If you had infinite money, what fashion items would you purchase?

If you had infinite money, what fashion items would you purchase?

a noose


All of them.

I would completely buy out every designer brand and give away the clothes to people, effectively making them worthless. This would force designers to actually be creative and not make clothes just to sell them.

chromehearts geos

what this user said. i'm too lazy to actually do that though, realistically I would dress in a similar style to how to i dress currently but have a lot more options for what i could wear any day and those options would he higher quality than what i can afford now. I wouldn't drastically change my style to include more designer pieces but I would definitely wear some seeing as I could afford the luxury in this scenario

I'd probably be a basic bitch and buy some Saint Laurent first. Some Belstaff jackets too.

Plastic surgery + Personal Trainer

high quality boots, simple ysl jeans and basic shirts.

All of them? No point giving a fuck I can literally get the highest end of any style I want. I could have literally everything tailored just for me, I could pay Supreme to make limited runs that only I own.

full full rick

You mean fullest rick?

id commission everything

haute couture everything.

Fix my teeth.

I would give away billions of dollars to absolutely everyone, making an inflation and hopefully make the entire economy collapse

>design clothes
>some retard buys all of them just to give them away for free
>you make millions
>mfw he thinks im the victim

everything mtm becasue fit is king

I'd amass a wardrobe of original Banana Republic pieces

I'd buy the most expensive shit and make a photoalbum of Homeless People Wearing Expensive Clothes

full tailor-made cashmere, alpaca, vicuna, silk and other fabrics of that nature
beautiful comfy sweaters and high-end casual menswear with a relaxed look
I know I'm not fashion-savvy enough to pull off avant-garde shit, I could maybe get away with full Lemaire

All of them, duh

Go full quirky Marni / JW / Prada combined with Berlutti and Loro Piana

Ironically I'd follow fashion a whole lot less if I could afford it, since I'd just buy a wardrobe of what fits my aesthetic and then stick with it.

I'd just buy all the ridiculously expensive pieces I simply can't afford, including Rick, Gucci and so on. The geobaskets would be the first cop for sure.

I would walk around butt naked and whenever someone tries to arrest me I'd just throw money at them until they stop

I'd go for Ann Demeulemeester, Yohji Yamamoto, and Junya Watanabe with a mix of Balenciaga/YSL/Gucci

The same shit I've always bought but more of it.
I hate spending loads of money on a single item of clothing.
I might get a pair of trainers that I want that cost £130 and even then I'd be annoyed at the price.

full rick

Moschino's teddy bear stuff, it's sick af

This, fuck fashion it's just a means to social power, dick out baby

i would become rick owens

bunch of womenswear shit from designers I admire that I would just put on display
then everything aitor throup has ever produced and all his collab pieces
after that, just probably the few grail items I'm missing from my collection and I'd basically have perfect wardrobe

I will wear only designer swimwear and buy hundreds of expensive watches and cars

fucking brainlet

the whole anti social social club catalog

Buy archive raf

Raf Simmons all kinda crazy colors