Last one 404'd: Favorite band t-shirt

Reposting this $800 dollar tee. Not my favorite nor do I own it, just sharing

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very cool

contributing the GOAT


does this count as a band tee? It's one of those fugly things that's so ugly it's cool i would cop




This is God tier

god-tier, postin another god-tier aswell

Why the fuck are the shirts on that site so expensive


some sad sap, most likely some guy who keeps making these threads here to build hype, trying to make a quick buck over his thrift finds

some dude in NY that has one of a kind real vintage shit, but it's too expensive

lol no you idiot, he's that dude that sold Frank Ocean the vintage Nike t-shirt he wore at a festival. If he wanted hype he already got it

>that sold Frank Ocean
yeah I'm sure he did

I swear some people in this board are plain retards

>dude that sells t-shirts to A$AP Rocky, HAIM, Frank Ocean, Joey Bada$$ for thousands of dollars posts a thread on a board full of broke people

wew lad...

he didn't sell shit, he gave it to him to promote his retarded ass business

hahaha nigga salty af fa m


shit is tight but I mean, I wouldn't pay more than say 80 bucks for it

more God tier
got it for 30 bucks on ebay

That's so fuckin weird I was just looking for a bathory LS on eBay yesterday but couldn't find one that didn't look like it was printed on Gildan shit.
How does that Hanes fit user? I always find Gildan and fruit of the loom are fucked in the neck / sleeves.

cool but obv too expensive


obviously a classic

personally I want to see band tees like this on a model first so I know the sleeve print ain't fucked up

dislike the front since it's a fucking square, but love the band so idk

would wear if I was young and stupid again

yeah that's dope

Just got this in the mail

looks pretty stupid

Hahaha what an angry bitch

Let me guess, you fantasize about being Norwegian and you own a thors hammer necklace

I got one from Mexico printed on a brand called JHK and it's quite comfy.
This is were I got it:


>state the truth
no need to take it so personally, they are just thrift rags

it's not the fact that you told the truth or not. It's the fact that you're retarded enough to think OP was "shilling" his "shit" and not realizing Saint Luis NY is a well known brand

>or not
cmon now don't be so naive

>Saint Luis NY is a well known brand
>2000 instagram followers
>implying there isn't fuck ton of shilling on Veeky Forums
it's cure how innocent you are
leave this place before it corrupts you, life is probably better just staying that pure

Anybody see the new gucci t shirts? One of them is an awesome as fuck AC-DC t shirt. Only problem it's $700. I usually hate fakes and condemn them, but I might actually buy a fake version of this when it's made.

found this in a thrift shop for like three bucks the other day

Why is this $800?

nice shirt
can't say the same about the band


maybe you should order a rope and a steady chair next

It looks like some shit walmart would sell for 10

so ugly


nazi aesthetic works, skate aesthetic works... this does not work

forever and always

Where's the best place to get vintage band tees online?

Ebay? I don't mind paying a mark up

this is way better

i dont even listen to death grips that much but man i love this t shirt

I'm still waiting for mine in the mail, i'm so hype

I wish it wasn't supreme

the fuck does the brand matter if it's something you like

It's expensive af

lol wut


idk, for me red tshirts never looked good. How would you wear it ?

which band is this?

New order

this is my favorite album of all time and you've put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day

just copped this one

beta leftists detected

Pretty fucking funny that Urban started stocking the Iron Maiden shirts and such, so hipster faggot kids like you guys started buying shirts from black metal bands you don't even listen to just to remain edgy


If you buy this then you're a fucking tool

Numale band

longsleeves with sleeveprints look really cool if nobody is wearing them

huge fan of ACDC, also a huge fan of gucci, even during their shitty era when their designs were all terrible and just money grabs for trashy poor kids to show off. what exactly do you believe is wrong with it? there is not really any sort of gucci branding on it. only thing i see wrong here is the price, especially considering it's from a legendary band that gucci plays no part in, which is why i may just buy a fake of it. i love the design a lot.

