Favorite Deigners

List 5 or so of your fav designers/clothing brands

1. Raf Simons
2. Rick Owens
3. Usually
4. What I'm
5. Dressed in

Saint Laurent
Uniqlo (sorry about it)
That's about all I own, really.

favorites or what we own most of?

In no particular order

Tom Ford
Gareth Pugh
Viktor & Rolf
Helmut Lang

Marc jacobs
Hedi Slimane
Himo Martin
Alessandro Gallo // Francesca Rinaldo
Tyler, the creator

Shoot, Thom Browne belongs on there too

Jan Antonin Bata
Yohji Yamamoto
Kanye West
Gosha Rubchinsky
Raf Simons

Thom Browne
Raf Simons
Carol Christian Poell
Martin Margiela
Dries Van Noten

Yoko Ito
Amy Revier
Takahiro Miyashita
Helmut Lang
Ann Demeulemeester

what do you like about Bata as a fashion designer?

south2 west8
topo designs
white mountaineering

Every shoe sillhoute he's made is amazingly crafted. The star dribble novesta is not too tall and not too chunky like Converse or Ramones, the star master is not just a low top version of the dribble, but an actual redesign to fit smaller height, and the marathon's colorway and design is perfect.

1. h&m
2. zara
3. gap
4. forever 21
5. lol who cares about the rest, i've got the GOATs in my list already

Honestly, Gap does put out some interesting stuff sometimes, and the quality is decent. I have some pretty interesting pants from there. I also recently saw an alright patchwork shirt.

H&M and F21 are pretty much trash.

Zara tries way too hard to be fashionable and charges too high a regular price for the shitty materials they use. Their quality it at the level of F21 at double to triple the price.

I wasn't under the impression that he actually designed any of the current models. He died in '65. Are his designs still in production?

Not in any particular order
1. Rick Owens
2. Gucci
3. Acne Studios
4. Adidas
5. Supreme, I guess? Not for hypebeast reasons, for other non-disclosed reasons.

he made the basic framework for the shoes. I like him because of the silhouttes

I never thought about it that way. I dig that.

Fucking Hypebeast.

Naked & Famous

carpe diem,etc.
ann d

G-Star Raw
Ed Hardy
Fred Perry

2.American Eagle
3.Forever 21

Depends on the season. There are some designers that I think are on point and then they fall into a slump, and sometimes I'm surprised by designers I thought I didn't like. It's hard to put a brand as favorite, because they could blow it any season. It'd be easier to say what I never like, whether it's from Chanel, Gucci, Louis, or Supreme; I hate brand logos. Do you wear it cuz it looks good, or do you wear it because you want to be associated with a brand image?

>It's hard to put a brand as favorite, because they could blow it any season.
That's a stupid way to judge people.

"I can really see your talent and I respect what you're doing!"
"Oh shit, you weren't as on point there. You really blew it. Now I don't like you."

Everyone has ups and downs. Who are five designers who you think have done really great work?

Acne Studios
Norse Projects
J Crew
Brooks Brothers
Rogue Territory

What are some affordable designers?

Engineered Garments
Wings + Horns
Reigning Champ
Red Wings

no order

ralph lauren
christophe lemaire
erik schedin
lucas ossendrijver
junya watanabe

Yeah I guess that was kind of harsh way to put it. Maybe a better way would be to say that if someone is really interesting and innovative I expect them to risks and have collections that don't do it for me. I also try to stay hopeful regarding houses that don't normally impress me.

A few designers that always have many pieces I want (mens)

Dries Van Noten
Christophe Lemaire
Miuccia Prada

Not a specific designer, but def have a boner for classic leather like Perfecto, Lewis, and even East West.

I love Marc Jacobs and Rodarte for Women. They have a contagious exuberance.

Christopher Lemaire
Undercover/Jun Takahashi
Dries Van Noten
Our Legacy
Gosha (not the hypebeast pieces, but the more low key ones)


Mine Homme


Johnstons of Elgin
Brooks Brothers
Tricky Ricky
Shoes Like Pottery

1. Jun Takahashi
2. Rick Owens
3. Carol Christian Poell
4. Ann Demeulemeester
5. Yohji Yamamoto

For real it's too hard, there are a ton that I like, but this is the top 5. Vandervorst, Helmut Lang, Amy Revier, Maurizio Altieri would be just after I guess. Rei aswell

1. Raf Simons
2. Helmut Lang
3. Kiko Kostadinov
4. Martin Margiela
5. Rick Owens

supreme's more formal side
dries van noten
christophe lemaire
and anyone else who makes a good coat


what do you think of tom ford's films?

Alexandre Matiussi
Acne Studios
Filippa K

I usually go for a blend of french and scandinavian. Can you tell?

Nice memes, but watch this

Ann D
Issac Sellam

Paul Harnden
Margaret Howell
Next (Uk high street)

do me master

In this order:
1. Cav Empt
2. Gosha
3. Carol Christian Poell
4. Raf
5. Adidas


Dries van noten

Ann Demeulemeester
Raf Simons
Issey Miyake
Dries Van Noten
Rei Kawakubo

Helmut Lang
Isabel Benenato
Yohji Yamamoto
Haider Ackermann but as the last few seasons have been a bit dissappointing I'll go with my nigga Dries (van Noten for u plebs)

rick owens
aitor throup
ann demeulemeester
issey miyake
helmut lang

in no particular order
that is just solely on how much I enjoy their work, I don't own any throup, lang or miyake personally but their works are huge inspiration and I love their clothes and shows for lot of reasons
that being said I hope to have at least some throup and lang in the future

Raf Simons
Ann D
Haider Ackermann
Hedi Slimane
Dunno, Yohji I guess

Cross out Yohji actually, put Lemaire and also add Thom Browne

They are alright. I think that he really likes to stick by his vision. It is nice to see that he truly cares about the quality of whatever he puts out.


let me guess you are from finland right?

>aitor throup
my dude

been hoping some of the g-star jackets would hit up second hand marketplaces so I could cop some, I fucking love his stuff don't think I've ever seen clothing that so consistently resonates with me so well

Alessandro Michele
Kriss van Ache
Raf Simons
Acne Studios
John Galiano

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
Alexander Wang
Alexandre Vauthier
Miu Miu

White Mountaineering
Engineered Garments
Cav Empt

Acne Studios
Jun Takahashi/Undercover
Takahiro Miyashita/N(N)
Gianni Mora/Helder Vices

Kinda hard to pick out of 5, I'd love to include Hedi era Dior or SLP as well.

Ulyana Sergeenko
Theirry Mugler,
Jil Sander
Vivienne Westwood
Hedi Slimane

1. Maison Margiela
2. Helmut Lang
3. Norse Projects
4. Gosha
5. Cav Empt
HM: Adidas

Vineyard Vines
Southern tide
Louis Vuitton
gay shit