The reason why Veeky Forums is a garbage board

the same people who shit on this...

...will defend this



That's what, your fourth thread being butthurt Veeky Forums doesn't like streetwear?

I don't get it. There is nothing wrong with streetwear it's just you look like you stepped out of urban outfitters. Totally uninspired and boring but nobody here hates it. Those who are interested in "high fashion" just like to dress in a way that complements their looks and style rather than play a forced cool.

t. bitter virgin

Guess who will look more weird and out of place to others?

Answer: It's not the person dressed in streetwear.

everything here looks like absolute trash and if you ever wear this in public you will be laughed at

I don't know much about fashion other than lurking Veeky Forums, can someone tell me why the majority of these models look like emaciated heroin addicts?

pussy conformist

because most clothes objectively look better on thin people like this

t. skinnyfat guy


Yet all these "high fashion enthusiasts" on Veeky Forums make fun of streetwear.

They don't realize they're the pathetic ones.

I'm a pretty thin person myself (6'4", 180 lbs), and I'm legitimately confused by fashion such as in >12685067

There are only like 2 models there wearing anything remotely pleasing to look at while also being something practical that people might legitimately want to wear normally.

thats the point of fashion you literal braindead fuck

Fashion =/= Runway Fashion

Runway fashion is meant to push new boundaries and try new things, mess with silhouettes and various parts of an outfit that would just seem out of place out in the real world. They are not the same thing. The pictures in the latter post at least show originality. The First post is cookie cutter "if i dress this way maybe i'll get some ass!" There is no passion.

this, 100%. i actually DO like some streetwear stuff if it clearly is something that reflects the wearers personality instead of just being cookie cutter Hype Piece On Hype Piece shit, but it's not even comparable to runway fashion. runway fashion is more about getting across a mood and sparking inspiration than it is about presenting ready-to-wear pieces, generally. a runway show should make you feel something, not just go "i could wear that." and honestly Veeky Forums barely talks about actual high fashion anymore anyways, so there's that too

Holy hell, you're literally braindead.

Fashion is art, dude. You don't wear it, you look at it on a runway the same way you look at conventional art in a gallery. It doesn't have to necessarily look good, per se, but it has to be at least interesting, in some way shape or form.

Streetwear is exactly what it sounds like. Clothes that people who want to look like they're 'from the street'. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't - it doesn't have to be interesting, and often, it isn't

i'm not that knowledgeable about runway/high fashion but it's obvious those shows are about concepts, i can't believe some people are actually so stupid they think they are the same as ready to wear and then come to fashion boards and voice opinions without allowing room for growing/learning

lmao if its just about concepts at a runway, then why are those pieces on sale?

>why do people buy art?

you literally know nothing about runway fashion
stop posting

>faggy pre cut jeans and oversizedt shirts

>are about concepts
not necessarily
> i can't believe some people are actually so stupid they think they are the same as ready to wear
uh oh
the thing is, those shows that you see during different fashion weeks for the most part are ready to wear
yeah, that's how it works

>can't pick out individual pieces from over the top runway styling
wew lad
most of the shit there is normal looking as fuck

it doesn't make sense when the community that shits on people trying to "fit in" or "act cool" also has constant threads about how to "be effay". This board is full of hypocrites.


Even when I see high fashion I want, I think about how it would look with other pieces. The runway is more exploratory and avante garde. Yes, you can buy the pieces, but you're not going to go out into the world wearing head to toe Balmain or whatever. You're going to mix n match.

It's also kind of silly to think there's this thick line between streetwear and high fashion. They both influence each other and work great in combination. It's why you see boundary pushing streetwear and staples like jeans and sneakers in high fashion. The line is blurred. Don't limit yourself.

I always thought the how to be fa threads were kind of ironic. Whatever the case, this isn't a cohesive unit. It's a multinational group of people with wildly different views and motivations towards fashion. You're gonna get conflicting opinions.

To look weird and out of place?
Not even OP and Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

Damn, you really got assdamaged from that last thread huh?

I'm wearing stussy as I type this but that bald guy in Junya looks rad.

You're fucking retarded, kill yourself.

Saved for inspo

Saved for inspo

Dude what's your YouTube vlog channel? Cool fits!

>basic brands built on hype
>designers sweat and visions
It's not as black and white, but it's the cyst of it. Also, why are you on Veeky Forums? If you like streetwear, go to kanye forums or r/streetwear or somewhere like that.

>the same people who shit on overpriced H&M garbage that makes everyone look the same actually appreciate varied and interesting fashion
really makes my little hypebeast brain hurt...

I think they both look shit.

>Veeky Forums thinks this is better than streetwear

this board is fucking pathetic