Favorite adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes? Clothing too

Favorite adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes? Clothing too.

probably shouldn't have started the thread with only one image sry







ok if nobody knows anything about this shit I want to know what you guys think of the shit I posted.


its neat

thanks user love you too

I like these. Usually into simple shit but for some reason these tickle my johnsons

desu those are probably the simplest from jeremy's work, they're amazing though, ALL the details man

I have the money version of these. Got them when I was 16 so it doesn't really fit me now, very gaudy. Really enjoyed them then though

horrible shoes imo, sorry op. you sound like a nice person tho so here's a (you).

nice, always thought those looked kinda

thanks user, what shoes do you like?

*kinda hard to pull off though

these are bad

fair enough

I love adidas, but these styles are so fucking extra and gay as hell

Well that's the point, I know maximalist fashion has been ignored by Veeky Forums even before minimalism became mainstream, but still. I will also say that this concept of over the top shoes still has quite a lot to improve, I like to think of this as a start to something new in the future, this is why I support most new fashion ideas even if they're stupid at first, it can evolve into something good.

the wings 3.0 "batmans" will always be a grail for me