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this is the most retarded shit ever

it was worth a try

Veeky Forums skating channels???

you sound stupid OP

Skating is for under-16s (physically or mentally) only

by that i meant skaters who's style you like but k

im in my early 20s and ill probably be skating till i die in my late 20s its like any other physical hobby honestly

found the fatass with no balance






Dale Decker is pretty effay imo

I like him but hate his clickbaity titles

I was like you guys once and an avid sk8ter boi, you'll get over it eventually once you're mature enough(mentally) and find a hobby much more sophisticated and stylish than flipping a fucking popsicle stick while hanging out with smelly cunts watching Dylan Rieder(some dead hipster who based his entire personality and aesthetics around a hack like Charles Bukowski) and wearing Palace(another cunt brand whose creator watches Trainspotting twice a day).

total garbage

did a skater kickflip over your girlfriend?

nah dickflipped his girlfriend

George Poulos is probably my favorite youtube skate channel

Just because you're in your 20s doesn't mean you're mentally in your 20s. Lemme guess, you're either working in fast food or going to community college

I stopped when I was 14 because my brain was able to pass 14yo too

My current deck. I have about 6 skateboards right now.

Newest lurknyc installment of Mean Streets just dropped. I have no desire to ever move to NY or try to skate in that city, seems hectic as fuck.

/bmx/ here.

Austin Augie is pretty Veeky Forums. And he's dating a model so that's decent cred

Let me guess, you're 22 and your brain is 22 and you think you're so mature getting drunk in cool places and smoking with cigarettes. Eat a dick dude. When you're actually mature you'll realize actually cool people do things they like and don't really give a fuck what morons like you think. People find skating enjoyable. It allows them to enjoy life. Sorry you're missing out.

/fruitboot/ here

alex broskow still got the sauce, but inline skating will always be looked down upon

Skateboarding is pure cringe when you're no longer a teenager.
That said, my favorite skater was always Arto Saari and he's actually Veeky Forums as fuck

I don't think I'm cool either, I just know I don't have the mental maturity of a 16-year-old. Maybe if you spent more time studying and less time skating, you could get your AA in 4 years instead of 3! Or maybe that 25-cent raise at Panera will come soon!

What the fuck does mental maturity have to do with riding a skateboard? Why do old people ride bikes?

30 and been skating for 18 years. Don't listen to the haters. It's been what's allowed me to connect with people no matter where I live or what background theyre from. It's no different than music or art in that way, except that it's not made for outsiders to understand. So don't be surprised when they don't. Stop skating only when it stops being enjoyable.

Longboarding is worst right?

dont worry about them. they having fun too


>Lemme guess, you're either working in fast food or going to community college
Not him, but I'm a software developer in my mid 20s who skates.

fuck niggers, thats my thoughts Veeky Forumsggot

Quasi makes dope decks, was thinking about copping this shirt from them.

Am him, late 20s, also software dev.

Augie and his friends seem like all around chill dudes. Their riding vlogs in NYC got me into BMX.

I can't remember if I got my bike before I started watching youtubers or after, but they have definitely influenced me either way. I never understood why anyone would care to watch a vlog before, but it's actually quite interesting.

Here is my bike.


r8 my designs?

i just started skating but i'm so enamoured by the artistic element of it––you can wear anything, ride anything, do anything with your own mannerisms which culminates in your own unique style. plus you view the urban environment completely differently, it's odd. reminds me of when i first started writing

similar veins of logic are present in tattoo threads. and in careers threads there's a lot of "the only effay career is one that earns over 100k" talk. i don't necessarily agree or disagree (i'll wait til i'm 25 before deciding i fucked my life up)––but it's interesting to think that a good portion of Veeky Forums really does care about getting into the high class

anons have you ever met a rich (not through artistic means) folk that you liked? maybe i'm a fox without a grape

I watch his vlogs too

he just signed with IMG Models

these are nice

2-4 are great

Do you guys think wearing skate brands is un/fa/, even if you skate? in an industry where brands are so integral, I feel like it can be hard to differentiate between: is this a cool hat, or is this a cool guy that will look cool regardless, wearing a brand that gives him money? I mean it sort of goes back to wearing any branded clothing. Most of the time I hate the idea of broadcasting a company to people, but at the same time it feels cool to represent your interests.

Got this from my local shop after someone stole my old board

Dylan was just good looking

If that was a picture of an ugly guy wearing it, the hat would look like shit.

How do I get into skating? I need some new hobbies and it looks fun.

Also is 20 too late to start

Buy a board and go to the skatepark

Im 20 myself and its not too late to skate. You most likely won't become pro because there is a learning curve and I feel its easier on your body when you're younger, but you can still have fun. Theres a 63 year old that comes to my local park and always skates the bowl. He has a few grandchildren (a girl and two boys) he brings too that he has been teaching too skate. One of them is 6 and can already kickflip and ollie the 8 set.

Nice, I like the contrasting grips. What model is it?

I recently picked up a kink curb and I'm really surprised how decent the gear is for being an entry level model.

spent like $300 on my gf's board its all pastels n shit. pic related is the board

Anybody besides Vans make a decent black slip-on shoe?

