Who makes the absolute best derby shoe? I need something I can go with for 20 years : ) nothing too avant-garde...

Who makes the absolute best derby shoe? I need something I can go with for 20 years : ) nothing too avant-garde, but obviously a bit t h i c c is fine.

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raf derbies.

are h&m derbies good if you wear them like twice a year

i cant imagine that would be worthwhile, I always assumed $250 was the min for shoes

thom browne


not just for oldmen?

Should not be worn casually imo
Alden shoes are wide af at the ball of the foot and then taper. Looks like a fucking shovel which is fine with a suit but gross otherwise

I'd just go for churchs or trickers
Both are brands with great reputation, both produce high end mens footwear and most importantly, both focus on footwear so the quality should be top notch.

tricksters with danite soles are probably the #1

id also look at viberg and churchs

AE and alden are more what my normal shoes are, and imo they dont really belong in the grail tier


yang li senpai

any british made in UK brand.

also swiss brand Bally are underrated. They have some really dope derbies and oxfords.


I have a pair of vibergs that are amazing. Definitely would recommend a pair. Planning on getting paraboot later this year. Trickers are definitely great and alot cheaper on their own site so find a place to try them on and then order online. alden is nice, but its mostly the shell cordovans that are the best and they cost alot more. not to mention leather soles suck for anywhere other than indoors

In my experience of sizing based on usa made new balance:

viberg - full size down
trickers - half size down
alden - true to size or maybe half size down depending on last

I like my marni derbies a lot

But OP if you're looking for the longest lasting shoes just look around r/Goodyear welt. Aside from Guidi (792 best model) most 'fashion' shoe makers are going to use worse construction. Stay away from Churchs

Forgot pic

Tricker's Woodstock with a Dainite sole is GOAT. Fashion brands put more emphasis on aesthetics over quality.

Pick yer poison phamalam


Any inspo other than black on black?



gh bass and co

plus they're on sale atm for £80 uk price

I bought a middle price derby but it has lots of shrinkles in 1 month of use. in pictures i see most of them dont have that much of them. is there something i should know?

k maybe i fucked up with this message. i meant wrinkles

Get some leather lotion and a brush. Wipe your shoes down with a damp (not wet) rag, let them dry, then rub the lotion on, and brush it around, focusing on crevasses. If you want them to be shiny get some black polish too and polish after the lotion is dry

what's the best sole? commando, leather, rubber?

Anything but leather.

For everyday wear (ie not a formal Oxford) then I prefer buying a leather sole, then having a black rubber layer put on top by my cobbler. I have some Loake brogues with a Dainite sole too but they feel rather heavy when worn.

For proper formal shoes, anything other than straightforward leather is autismo maximus,

I just don't get Guidi

is it for like johnny depp type looks or pretending to be someone from another era?