Effay politicians


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I like Trump's whole look with the overcoat.


donald's isn't anything special but ivanka's coat is pretty cool


>you will never be this british



sorry he looks terribble, he should get that coat fitted

Trump look absolutely terrible.

That's me lol

all chest, no legs, fuck abs and cardio

He looks anorectic. h/w?

you really think his coat isn't professionally tailored? are you retarded? he's a 70 year old man do you want him wearing a skinny fitting coat? fuck outta here

I'm sitting here wondering how many criticisms of Trump's style are legit and how many are assblasted lefty nitpicks.

Conway looked nice at the inauguration. The coat is reminiscent of the Continental Army uniform and the red, white and blue color scheme works well.




What is this haircut called?


>Nigel Farage

the 12 years Hitler was in power has got to be some of the most interesting years on this planet.

what a fucking gon show.


it's not fitted you idiot. he used to wear clothes that fit, he purposefully does not now in order to hide how fat he is

if you think the guy is effay, then I guess you must also think the fat bald middle aged retards who support him are too

the definition of effay

Looks like RDJ's Sherlock hair

what jacket is that? Looks like a barbour jacket


Wow are you a little butt blasted there, champ? Ease up you cuck the shells will stop falling soon on whatever godless shit hellhole you're living in and then you'll say thank you to the UK for bringing you past the dark ages

I literally laughed out loud. How can Americans take such a clown seriously?

those are just traditional romanian clothes, womens version looks nice too.

>lol you mad xd
>proceeds to make a mad-ass reply
political discourse everyone


have some respect for the champion of the british right goy

>why we still here... just to suffer?




is that some thommy

literal farmercore

nige definitely isn't effay, but his suits tend to be better-fitting than most politicians ( notwithstanding).

literally what every middle class middle aged Brit north of Nottingham wears


She looks like a fucking scarecrow

Being a politician (regardless of political leaning) is one of the least effay things someone can do.


>makes more than 1 word reply

Janusz Korwin-Mikke is the most Veeky Forums living politician and it's not even close.

Alternate version with different fits, additional badassery:


>goes to anime and vidya conventions
>right wing politics
>women literally throwing themselves on him
How do I achieve this?

not a politician but


Sounds like his clothing is tailored to the size of his body.

Long on top, short on the sides.


>all the leftist butthurt itt





harold wilson was a star

Theo Hiddema, Netherlands.

He wears his bold checkered suits well.

italian politicians dress the best on average.
because they spend more time with their tailors than on actually studying policy documents and preparing arguments. srs.

No Gaddafi?



Right wingers can't into effay

You consider Hugo Boss not effay?

He's extremely Effay.

>posts ugly commie


You and I both know that's a lie

beady eyed anglo scum



dont worry OP i see what you mean. I love the guy and he may be ugly but he's wearing what fits him best desu


>you really think his coat isn't professionally tailored?
Yeah, like his pants are, pfft.
And his fucking tie BAHAHAHA oh god, every thread with this, I love the denial

Is that vetements

Former mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland

winrar, the fact that he acts exactly how you would expect someone who dresses so suave makes it even better