What do you try to express with what you wear?

what do you try to express with what you wear?

Confidence and a natural sense of style.

Nothing, i just wear what i like.

so generic garbage from H&M?

>please god don't look at me

I try to signify to females that I am an above average choice for someone to mate with

Boyish innocence

"Despite living in the midwest I care about how I look, unlike the fat fuck farmers who think it's okay to wear shit-caked boots out to dinner. "

i kind of want to kill myself but in the meantime i'm going to wear clothing that generates a reaction so i feel somewhat a sense of self worth

ima consevative person but also a bad bitch

>I am autistic and do not want to talk to anybody, please stop trying to initiate a conversation

They never do. I hate people.

slightly weird person

only talk to me if you're a weird person too

my only goal in fashion besides random inspiration/aesthetics/stuff i like is to make it easier for people i'll like to find something to talk about with me


That I'm not at all an autistic, so that the letdown is even more postponed and exquisitely painful.

That I like comfortable clothing

I wear vibrant and bright colors so I seem more approachable and friendly with my resting angry face. Mostly in the spring or summer though.

oh, so thats the cure for my resting bitch face

Kate Somers for Teen Vogue 2008 Photographed Horst Diekgerdes

That I'm distraught


That I'm literally always down to fuck

Kind of. Some advice my mom gave me when I was younger was to chew gum, it somehow makes you look less angry. She had the same problem


I wanna SQUEEZE that tummy

Relaxed, nonchalant, functional.

60's style androgyny

you and me, user.
wore a pepa pig hat today


dressing to find mutual interests and values and to make friends is a lot better than dressing to impress people

yeah, me too, to an extent.

Alternating between "I am relaxed", "Don't look at me", and "Please be patient I have autism"
Somehow the impression people wind up with appears to alternate between "I like rock music" and "I am gay"

My obsession with early 80s aesthetics.

Lol where do you live?

I'm a married normie in my late 20's but I'm still pretty edgy and cool even though that phase of my life has sort of passed.

>I am a boring fuck, please do not talk with me

is that andy?



A state that begins with I.

No, I don't do shit like goofninja.

Cool I'm from Iowa and live in Illinois so I can probably relate. You have to admit it's ironic to see people wear workwear fits in the city...

I try to convey that I'm low effort yet fashionable , that I have my life put together, and that I'm part of the in crowd.

>I arrived here after experimenting with a lot of choices and while it may not be conventional my clothes are not unattractive


>I'm not dangerous, come talk to me

i dig
you probably dress good

Actually we're from the same state, I'm still in it tho.

It's weird seeing people who don't work at a factory in workwear fits, but I avoid people in those outfits anyway, because they're usually meth addicts either way.


i'm a faggot with painted nails and bleached hair but i fuck and eat pussy like a real damn champ

i try

i launched an online shop for my brand today

but i might have a merch collab coming through so i'm not marketing it yet


desu i try to portray trustworthiness, seriusness, structure and creativity.

I'm a clean person -> expressed thru simple garnents and clean look
I'm physically weak, harmless and kind -> expressed thru kind of childish clothes and look

Works evertiem. So many people nanipulated even if i dont even speak a word


I am the wrong person to fuck with

I wear a lot of black and what Yohji said about the color resonates a lot with me, I kinda want to be left alone for the most part and it just simplifies my wardrobe when most things can be worn together with monochromatic color scheme.
At the same time, I feel like comfort and sorta functionality play big part in what I wear, I tend to prefer thin cotton tops so I can layer them more easily depending on the weather, I like to wear wool and linen because of their comfort and functional properties but I don't shun cotton or synthetics.
More than anything I just wear things I think are cool, be it looks or some other quality, and I feel are 'enough me' that I can wear them.

i'm trash but i really like being it cause im comfortable and don't have to try too hard and i also like 90's anime


i want to break social & class rules, i want people to realize that you cant assume what someone is like only based on the way they look.

That I am a nazi but, like, groovy.

how is that "cringe"?

>please leave me alone
>but in a nice non-dickhead non-aggressive way

That I'm more confident and independent and interesting than anyone you know and I like to smoke, drink, fuck and party.

I wish I was black



why are random strangers so obsessed with wanting to strike conversations????

This. Looking cute in the little boy sense is the most effay

Techno interests me

>i know how to dress well and choose complimentary clothing but comfort is the top priority.

>i may or may not be homeless and/or a sports trainer

inspo for this?


It's a lot like prep but with a cute haircut, fuzzier sweaters, cropped trousers, maybe a fancy looking rugby shirt. The haircut is probably most important

You want to try and look like your rich mother dressed you when you were seven but also an adult.

If someone were to design a suit for this style it'd be Thom Browne. His hector print and similar stuff also works great.

Pastel blues are probably also important

"I am dressing myself well because I care about what you think of me. I also have long legs and heavy boots so please don't tread on me"

I really don't think anyone should be dressing like this

Those shoulders are nauseating

self confidence mainly. Also a lot of the time my clothes serve as conversation starters, I'm not very talkative and hate initiating conversation so if someone complements my outfit it makes things a lot easier.

I wear male clothing (often pretty basic though) first of all because it is comfortable, but also hoping guys would automatically assume I am gay so they won't talk to me.

Doesn't work for some weird reason. I'm actually getting more attention from guys now. I'm probably too socially retarded to properly understand this.

if you fuck with my statue i'll fuck my cousin

if you really dont want attention just get fat

please dont speak to me im not as intelligent as i look

That is an option, but then I would lose my best body feature.

that's like not even an argument
there is no reason you shouldn't be fat right now

Whatever's comfortable with muted colors, with the addition of a single accent piece like pic related purely for clout/social value.

Male clothing makes you approachable, especially to autistic fucks like me.

Health is a good one, dumbass

You need to go to a psychologist if you are that contact averse

im an extremely boring person like my clothing, also i like rock music and making my own tees

user you're clearly a complete loser. do you even know what year this is?

holy FUCK those proportions
I hate myself for liking this

If you wear basic men's clothing you'll just look autistic desu. You need to dress like a gay man to look like a gay woman. Bow ties for example are gay as shit on both men and women (outside of black tie occasions of course)

"Please notice my clothing but not my face and please don't talk to me"

where to cop trousers?

That I'm still only 18
Eventually it will be "hey fuck my boipuss" but that'll have to wait

i dress like firkle, not sure what it means

a daria-esque atmosphere

I just want to look like a student witch
not mature and sexy like a real witch but innocent and dark. and with cute accessories

>caring about clothing

That's okay, I already have my official autismo certificate anyway. I always mostly seem to attract all the awkwardly autistic, silent type guys whatever I wear. I probably look really shy and introverted which apparently gives them enough courage to step out of their comfort zone and approach me. In a way it is kind of cute and those quiet guys usually end up being the ones I like the most and a good match. But now and then there is always some arrogant, obnoxious guy who thinks he can impress me with his prancing. And the latter ones never seem to be willing to give up because they are so full of themselves. Just trying to avoid those at all costs.

im a depressed child that wishes I was living in the 90s. I have no friends so I buy large amounts of cheap clothing to make up for it.

>im a depressed child that wishes I was living in the 90s
you just described every 17-22 year old whose "into fashion"

I'm a gay twink but also a top.

Effectively I try to be as flamer as possible without prancing around with a limp wrist.

Post outfit?

sense of