm in chucks, taller in boots. Well 1m80 is still manlet af. I feel really inadequately manlet in a crowd, looking at head horizon - 90% adults and older kids are taller than 1m80 here.

I'd say manlet cutoff is 5'11 barefoot.

>6'1" and i still feel like im short because of Veeky Forums's memes

fuck i need to stop coming to this shithole website. only board worth going to is /out/ and that is almost dead and full of newfags

btw my dick is 7" which is a liiitle bit larger than average, not my preoccupation really

>average height if 5'10"
>"i'd say manlet cutoff is 5'11"
>average penis size is like 6" or some shit
>"my dick is 7" which is just a liiiittle bit larger than average"


igor is actually 6'4" and has an 11 inch dong but he likes to roleplay online

My two beat friends are both around 5 feet tall making me feel like Gandalf walking around with Frodo and Sam.

what's a beat friend?

It's short for "beatnik."

>tfw 5.48 male

>a bit over 5'8" and it feels rather normal.
Your more than 4 inches taller than the average US female. That's like a guy being a little over 6'2" and thinking it's a typical height.

I think manlet cut off is around 5'8" honestly. A lot of it depends on the proportion of your body to your head. You can always tell when someone is short even without a frame of reference because their head will look big for their body.

I used to have a sort of bushy hairstyle and when I cut it short a few people commented that I looked taller, but in reality my head just looked smaller.

i don't think women really have a cutoff because they aren't made fun of for being short like men are, yknow? maybe it should be the opposite - like when is a woman too tall?
i'm 5'9'' and sometimes i feel like it's too tall, for example.

>t. 5' 9"

Not necessarily true. I'm 5' 11" but look 5' 9" in most pics without a clear frame of reference because of my family's notoriously large heads

I'm 5'11" and when I said 5'8" is the cut off I meant below 5'8" is manlet territory.

You're right I should have said usually instead of always. If your head is a weird size that method isn't as reliable.

I`m 5`8 (173cm) and many people say I look a bit taller on pictures without some kind of reference but idk. I live in Germany and most males are taller than me and I feel like a fucking manlet. Would be happy with beeing 5`10

but I still count as pretty attractive and have good chances with the most girls so im not unhappy but it could be better

im 6'1 and have never honestly felt very tall, i guess i just dont usually notice manlets or something? or is the 5'10 is average!!! thing a fake manlet cope

This is actually not true. Literally the only thing worse for a guy than balding is being a manlet (not including a deformity)

not fucked