Tattoo thread

almost done, Veeky Forums. Rate my tat!

that looks like an illness

Seems like an excellent decision.

>Any day, any month, any year
>Mutilating one's body

Cool, corno.

>Rate my new tat

We can't fucking see it

Left arm looks like shit

I just realized the black isn't pre-wipe, its the tattoo

Jesus christ man

>tattooing black ink all over your arms

thinking about a sleeve of christian tattoos -- deus vult, icxc, empty tomb, etc. still a wokr in progress
wouldnt have any verses though
ant ideas?

would be nice if we could see it

Seems like pretty generic stuff. You're probably better off just finding an artist you like and planning it out with them.

i'm high as fuck i thought i was on /out/ and the thumbnail was a guy catching a huge fish and i opened the thread and saw it was just a shitty tat lol

>gimme dat BP oil spill, senpai

what a fucking loser




whats up with her ear?

never mind, i figured it out, shes stretched the floppy lobe hole over her ear.

fucking retarded.

Stretches them with plugs so she wraps them over her ear when she's not wearing plugs

Where should I get this?


on ur asshole

On your frontal lobe

She would be a babe if it weren't for the body mods/tats. Is it weird that I find natural healthy human skin hotter than sketches from an edgy highschoolers notebook? She seems nice enough tho.

Also really don't like when internet stars push their kids into the limelight. They're too young to consent to this.

on your back neck

Actually thought it was sweet in a raise-your-kid-unconventionally kind of way. Like hit girl from Kick Ass

They're all white and a family unit. I wonder if /pol/ would still call it degenerate.

Yeah I have mixed feelings about the whole family vlogger thing or even parents barraging social media with pictures of their kids. Maybe I think the worst of what people might do with too much information. If I have kids I'd like it to be up to them how much of their life they want to permanently broadcast to the world.

It's not weird, it's just your opinion. It seems weird in this thread because it's about tattoos, so it's naturally full of people with an opinion opposite to yours

Fucking cyclists.

Does someone have the holy virgin&child with knife drawing? or the original without knife.

>want tattoo
oh well

>tfw have birth mark that covers up most of my left arm just like that
>its pretty much just darker skin, looks like a brown glove that reaches up to my elbow

Would it be Veeky Forums if I tattooed an outline surrounding it? It'd probably be way cooler than what this dude is trying to do.

Can Christians get tattoos?

pc siqueira viadinho comunista da porra.

shit tat.

Tattoo some stitch marks and Frankenstein clamps dude

>retarded christfags don't know their own religion
Leviticus 19:28

>yfw crusaders would get crosses tattooed so they could be buried as a christian

>christ didn't fulfill the law of moses
try reading the book some time

This gets posted in every thread, but I really want it.

It is an illness

I'm trying to decide between a traditional American style raven or one that is line based and somewhat geometric. They both have merits but I'm not sure long term which I would prefer.


In the long term you would likely prefer not having that tattoo.

Brilliant input, thanks.

kill yourself

Thanks Veeky Forumsm
What do we know about its origins? Did user scribble this?

Find a reliable apprentice, they work cheap, or even for free if you let them choose the flash. It's a win-win situation. Unless they shitty.

yeah I stealth original user idea, take out the Versace shit and inverted the color to this

what do you anons think, right in the middle of the chest, maybe?

ignorance is bliss you disgusting faggot

why america actually needs islam

Why would you want a tattoo someone else's got?

Final stage of black worship.

Yeah I'm a tattoo apprentice, gonna steal this shit from you. I'll add a bottle to the virgins hand and the text TRUST NO ONE in the original font of the icon. Thanks user.


are u 12?

They're Latvian.

st. barbara on my left leg
she's the patron saint of artillery, which is where i used to serve

Just had this and a JoJo star on the base of my neck done about a week ago

Kinda want to get some Gray's Anatomy sketches done since he did some amazing illustrations


on top of that: islam is generally more permissive of tattoos than judaism or catholicism


Good luck finding employment friendo

Terrible taste buddy

pure shit, fuck the eye of lucifer

anybody has any good snake tattoo references?

I'd like it to be simple and non-edgy, just an outlitne prefarably, not colored

I want to have this one so baad

that's pretty cool




White people degradation

That's pretty cool user. Original with a story behind it.

Thinking about getting this on my bicep

this looks nice but how does the white look after a couple of years?

Whoever made your pic related has shit grammar and general writing skills.

Thoughts ?

don't tattoo something like that on yourself you fucking retard

>Click here
pretty cool

What about that faggot who inevitably shits up every tattoo thread with


I like it, but I would remove the text.

effay has terrible taste in tattoos

remove the text and fade colour the tears cyan


I have a white ink tat on my hand, I knew it would fade because I wanted it to look like a scar, its faded about 50% in 6 months

I love the way it looks now its barely noticeable


It's kinda tacky but I like it.

is that barry from joyce manor

Both pretty good though.

This Gets Posted In Every Thread, But I Really Want It.



only a faggot would say that


What u think?



I hope you know what it means.

Do it. With the colors

Mom's white ink snowflake tattoo is amazing

What are Veeky Forums places to get tattoos on?