How can I be effay but still be metal af?

How can I be effay but still be metal af?

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>good quality leather jacket
>also good quality jeans
>some boots
>t-shirts with metal bands(?

Improve everything you have.

that's not the hard part.
the hard part is trying to look both effay and not a poser

Be subtle about it. It's all in the accessories, not much in the clothing.

for everyday-wear:
>black, well-fitting biker jacket
>black, good-quality jeans
>black boots, either harness-boots or combat boots.
>minimalist b&w t-shirts
>a minimalistic pendant, like a simple mjolnir-pendant

for when you wanna let the inner metalfag out:
>patched vest
>patched jeans (more punk/crust, but whatever)
>accessories like spiked bracelets and whatnot

Are you actually a metalhead? If not and you just wanna dress like it you cant be effay and metal af at the same time

Putting on a band shirt isn't an instant "Veeky Forums metal" look. is good advice

you can like metal music, wearing band shirts and keeping long hair withous call yourself Metalhead like a 14 years old kid. When i stopped to call myself metalhead i star being less autistic and my life start getting better, even if i didn't stop to love this king of music

>a minimalistic pendant, like a simple mjolnir-pendant
>accessories like spiked bracelets and whatnotpendant

That's gross and fucking autistic. OP if you wear shit like this you will never have sex in your life. Also shitty advice. Dress like Mc Ride or look for relatively young people playing black metal . Also Chris Barnes Carnibal Corpse era in a nice inspo

did you write this?

you can't

the best you can do is incorporate band tees into good fits. otherwise you look like an autist

Be gifted with long, beautiful locks like Dave Mustaine. If not, youre shit out of luck.

how do you usually dress? wha

When I meant >letting the inner metalfag out
I meant situations like gigs, shows and whatnot. Who the fuck would go and wear spiked bracelets for just going out lmao

And when I was talking about Mjolnir-pendants, I was talking more like pic related, simple and pleasing to the eye.



SLP aesthetic is sorta dress up rock star which is sorta metal

this look autistic

what SLP mean?

this, minimalistic b/w look


w2c seal tshirt

it doesn't looks that bad, just i associate it with militant atheist who tell everybody that they belive in odin and shit

nigga there's nothing Veeky Forums in this pic that's male femminist core shit

Step 1.

Don't wear autism shoes. This includes but is not limited to combat boots, dr martens, hiking boots, new balances, sketchers, chunky skate shoes, tradesmen shoes, etc. This is the number one killer of metal heads looking decent. They can sometimes manage to get everything else right but then have the worst shoes imaginable.

If you want a white low top sneaker get a Stan Smith. If you want a white hi top sneaker get an Air Force 1. If you want a black shoe get something like a Vans Sk8 Hi with a cream mid sole. All black is autism-core and a white sole is too much contrast. Stay away from Converse everyone has them and they're not metal.

Step 2.

Get clothes that fit. Almost every metal head wears clothes that are way too big. Band Tees are also cut like ass so if you're going to wear those they will pretty much never fit. Instead I recommend well fitting plain black or grey pocket tees and if you want to show band allegiance you do it with a vest or jacket. Kirkland, Stanfields, American Apparel, Uniqlo are all good for t-shirts that don't fit terribly.

Jeans most people can figure out the waist (they shouldn't be strangling you or falling off without a belt) and amount of taper (honestly whatever you're comfortable with but for metal heads I think slim is always going to work best). However most metal heads will fuck up when it comes to the length. Get your jeans hemmed it's like $10 at the dry cleaners. When you sit down you want them to come up to just below your ankle. No higher no lower.

Jackets and vests are tough because if you're going vintage they're always going to be cut huge. Just get something that you're not swimming in. Honestly jackets can be a bit on the larger side if everything else fits well.

Step 3.

Take care of your hygiene. If you have long hair get it regularly trimmed and learn what conditioner is. Shower daily and wash everywhere with soap (don't just think because the water hits somewhere, you're clean). Use deodorant. Doing these simple things will instantly put you ahead of half the people who listen to metal.

Step 4.

The hardest step. Don't have shit taste in metal. You can do everything I mentioned above but if you listen to garbage it's all for naught. Now take your good taste and apply it sensibly to your vest or leather jacket by only utilizing band patches and pins that are official. No exceptions. There's nothing less aesthetic or more unfashionable than fake band merch. The status of the band (active or split up) and the status of their official merch (plentiful or non-existent) has no bearing on any of this. If you can't get something official it's for a reason.

Instead of buying fake shit and reproductions think of all the good active bands with easily accessible official merch that you could be supporting. The most important part of band merch is supporting the band. If you buy fake merch you give your money to someone who makes fake merch. If they make fake merch for one band it's a guarantee they make fake merch for other bands. Which means it's almost with 100% certainty that even if you're buying fake merch of a long split up band from the 90's that never made more than 10 t-shirts; the guy you're giving your money to is going to take it and make fake merch of small active bands that need every dollar to survive. If you have to have merch from rare bands you buy it official and second hand. This is worse than buying from active bands but the money will at least go to a collector or long time fan who will take your money and spend it on more official gear from other bands including active ones.

This is a bigger problem than everything else I mentioned. 90% of the metal heads I see today are rocking merch from either shitty bands or fake merch from good bands. These people think they're supporting the subculture but all they're doing is lining the pockets of shitty bands and shitty bootleggers. Almost no one is authentic anymore. You want to instantly be the most legit metal head in the room you rock only 100% legit merch. You want to take it to the next level you only wear merch from bands you've seen live and purchased said merch in person.

Step 5.

