How tf too look Veeky Forums in 90 degree heat?

How the fuck can you look Veeky Forums in 90 degree heat? going to SE Asia (mostly bangkok) for a few months and wanna sink my cawk into some backpacker snatch, but i only usually were cold weather shit and dont know how tf to pull of the summer look.

i live in southern U.S. and it's usually around 100-110 with high humidity. i just wear athletic shorts with very thin, big cotton tees. not the most Veeky Forums thing, but it can be done right. desu i'm more concerned with not getting so sweaty that i noticeably stink than looking good this time of year.

is this good?

Get a solid Hawaiian shirt, not a cheap shitty one.

Wear some shorts and white sneakers/sandals.

just like nylon black shorts or somin?

cant find any in stores atm (cause its winter where i live) should i just fin a good second hand one

I really like the 70's/80's brazil poverty look. I'm not even joking, watch city of god to see what I mean.

It's mostly short shorts with undersized teeshirts or tanktops. The kid with the blond afro who wore hawaiian shirts was effay as fuck in that film, in my opinion.

pic related. Not sure if white people could pull this look off though, people might just assume you're gay, in america at least.

Hawaiian shirts are normie as fuck my dude, every frat guy in the south wears them. And so do I. They're the best thing.

thoughts on this wrangler shirt?

I meant the short shorts/undersized teeshirt combo from my previous comment might make you appear gay in the U.S


Try out some linen shirts and chino shorts.

totally hideous!

You can borrow this eh... incredibly beautiful cheap shirt of mine. Very fashionable. Don't worry, I can assure you, you won't end up looking gay at all.

I think high top converse or vans sk8 hi's would complement the rest of the fit better. They're also more breathable than basketball shoes

no lol ur gonna die. invest in some linen. outlier if u can afford.

I think you could invest in shirts like pic related and just cop some black shorts with sneakers and be all good

>see all these posts of people wearing pants and long sleeves

It's like you want to die. It's pretty easy to look decent while dressing for the heat. Just don't over do it. Makes for some really good slackercore/dadcore fits desu. Lucky for some of you, you don't have to live with humidity. No matter what clothes you wear, you'll always feel close to heat stroke in humid heat.

t. Houstonian

Linen, negro.

>70s/80s look...
Man, aside from the undersized part, that's what I'm wearing now.
Shorts, t-shirts, polos, caps and flip-flops are all basic favela-core.
Niggas with blonde hair are very common around here, at least in carnival. It's a tradition of sorts do some weird shit with the hair this time in the year.
A friend of mine wanted to paint his afro blonde I said to him:
>-Wait for carnival, then you will blend in.

Patagonia has some. I have them and quality is nice.
Also doesn't have to be Hawaiian, nice short sleeve shirt can look really good with Chino short for example.

Fucking this. I live in Galveston and desu there's no difference from where I'm wearing pants vs shorts. It's hot as hell no matter what. When I do wear pants I make sure they're cropped and/or cuffed relatively high so I don't murder myself.

Not really contributing anything in this thread but isn't the best way to combat extreme heat is to cover most of your body, bedouin style? Of course most people wouldn't consider that style to be particularly effay.

Lmao do u biggas even into humidity? You'll die unless you're wearing nothing but a singlet and tennis shorts

Why are you trying for backpackers when there is a plethora of actual whores all over the city?

maybe he wants to have consensual sex rather than raping poor people with the power of money instead of physical force

Wear short sleeves, don't wear layers.


I like the value matching on on the faded stripes and jeans dude.

actual garbage

why is Veeky Forums so bad

wear linen and other light fabrics, look at italians for hot weather inspo