Name Thread

New name thread because the other one just had hit the bump limit.

ITT: Rate the effayness of each other's names. Post their meaning if you can find it.

My name is Gabriel.
It means the Strength of god/ God is my strength/ Power of god.
If that doesn't allow me to go on crusades I don't know what would.


this is such dumb shit and i dont even know why the mods allowed it

like why are these threads reaching autosage for something not even about fashion

>inb4 we're rating the e-effayness of each others names

stop using Veeky Forums for something not related to fashion. fuck off

>Iorwerth (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈjɔrwɛrθ]) is a Welsh name, composed of two elements: iôr meaning "lord" and berth meaning "fair" or "handsome".[1]

sounds pretty effay to me

t. Gavin

My name is Robert. It means famed, bright; shining.

Not a very effay name

Isn't that a last name?
Sounds going to hogwarts tier.

Effay enough, but be sure to carry around the english boarding school attitude.

Probably a Humbert.


You sound like a Glenn

Colton, i was named after my dads Colt rifle he shot a coyote with the day my mom found out she was pregnant.

You should go full bear with that name.

Is this your dad.

Being a bear is not really in the cards for me.

t. 5'11" 145lbs

Close, needs to look more Albanian

Reminds me of bully for some reason.

5'11'' Is not short, don't listen to the internetlets.
But robert is pretty circus strongman-tier.

Just slap a yugo-war headband on him and a poorly pieced together AK with fake colt markings.


Kosova është shqip!

Leonardo Benjamìn
I won

I don't think I'm short, I just know I'm not really going to bulk up at all.


You can always change your name.

Too much work at this point.

My name is Omar. It means eloquent speaker and first born son.

I don't know if it's that effay

One of the non mud-tier muslim names.
Would gladly befriend an Omar.

Pretty effay as long as you look like an Omar


What does Omar look like?

Nathaniel. The most effay name there is.

A well groomed arab man in his mid to late 20s who drives a BMW, beard is short and well maintained.

Literally this. A worthwhile dark skinned fellow.

well fuck. im a lightskinned black guy who cant grow facial hair for shit.

brb killing myself

Lightskinned black dude is within the range.

I mean, close enough i guess.


Why tho.

>cant post my name here or ill get doxxed because mum thought she'd be original and giving me a gayass name no one in my country has, and no it isn't anything asian either


That is some fourth world shit right there

Julian, sounds pretty gay imo, but atleast it's effay I guess?

Same here. Mine resembles/includes a very common name though, but it has a nice little twist and they added a couple of letters to it at the end.

Every time I tell my name people are like: "what"? Or they just change it into something completely different or use some weird French pronunciation.

What a sick joke. What a tough world to live in.


Tino ;)


The name of a swarthy Mediterranean man who wears a jacket three sizes too small and drinks colorful cocktails and still gets laid every single time he goes to the bar.

I'm Devon
No, it's not "de-VON"
Pronounced like the English county

Tfw I'm a fat Atlantic side celtic northern spaniard skinhead who wears shirts 1 size too big because I am ashamed of my fatfuck body.
I drink beer, straight vodka and solid color shots that have stuff I would rather not know for the most part. I never get laid.

Devon pronounced correctly sounds bronx-like.

Do you feel a sexual attraction towards bread-covered avian-based, cooked in oil, food products?

Haha Im also retarded the you was from mobile to an user post because using other app and it wasnt a response to me, fuck. Tino is spot-on, though.
Im not named Tino, its just a nickname a guy named agustin I knew had.

Post name no one cares about you enough to dox.

>tfw my name is joe

Why did my parents have to give me the most average name?


apparently, it's one of the most hated names


I don't like it but it's not as bad as you guy's

>Vincent s derived from the Latin name Vincentius meaning "conquering" (from Latin "vincere" - "to conquer").

Female, name is Teddy.

it means driftwood. fucking driftwood.

My name is Olin


My name is adrian

it is mean adrian

My nam jef

Christian. Bully me.
Make it oilin and its better
Marlow is actually sick
Effay as fuck
Holy lord boring
Sure thats not too bad
Yeah is effay for sure
Fuck. Yes.
Omar don't scare. Effay.
Fuck yeah nice man, I have a Benjamin also.
Woo woo
Only ever known homosexual Roberts...


means lord of the house.

Christian is like the "nice guy" name

Never met a Christian that's an asshole


I'm Enzo. I think it means Lord/Kinf of the House too, as it's the Latin version of " Hendrick " .

These are effay IMO, even if Omar in French means " Lobster " ( it's not written the same way but does sound like it )


>mfw I never get a positive response

These threads are fucking stupid. Are you guys going to change your names or something?

Only if you are a namelet.