Favorite piece

What's your favorite piece you own? Jacket, shirt, sweater, shoes, pants, socks, whatever

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tobacco corduroy trucker jacket

whtie t-shirt from h&m



missed a button

unfortunately I did. its the only picture I have of the jacket and it was a 70s themed photo

rick blistered calf combats
drkshdw short level tee
damir doma longsleeve
adidas x barbour baradi jacket


what jacket is he wearing?


I have the exact same one and I'm willing to sell. Are you interested?

Either my Marlboro Bomber (pic not mine) or a pair of crocodile skin cowboy boots my old man got made in Thailand back in the 80's.

I have this sweater that has paint on the front and some on the sleeves. Some dude at the skate park was wearing it at 9 am then I left then came back at 12 am and he left it there so I took that shit.

can't decide between floral undercover shirt and floral dries bomber.


im interested

70s/80s Swiss army winter wool trousers
60s Bundeswehr ankle boots, all original parts, no new sole or anything, unused when I got them

ETQ delta white crocodile shoes
our legacy grey velour turtleneck sweater
a thrifted yellow checkered wool skirt





my reigning champ black crewneck sweatshirt. i got 3 so i can wear them every day and not have to do laundry all the time


I just posted it on grailed. My first listing on there.

the price might seem high but its lowest on grailed by quite a lot, I'll accept some low offers though if I think it is enough.

this oversized sweatshirt from asos

i ordered it in the largest size and cut the bottom hem off

it's comfy af I don't even give a shit about >muh asos

doesn't show up faggot. and you have done this various times. post a pic with a timestamp

where from?

why didn't that greentext work

>muh asos

pls no bully


i guess the moderation team has to approve it or something

Probably my coat from Sandro

underage b&

ebay, some company out of england makes them and sells them for about 50 USD. quality is on par with levis/ other midrange brands

boyyy dope coat but looks trash with that denim. cop some tapered blacked trousers or sumthin for those

I'm 23 oetlul

nice coat, but where are your lips, it's a mouth not an anus, no need to purse it that much

lmao why would someone spend time on this shit or even think it somehow looks good

Hello, newfriend!

I could wear this everyday in the winter

the > has to be at the start of the line
> works
... > doesn't


vetements trench coat



rlly nice... o.o


This desu. I know it's meant to be women's but fuck do I love it.


Dirty old Levi's sherpa made in USA

nee jij

goes well with my patches and telnyashka


Nice. Raglan shoulders been looking for an alternative to the SLP one.

You've got pretty much a gang of hypebeast money right there. What are you planning to buy after resale?

CE sweats are GOAT.

post fit



Red white and blue margiela paint splatters

heart eyes emoji

More yeezys of course

these custom mmm gats

those aren't custom
they are japanese exclusive mmm item some years back