Where tf do I find pants like yohji's that don't cost $1000

where tf do I find pants like yohji's that don't cost $1000

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thrift + tailor


not happening unless you get it done OP

Buy mine grailed.com/listings/2860891

I sometimes see pants like this when thrifting. They're usually polyester or wool slacks, loose fit with a slight taper. Just cuff them or hem them.

you don't
that's why they cost $1000

get >pic related

Get a shitty fitting dress pant and cuff them

Lemaire, Our Legacy, or even COS.


Buy them at the yohji flagship store in Tokyo during new years

>thrift store suit pants 2 inches too big in the waist
>go to tailor, show that picture
There you go, Yohji for less than $100



Some ching chong is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank for selling what are essentially Dickie's and retarded hypebeasts buy them.

similar silhouette, completely different materials used and how it drapes XD!

check out the walmart "george" slacks

There is more like these search a little

I love ugly edo or kobe pants

It's literally just dressing/dancing pants with the bottoms rolled up.
Go to a large thrift store, got to mens clothing, easy.

yesstyle is ass

No shit, the guy asked for ass. He doesn't want to pony up the real money, and it's not a fucking surprise you get an ass product when you spend $24 on pants.

>wearing dickies
lmao fucking mongrel cuck..are you Ameritard by any chance?

Yohji and Dickies are incomparable and have different cuts and purposes in every single way you newfag retard.

wtf are dancing pants?
also not true. from what i can tell these at the very least have a sharp taper and a large cuffed hem. if OP wants pants to look just like this then he will need to make alterations to them. my advice is to give up now. first of all, these pants are at best extremely goofy, then considering OP probably cannot sew he will have to explain to the ching chong tailor in his town what he wants, with likely not so good results.

Just google dancing/Ballroom dancing pants, black with the front fold, and presto there is the same type of pants.
Roll up the bottoms nice and neat, bam, saved OP 900+ dollars.
Also fashion is really fucking goofy, especially here.


xd nice post friend! i too wear Walmartâ„¢ designer

you can have reasonably priced pants that look like yohji to an extent without buying the literal worst clothing to ever appear on the internet you inbred fuck

>ching chong
yohji is japanese not chinese

oh god. how can you buy something shitty like it?

so a ping pong?

the proper term is nip
-ong is a chink phoneme


>on a fashion brand
>doesn't understand the difference between tailored wool trousers and >50% polyester work pants

leave and dont return

fuck outta here

got a link/model on these?

2nd for cos, they'll run up about 130 usd or even half if on sale

Yep. Basically Lemaire pants in lesser fabric.

*board not brand

this is the secret , black Walmart lounge pants, 10$ a pair

the leg is only 34 tho so ur stuck rolling the ends which is kinda shitty imo