Do you ever let people borrow your clothes? Do you share garments with anyone?

Do you ever let people borrow your clothes? Do you share garments with anyone?

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Post it on another board?

Pls post on another board.

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Just post a link
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sorry i forgot how to cross link here's the image link

Nice, thanks bro.



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My bf, gf and I all have pretty similar body types so we all swap clothing pretty often. It depends on our personal tastes at the moment though.

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yes, one of my friends is into fashion but only with him cause he wont steal it from me.

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Sometimes a small group of friends and I trade clothes and shit. Or if something doesn't fit one of us right and we wanna get rid of it we see if anybody else in the group wants it. A pretty good deal, desu.

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>3 answers to the question
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I let my girlfriend wear my clothes because seeing her in clothes I like makes me happy


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I share jackets, hats etc with my sister, we have similar tastes and shit that fits me normally she just wears oversized. It's pretty great desu, means I get cool stuff to wear without paying for it

my friends and i borrow each others clothes all the time
atm i have 5 shirts and a jacket in my closet that arent mine


My gf takes my sweaters all the time, but that's about it. I'm way too large for her to be able to wear my pants, so at least I don't have to worry about that.

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jackets. sometimes sweaters.
gf can wear any of my clothes idc.

I've swapped clothes with two friends with similar body types, but our taste isn't very similar generally.

Most of my other friends have different body types or don't give much of a shit about fashion.

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