this COF shirt would be my favorite if i could find it, either a hoodie or longsleeve doesnt matter to me, im leaning more towards a hoodie tho since a longsleeve would just be covered by my vests and stuff

just got put on to them, def coping for a nice poser flavor to my wardrobe

If you dont listen to the band dont wear it.

lol @ the homo-pagan-nazis

what's with all this metal bullshit. I thought this was Veeky Forums

>tye die shirt
>walmart graphic tee design
>ac dc
>fucking goochy
What part of this is appealing?
I'm guessing you're some kind of mixed race pointdexter afro american who thninks afro americans sporting/supporting white people bands is cool. well acdc is actually incapable of being cool no matter how many levels of irony you believe you're on.

label shirts are best shirts


>I'm guessing you're some kind of mixed race pointdexter afro american who thninks afro americans sporting/supporting white people bands is cool
>acdc is incapable of being cool
pfft, not even close. i'm a white dude, and clearly you must not know a lot about acdc if you think they're a shit band. i already told you what i found appealing about it, which is the graphic. you say it's a walmart graphic tee design, but i looked it up, i didn't find this graphic anywhere else. if gucci does it the way i like it, then they do it the way i like it. simple.

last few band shirts i copped were a bleach-dyed sacred bones one and this

my "collection" is an enemies list meme shirt, a jerry paper shirt that i fucked up tye-dying but still looks kinda neat and a kero kero bonito shirt

lies shirts are fuckin sick, too bad they sold out of that one so quickly

not a big fan of mayhem, but i think this shirt is cool

yeah i think that one sold out really quickly, they have a few neat designs left on their site tho, really like this one

i have the kkb one too lol, really wanted to cop this ulwhednar one but doubt NE will ever repress and almost impossible to find resellers

my fav

>a massive fucking don on the back of your tee
what are you a faggot?

I have that t-shirt never worn in size medium if you're interested

Oh sick that's great, you thinking of selling it? Huge NE fan but all their stuff sells out so quickly, would defo be interested in buying tho

yeah, not very fond of grey t-shirts. I would definitely sell. If you want I could put in on eBay

yeah thats cool, if you post the link on here ill probably snap it up straight away lol. do you have any other NE or general techno merch btw, looking for some new cops

I mostly have metal shirts, this was a gift from my ex, she thought it was some kind of metal band haha. I'll post the link in a minute, but we should just figure out price maybe?

Oh fairs, I don't have much metal merch apart from small local band (I have a signed swans shirt from when I saw them and a Liturgy shirt someone got me as a gift if that counts lol). I'm from UK so not sure how much shipping would be but would around £15/20 + shipping be reasonable?

This shirt is stupid expensive and way too busy, wish somwone would make a better power, corruption, and lies shirt because the album art is perfect

I love the Liturgy aesthetic.
Yeah, it sounds good.

Let me post it and I'll be right back

i saw them earlier this year and was pretty fun, i only really wear it to concerts and stuff but got a few people commenting on it and the band

that's fine man, do you have like an estimate for shipping or anything? international costs can get really annoying

sorry I was checking the cheapest available shipping to the UK (I assumed London, but it doesn't vary really). It's 19 buck to get it there via national postage

tried to cop from but it says something about not having delivery costs for uk? if you can get that fixed ill definitely buy

did you just get it or was it someone else?

i agreed to buy it but haven't paid yet, normally it just pays straightaway but im not sure if you've added shipping costs to uk so it says to contact you about it. don't think i can finalise until that happens sorry

I'll send you a message on eBay

i-is this too pleb tier? asking for a friend

what's this style called? The photocopy style used by DIY punk rockers (yeah I know Bauhaus is not punk, please don't be dicks about it)

idk but i like. i like how gritty it looks

>being this cum lover

Nice. Euronymous was a commie faggot though.


Friend gave this to me, I really like it. Haven't given the band too much of a listen despite buying a cd of theirs.