Is Amanda Seyfried effay?

Is Amanda Seyfried effay?

No, but I liked the picture of her sucking Justin Long's dick on a boat.
About the only time I've been entertained by her.

she looks like she gives great head.

Also she kinda pulls of those rain boots in a weird way.

She's a hot girl. She can wear anything and look good.

why is Michael C Hall on her coffee cup

her twin peaks mom looks hotter than her

seyfried is overrated af. womanlet, bulging eyes

I'm like 90% sure this bitch asked me for change outside of the subway sandwich shop off pico Blvd last night


She looks good here

is she the reason the female hivemind is starting to trade their uggs and brown riding boots in for those ridiculous hunter rain boots

what the fuck are those things, why are they worth more than twenty dollars

Before the rubber boots became overexposed. Great movie when it came out and before Kirsten PLOF! into babushka


As I matured I've been tending to find her more attractive


She looks surprisingly good in those boots

Amanda Seyfried reminds me of Gemma Ward

Anyway her best look was in mean girls, she was hotter than young Lohan in that movie.

Lizzy Caplan>Amanda Seyfried>Rachel McAdams>Lindsay Lohan>Lacey Chabert

i dont understand how justin long is pulling so many hot girls over the years. hes a manlet. small dick. seems obnoxious personality. not a very good actor and doesnt get any big hollywood roles. what do girls see in him?

his best role was in Jeepers Creepers

She's pretty effay


bless you based bj poster. You have truly taken one for the team

someone hasnt seen sasquatch gang

I guess you could call that a dick