Fashion Film Club

Are there any people here who are interested in watching fashion related movies every week and discussing it afterwards?
Should these movies be streamed or downloaded? If streamed, at what time?
How do we decide what movie to watch next?

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Not interested but good luck with this. We tried a movie club on /tv/ a bunch of times, but it just never quite worked out. maybe you can figure out the formula though.

Best format would be to post a thread with the movie, where to download or stream it and let people discuss. I'm sure it feels nice to have everyone watch it at the same time but there's so many people from different timezones here that you'll get a much more diverse conversation going via a thread.

cautiously curious

I'm interested but makes a good point

there's like 5 movies about fashion so it wont work
unless you want to watch le effay movies like nocturnal animals or neon demon or fucking devil wears prada

>unless you want to watch le effay movies like nocturnal animals or neon demon or fucking devil wears prada
this is pretty much what I assumed what OP is talking about, we are on Veeky Forums after all

This would work and I would be interested

what's the point of 'discussing' those movies
god I keep forgetting the average IQ of this board is far below all the other boards

More than 5

tom ford's doc/interview
Runway Beat
Paradise Kiss
Dior and I
Bill Cunningham doc
The Secret World of Haute Couture, BBC
The Day Before docu-series
Signe Chanel
Notebook on Cities and Clothes (Yohji Yamamoto directed by Wim Wenders)
The September Issue
BBC Three's The Secret of the Superbrands
Arashi Mannequin 5
F for Fake
Qui ĂȘtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

This is a very cool idea

I can upload the movie to MEGA and post a link.

/tv/ is a faster board than Veeky Forums

i absolutely loved the bill cunningham documentary. he's so charming and wholesome.

sort of relevant - does anyone know where to find either of the yohji documentaries? I've tried and couldn't find anything

good idea OP make it happen

yes this may be the only thread I actually post in on this god forsaken board

man maybe setup a discord server destined for it ? and promote it here eventually
all intrested ppl would come there
scheduling and discussion would be way easier

Tried it, didn't work

The problem is that you aren't streaming the movie, so people aren't all watching it at the same time

Is it a problem? People can watch the movie on their own time and post in the thread afterwards.

Be an interesting concept I wouldn't mind trying but obviously a bit cautious of it really happening.

Baader meinhof

That's a big problem. /a/ used to, maybe they still do, watch anime together through a stream, and having the live chat while everybody watched together was a big part of the experience.

the new dries doco

Ur forgetting Dries (2017)

I'll make the logo

>big part of the experience
>people spamming memes
>developing ebin inside jokes and their own memes and spamming them
>thus creating circle jerk of people who shun outsiders
>more memes are born
what an experience

could do this, in addition to a live stream time
easy watch together websites would work like

could make a discord channel for it if people are interested also

discord+watch together stream websites solves
even if you're not interested theres obviously a market for it, you dont have to be involved if you dont want to bud

What you propose is far more difficult to set up, compared to a thread with a link to a download of the movie. It's a hassle to organize a stream when people live in different time zones. You disregard that point of the first post you quoted.

>in addition to
not everyone has to watch it live either, you can just superimpose a decent time to watch for most people, and the ones who cant make it can watch the download link

other option can just be have the thread be download only, then discord can just do its own separate showing

So what time is the best time

strawpoll sounds good, dunno
i'm not saying my plan is perfect, i'm just trying to suggest things man

separate NA and EU showings dont sound that bad either, depending on the size of the viewership

Only NA and Europe?

Pretty much everyone in Her was Veeky Forums, even the no name side characters.


We did a Veeky Forums film club a while back. We watched Akira lol - used rabbit to stream and then chatted during it. It was fun but only happened once for some reason.

I specify NA and EU since a decent time since they are approx. 12 hours different, so a decent time in one country is a decent time in countries around it as well
also, i assume the majority of Veeky Forums is from NA/EU, which i guess could be a faulty assumption

here's a general interest discord to see if people are interested i guess,
join it if you're interested

I'm interested but I don't care for discord servers. If you guys are doing this, updating a thread with the current film being watched would be greatly appreciated.

yeah that's the plan, make a thread a few hours before the viewing with a dl link, viewing link, time, etc
the discord is to scout interest and separate discussion during the film+ polls for movie selection and maybe screening times

when is that new Margiela movie/doc coming out?

Rabbit lets you watch things together, there's even an app

Yes use rabbit