That's it. Your shoes don't look like lego bricks. Your clothes fit. Your personal hygiene is on point. Your band merch is legit. You made it. You are now a cool metal head which is like being a cool nerd. Enjoy your place on the second or third lowest rung of the social ladder. Enjoy no one taking you seriously ever. Enjoy people assuming you're an addict or criminal or alcoholic. Enjoy the vast majority of girls (including most alternative girls) ignoring you completely. Enjoy other metal heads actually looking down on you because you use deodorant.

My final piece of advice. Dressing like a metal head is for teenagers and concerts exclusively. I say this as someone who's been a metal maniac for 15 years. Someone who has played in bands, ran a distro, pressed albums, organized shows, collected records, edited incorrect information on metal archives, made hundreds of posts on metal forums, etc. Just wear all black and you can fuck whatever girls you want. Including basics and goth bitches. You don't have to compromise your taste in music but you also get treated like an actual human being when you walk into a nice restaurant.

>SLP aesthetic
google faggot

Wrong, sorry :(

Nigger shoes lol
Shower /posuer music
If someone wants to make monies don't get into punk/metal music it makes you look like a tool
Fuck money and legit merch only gotten from live shows elitism
Metal maniac, dosent dress metal, nice restaurant lol.
I bet you listen to urfaust, watain, liturgy, deafhaven

>groups punk and metal together
>communist viewpoint on music, money, and artistic compensation
>mentions meme bands ever

you're the reason all the best bands don't release anything publicly anymore. kill yourself faggot.

Haha like what bands? Come on elite mcskeet what do you rock out too in your slp leather and Stan smiths before you go to a nice restaurant?

Yeah sure one sec let me just namedrop and upload all the unreleased tapes I've been given over the years to the faggot who pirates all his music and thinks paying people for their art is gay.

>slp leather and Stan smiths

I don't wear anything like that and my wife makes all my clothes. You don't know anything about me besides a post I made giving advice to some retarded teenager that wants to dress metal. Like I said, kill yourself.

Ive been listening to Vaginal Jesus (RIP seth), Arghoslent, Immolation and Marduk lately.

just don't try to look tougher than you are
fuck spikes and shit
and basically dress like a stoner/skater but in greyscale and with band shirts

this is true, that pic is horrible

What the fuck was going through your head when you wrote this.
>Stan Smith
>Air Force 1
>Vans Sk8 Hi
This is comedy gold.

What are you wearing to shows instead?

SS uniform most of the time, but I'm not into metal.

Seriously though, a metalhead in white high-top Air Force 1s is the silliest thing I imagined all day.

>Critiques my recommendation for what shoes to wear if you want to dress metal and not look like a total sperg
>Doesn't even fucking listen to metal

Context motherfucker.

White high-top Air Force 1s motherfucker.

Yeah you're right that would never happen

Metal heads and white hi-tops, it would just never work

What a preposterous idea, you're totally right. Guy who doesn't listen to metal, let me know when you start your blog about what shoes metal heads should wear, I'd love to read it.

Black boots, Slim fitting jeans Black t-shirt

Its a shame ulcerate is fucking garbage.


OP, I think you're a faggot and everything wrong with any metal scene.

"How do I look metal?" That's gotta be the least metal mentality.

t. Musician

This. This thread is the literal definition of being a poser.

If you wear only handmade clothes why would you recommend slp and Stan smiths?

white nationalists are the closest you can get i think

>wife makes all my clothes
wtf, are you in a folk band with her too? not hating, that sounds fun. but seriously, what does she make? you can't be wearing tunics and pirate shirts made from jo ann fabrics every day. got any normal person clothes? but you were right, dressing metal is social repellent and some aren't cut out for it, i sure wasn't. still have all my band tees though. i think they are still a big thing in streetwear?? i see black kids on instagram in darkthrone and morbid angel shirts a lot

Sounds like you care too much what others think

sure, who doesn't? everyone wants to look cool. or at least "right," like it suits them. looking metal didn't suit me, i like colors and patterns too much.

I just care about what I like

>implying i didn't found a shit about it on google

nigger lover

it could be realistic but then you say deafheaven. 6/10 bait.

what's wrond whit sk8

>pleb or contrarian?

it's funny to think about that faggot who spend an afternoon to make this "Epic Trollerino Lmao such butthurt XD" shit

if you don't wear edgy shit from porngrind band i don't see why you should beeing so social awkward.


please stop posting

say something usefull if you don't agree

Deterring someone from your delusions is useful

you say not to wear autism shoes, then tell people to wear autism shoes. only stans get a pass since they're a cheap staple that everyone and their mom owns

song for the thread

That female pattern baldness kek



This is how you should dress

i'm not the user that postet all that shit, but i also don't get what's wrong with black sk8. I know that's stuff that """"" n o r m i e"""""" wear but i don't see what's wrong

That uncomfortable as fuck looking chair thing.
That unneccessary and inconveniently placed decoration piece.
Is that what being rich is all about?

I love Iron Maiden.
But dont they look like fucking creepy molesters in this picture?

trad is better when it's done by people who look like child molesters

>beautiful locks
i'm not OP, but i have them. Finally one good for me

Fuck dude, convers and black skinny jeans were THE punk look from all time

they are

W2c quality biker leather jacket? I bought one in a Milan little store for 150 buck and it's pretty bad. Also, is better to take it a little smaller or a little bigger?

meh. You can dress like a metalhead and be social accettable. Just don't cross the autism line. Don't go wear shit with written on "jesus is a cunt" when you go to mcDonald for examble.

>mfw only like half of those albums

most underrated effay musican on fa