Need something for $50 or less that's durable and not too ugly.

Any recommendations?

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Few Questions before i can answer this question
>Reason For Use?
>What are you storing?
>color preferances?

Business analyst & Student
Books, 14" notebook
Not sure. I don't really have a style so I guess something that'd go with everything.

recently got that one in grey, this semester. im going for a more casual, hipster type of vibe

>hipster type of vibe

w2c this

bump kurwa

Patagonia is having a sale.

It'll go over your budget, but if you manage it get these two items:

First, a Jansport Right Pack.

And second, a Tom Bihn Synapse 25 backpack organizer insert.

It'll be just slightly over a hundred buck altogether, unless you can find stuff on sale, but it's a great combination which I think you'll be happy with.

Lol I got one of those when I was 11 from my parents

They look cool if you just carefully unstitch and remove the logo when it's brand new. The rectangular stitching pattern will be visible at first, but becomes invisible eventually. Wetting that area with a moist washcloth a few times and letting it air dry helps. And you want to make sure that you never put it in a washing machine, because the waterproof coating on the inside will come off. And too, when the suede bottom eventually becomes dirty and darker, that backpack looks extremely cool. And the insert works real weel in it, leaving plenty of room for travel space, 'cos it's a good sized backpack. Plus, it's the epitome of simplicity, and you don't look like some tryhard faggot.

try costume rentals, where he must have gotten the rest of his fit

OP here.
Ordered this in black.

How'd I do?
It's amazon so I can return hassle-free if I change my mind.

Can someone recommend me a (preferably rather minimalistic) backpack that is large enough for the use of transporting some groceries on my bike?

I do not need to be able to store a laptop, electronics, I need no pockets, padding, whatever.

Just something very simple and functional, but not with complete shit looks. I am also pretty poor, so cannot spend hundreds of euros on that sort of stuff.

Find something at your local thrift store or craigslist/letgo.

or look up the brand Life Behind Bars

>I am also pretty poor, so cannot spend hundreds of euros on that sort of stuff.
well, youre out of luck then. but when you get the money, look those brands up. they are good backpacks.

Looks interesting, I just wonder whether it will be able to fit enough inside. The volume sounds incredible, but can it really fit THAT much when you use it?

I currently own this Ortlieb Velocity I got on sale once for like half of its original price or something, and while I like it for now, this one "only" is 24 L, and that is too little for grocery purposes... But the shots of that other backpack make it look even smaller than the one I own, so just the liters itself might be misleading. Tough one. I like the one you suggested.

Second hand Mission Workshop. I got their vandal for $160 on ebay.