What is the most attractive and most repulsive feature for the male and female bodies?

What is the most attractive and most repulsive feature for the male and female bodies?

>most attractive female: flat stomach
>most repulsive female: ???
>most attractive male: ???
>most repulsive male: man boobs

What do you think Veeky Forums?

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>What do you think Veeky Forums
Man, I think this blog is unreal

most attractive male: personality?
most repulsive male: mishaped lardass, child baring thighs

most attractive female: fit and big ass
most repulsive female: where to begin

>most attractive female: flat stomach
*whispers into mic* wrong

Speaking about thighs, I think darkened inner thighs takes it for most repulsive female.

>darkened inner thighs
nah it's actually kinda kinky hot
like a dark natural anus

>most attractive female: juicy juice ass
>most repulsive female: pancake tits
>most attractive male: not being OP
>most repulsive male: rapist

A weak chin can make any man or women look absolutely disgusting.

>most attractive female: being a hot asian
>most repulsive female: not being a hot asian
>most attractive male: Being a tall black guy
>most repulsive male: below 5 9 black guy above 21

>t. yellow fever nog

most attractive male feature is probably a well defined adonis belt.

>most attractive female: fit body, proportionate ass and tits (not huge or small, a bit plump and just right) good skin, nice hair (not overly fucked with or burnt up) nice face without crazy makeup caked all over it, decent fashion sense (no basic bitch shit) being nice and not a slut is a big plus also.

>most unattractive female: fat and unhealthy, greasy face, caked on makeup, hairy pits and legs, wears the same shit as all of her friends like it's a slut uniform, facebook full of selfies and shares videos every few hours of stupid bullshit and makes daily SJW posts, duckface pictures, new boyfriend every few weeks, "valley girl" accent, those chicks that wear huge sorority tshirts over basic bitch running shorts (and other basic bitch shit)

>Most Attractive Female: Thin, Tall, Hip-to-Waist Ratio, Clear Skin, Facial Symmetry, protruding maxilla

>Most Repulsive female: Syndromes, Overweight, Facial Asymmetry, recessed maxilla, shit eyes

>Most Attractive Male: Hooded eyes, tall, fit, protruding maxilla, facial symmetry, Good chin, good jaw, deep voice

>Most Repulsive Male: Wide hips, potato nose, facial asymmetry, narrow shoulders, long neck, recessed maxilla,

My penis disagrees with your statement.

>most attractive female: thicc, good face, hair
>most repulsive female: pointy elbows, discoloration in thighs, narrow hips, large shoulders,

>Must have some semblance of hips and some distinction between back ass and thighs
>no guts

Ideal bodytype would be above average height with hourglass figure. Doesn't have to be Jessica rabbit ridiculous, but those uniquely female body features are the most attractive.

cut your penis off

>most attractive female: long curly hair, thick natural eyebrows, good jaw
>most repulsive female: too many to list, extremely flat tits and ass is probably the worst

who is she?

some skank, also life advice dont fuck these women, its not as pleasent as youd think.

>most attractive female: nice skin, good at conversations, cute/sexy ass, invest her time in cool stuff
>most repulsive female: 99% make up, pretencious and basic
>most attractive male: slender/fit/thinspo, good chin, cool hairstyle, nice skin, invest his time in cool stuff
>most repulsive male: bear-like body hair, manlet, condecend cuck

we hooded now


>It's actualy true? at $0 ?


I like to hide my eyes

i would like to get lost in that hair, fall asleep and never wake up

That's a really unfortunate distribution of fat.


Most attractive female: thick lips
Most repulsive female: narrow hips
Most attractive male: strong jawline
Most repulsive male: narrow shoulders

my penis disagrees with your statement

Femattract: striking eyes
FemRepulse: bad teeth

Maleattract: large extremities
Malerepulse: bad teeth

God this is disgusting. Stop polluting the thread with these subhuman please

>most attractive female : big tits with flat stomach
>most repulsive female: flat ass
>most attractive male: wide shoulders
>most repulsive male: muffin tops

strong 6, maybe a 7
>balding but doesnt look horrible
>large forehead due to ^^^
>weak brows
>cant see eyes due to squinting
>ears are a bit odd but fir the face shape
>narrow jaw but well defined
>full lips
>nose looks pretty fine
>high cheekbones
e. european?