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new rule, if you're the OP of a cringe thread you need to provide a timestamped picture of yourself






Shout out to r/navyblazer

Not bad

Also not bad, they just need better shoes.

Literally nothing wrong with this.


He is suffering

hel-looks killing the game again

Bizzaro Tom Selleck


This is so bad it's good. Not going to hate on this dude. If he asked me to come party with him I'd say yes.

God damn who designed that jacket and how did they know suckers would buy it? Aren't leather jackets supposed to be tough


I actually think the jacket looks okay. It's just on the wrong person.

This is why people get scouted to be models.

That jacket on a man with proper proportions and an adult's face would almost look completely different.

I can't out into words what's wrong with his pants. Too loose? Or are the shoes not matching?


He probably has a bag of coke

It's the fact that his feet are 2" long

This has to be the worst (best?) cringe I've ever seen

holy kek



this niggas legs lookin like a velociraptor

bro the guy is literally blind you cant do him like this... also r/NavyBlazer is a pretty good stockpile of cringe, considering that's where this image was posted.

Oh that explains things


these guys look no different from any other Veeky Forums thread

Why do you hate loafers?

You fags don't understand perspective? The earth is flat, that's why I can see the eclipse and you can't, provided there's no chemtrails going on that day.


10000 keks

how to get calves like these

have good genetics

Hate cunts like this


piss off tack

What's cringe about this? Solid basic fit with nice stacking on the pants

Or is it the fact he probably spent like 80 bucks on a charcoal basic tee because it said supreme on it?


Based Finland

Oh wow I'm just wincing so hard at how cringe this all is.

When you people leave the house are you cringing everywhere you go?

that Supreme is cheap as. You can buy 3 of those shirts for about $60.

Fit on the right is actually okay.

dude this is fucking awesome

how boring are you?

maybe if his jeans were not low rise and he was wearing a belt

>cringing on Hel Looks

KYS my man.

Ok yeah so there might be some tryhards like pic related but it's pretty solid all in all.

Sleeve length is also a bit too long side but it's bretty gud. Also what said

Yeah I don't associate with poor people

These look better than 99% of what gets posted in the WAYWTs, decent fits, very very very very basic but at least they got the basics right. This board is so paradox ...

none of the lads in the second pic got their basics right my man. First dude just looks and dresses like the average DnD player. Second guy is closer but he is tucking low waist jeans, which is a no-no, and not wearing a belt.

perfect shoes for the big fucking manlet he is


>Implying OP's pic related doesn't look retarded.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with and this would look cool if it weren't for the shoes

how are these cringe?


That is good you memer.

And that is fucking awesome.

first one bad jean wash

second one nothing

third one low rise jeans with no belt

not cringe but 90% of these threads never are. anymore questions?


Dressing outstandingly, overwhelmingly badly within one certain style is honestly much better than dressing mediocrely.

that is a shop

the guy on the right is cute

This outfit is so sexy
also, nice dubs

A bad jean wash makes people cringe? I mean, the first and third doesn't look too good, but it's not cringy at all unlike

if i wanted cringe i'd ask for your 1rm

the stance, the 14 year old dressing prep, the setting.
dont deny this being cringe.

why is r/navyblazer so shit?

it's a child at school you fucking asshole, he's probably wearing a uniform. jesus christ how do you autists walk around in public without having an aneurysm

Fresh from MFA


*breathes in*


What's wrong with this? His odd stance and shirt/jacket?


I don't get it


I don't even know what that thing over his blazer is formally called (I don't own one and never plan to so I see no point) But just seeing that combo made my eyes bleed


It's the Hair + Those Shoes

this is pretty awesome
the shoes are overdoing it though

ty. yeah I see it now, that's... bad.

does this guy have prosthetic legs or something?

walk around in platform boots

first one looks effiminate as fuck, and not in a good way, he just screams low-test high estrogen skinnyfat
not much wrong with the other ones though

>archenon poros

Plus the knock knees with skinny jeans. Also, the glasses are too small, but that is negligible.

Also his clothes are way to form fitting for that formless body. You shouldn't wear form fitting clothing if you don't have a great body

>fat people wearing thinspo clothing
ech. it doesn't look good regardless if you're seeing it as an anacore or not. if you're big, wear clothes that hide the fat and show more muscle (if there is any)

It's cringe because he's 16 and dresses like a 40 year old man. He's in high school so it's just a great way to be that 'weird guy who wears loafers'. The baby face only makes it worse.

This post is cringe. Not everyone goes to school at some ghetto shit hole where kids dress with "Swag"

No one in any high school dresses like that cunt, everyone expect a few outcasts wears casual normie clothing. It's not like you can't be fashionable wearing casual clothing, so there's really no excuse. Unless you're okay with having no friends?

Students at expensive private preparatory school dress like that

And that's like what, 5% of students? Maybe less? And even then, unless there's a uniform, I highly doubt more than half of this 5% is preppy.

literally 95% of Veeky Forums

I dont understand

He actually looks good tho


*moose in heat wheeze*

That "got this outta grandmas closet" look