So since dad shoes are becoming a thing post dad shoes inspo.


Any adidas models that aren't hard to find?



I see these a lot. What are they called?

Air monarch

Fila Disruptor II


it amazes me how all of these shoes can be formed into good fits


People often call these dad shoes, I like them. Too bad they're sold out everywhere.

Saw this in a WAYWT a couple months ago. Just to get some ideas for an accompanying outfit

I want to buy dad shoes, but only the weird furries at my school do

Yo my dad wore these every day from when I was like 5 to when I was 15

If someone has a good fit to post I'd love to see it and I don't mean that sarcastically

i got those. one shoe looked like the one in the picture the other one had some shit texture on the suede

Yeah, the quality varies quite alot. Some suede patches are crazy nice, some are pure dogshit. Also had a glue stain on the suede that I can't get out.
I also bought another pair but returned them because of a manufacturing defect, where the toe box was sown in a way that there was excess material that caused a bump on the other shoe.

I still like them more than the synthetic and nubuck versions that they've been releasing lately. I'd really like to have another suede pair.

this is just you...

>Tfw these were the first "cool" shoes I bought after the velcro shoes in high school

>velcro in high school
Bless your soul

I mean in 9th grade I got the monarchs I wore velcro in middle school

which win?

the monarch's have 2,9k reviews on amazon and the 608 6,6k. New balance also have 2 other similar shoes with almost 2k reviews each

really tryhard

hahaha kek epic mayng

are these models are comfortable as normal ultraboosts?