Am gf, this is the final set up on Krux sandovals

william strobeck has good vids cuz supreme, if you're into that

Also lurknyc of course, great footage, lots o "skatercore" fits

Speaking of NYC, I just moved in to do a PhD and I don't know if I have the balls to skate here, I'm used to skating in suburb areas or campuses where you can just loiter by a stairset or curb the whole day and practice.
It seems in the city everything is more confrontational: people yell at you if you skate in certain spots, it's crowded, and everyone can watch you.
No ability to sit in a spot and practice is gonna fuck me up lol I can't even shuvit reliably anymore

Are the black or white laces more effay?

Did she take it in the back door and suck and swallow afterwards?

I just pissed on her face instead

quasi decks are nice aesthetically, but be warned that their concave is shallower than most

Cons are trash

Adidas nakel slips

Think of it as an opportunity to work on your self confidence.

Woah, so cool, we filmed are skate video with a vhs camera! Haha, yeah, we didn't go out and buy some fancy new camera. We just don't care about it that much haha. We just used what we had lying around. That's why we went out of our way to find a working vhs camera and purchase tapes for it, then went through the trouble of turning it digital. We don't care that much, we're casual. Man, this footage looks so cool and vintage! My friend makes awesome trap beats on soundcloud. Maybe we can use some of his music for our video. Would be dope. Oh, did you notice my pants by the way? Yeah, they're cropped. Haha, I just don't care. I just don't care haha.

It's actually an iphone app that makes it look like footage from an old camera. Also, based on your post, i think there's a little more going on here than you simply disliking skaters.

Nice strawman, faggot.

Thanks just replaced the grips, I thought I'd try for a military scheme with the green and grey but I honestly thought they sort of looked gross once I got them on, but I'm coming around. They just sort of clash with the light blue decals but if they don't hold up any better than the stock ones I can try a new color in three months. It was pretty unbelievable how much the new grips helped. The old ones wore all the way off but even new they were nothing like my new ones. Everything about the bike feels better with them, it's pretty crazy. Might be worth thinking about for a cheap of any upgrade grips are. Mine are S&M Hoder btw.

Model is a Verde Vex. I was real close to going to the kink gap? I think. Whichever their 21" complete is.

excuse my fit

t. skate tards skate around my store/neighborhood and Im too much of a retard to realize the kids arent even doing anything

Wow, skater and a weeb. What a combination.

> I was real close to going to the kink gap? I think. Whichever their 21" complete is.

Keep some cash saved up if you need to snap up one of their bikes above the $300 mark. They have some pretty good complete setups going on.

I personally wanted to go with Fit or Cult but their stuff is definitely pricier, even for the entry level models.


So the look boils down to vans, an oversized t shirt, cropped black pants and being 17?


where can the lana board be copped, user?

Learn some fucking slides dude

i think he customized them all himself

theres a few sites where you can design or just put a random image on a board for only like $60 shipped.

I made one on

Honestly, having your own one of a kind board you designed>>>> some random pro model from the skateshop for the same price

I skated mine and it lasted me about a month during the summer, which is about how long they normally last me when I'm skating almost everyday

Actually might design one to hang in my dorm room or something.

danke for the link user, you just made getting my mate a sweet birthday present a lot easier

last one is shit that's all

see ya l8er boi

Check out /esg/ at /asp/ for brand info and use that to buy a setup

>inb4 mall grab


Would ride, am not a girl.

they would shit all over me, Veeky Forums is the only board i can call home. if we get any bigger and more streetwear-y who knows though

wouldn't call it /fa, but style wise i enjoy watching snotjob videos and I used to watch cooperwinterson, not sure if he still makes vids though.

I guess you pushed mongo

Stan, why are you so mad?

>bladed stance
>open handed weak side
>strong siding his board with a firm front truck mall grab

That's defensive mall grab. Good for a first strike in 1v1. If was actually down to fight he would be using double mall style.

last one is the best one

awesome boardfeeling tho

we can tell you don't skate
your deck is cheap, old, and weathered, but the trucks arent beat at all, and the wheels are dirty but not worn down in the slightest


thats true for literally any piece of clothing unless it obscures the face and the dude has a good body

attractive people look good and ugly people look retarded whodathunkit

Every company can do boardfeel. Impact protection and durability while retaining boardfeel is the holy grail of skate shoes. Just copped the adidas velcro matchcourts. Should be coming today so We'll see whats up.

They're all shit. Zero artistic merit

that's a great pic, yours?

>Impact protection and durability while retaining boardfeel is the holy grail of skate shoes.
Fucking this
Emericas have been my shit because of this, their cupsole models have that exact balance going on. Recently got some Numerics and they feel like they could work pretty well like that as well but we'll see.
The new Vans ultraranges look like they might be good like that too, walkers and crocketts were more on the boardfeel side but still had decent impact protection and durability. Regular Vans are amazing straight out of the box but they will be garbage in two weeks.

This guy is a very Veeky Forums skater, definetely not the best, but his skating clips are so stylish and he wears expensive streetwear

This is bait, right?
Nobody can be this much of an insufferable, pompous cunt?

>on Veeky Forums

I'd skate emericas if i actually had a skate shop around me.

got this deck a few days ago