W2C ?

Where to cop general

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Where can i find these shoes?

Id on these?

W2c these absolute flamers

I'm not giving up hope. w2c jacket?

W2c this jacket. Looks like corduroy

Looks like a shit Barbour jacket

A longsleeve tshirt with this type of look? or any effay ones really

Can't find these diadora's

a women's corduroy 505 Levi's or similar pls

Anybody know what this jacket is?

fila disruptor 2s

looks like any old sport brand softshell

Anyone know what those boots are?

W2c bb

why dont you ask him? what a fucking dumb post

w2c for Amerifag? Anything similar?

Bump for these

w2c sherpa jacket

vintage levis, on ebay etc

yes they are austrian meme boot
pants are HM before anyone asks

wrangler, levis
used is your best bet.

Please help

id on his shoes?

ID on his sweater?

ID on the girl

W2C, company website doesn't have it anymore. Want similar style doesn't have to be identical

Maybe because I don't know him personally + he didn't answer my DMs ?
If I may quote you, what a fucking dumb post.


Red Jacket on MR global dan in this vid, anyone point me to something similar?

was a limited edition omocat tee
it's gone now, was up a few months ago last i remembered.

id on this checkered top?

jesus crist is this guy a fucking gnome

Hey guys, I need this jacket or something very similar with a cool looking muffler inside.

Any opinions on where I can get it?


Supreme SS11

Fucking pinpoint accuracy mate, cheers.

still looking for a replica/knock off of the chain gang of roses hoodie

Where can I find a shirt like this for work in the UK, long, light and loose. Something that is long sleeve but is comfortable to wear with the sleeves up.

wtc these shoes

hey faggot

It's a gudetama t-shirt. Took me less than a minute of googling.

how about don't? rose designs on clothes are overplayed, and dead, especially embroidered ones. don't be a trend hopper.

Literally Naruto black shoes with red clouds

Adidas iniki
It was a joke buddy

w2c this jacket and pants like this?

Jacket on the left. Or even just what they're called, I can't remember the word in English.

bomber jacket w/ shearling trim

these shoes

As they are hard as shit to find and expensive as shit anyways I would settle with any homage piece that looks similar (or reps, but I already tried that).

>shearling trim
Thanks, I learned something new. The English word I was looking for was "lined". Like "wool lined" or "fur lined".

Look up Sunglasses with side shields.

jacket is a raw edge trenchcoat
probably old designer from the '80's or '90's
try etsy or ebay
pants are just surplus bdu pants

randolph engineering makes the og glacier goggles style
get those if you can


grey bomber like this w2c ?

Haven't been on here in like 3 years, what were those fake geobaskets called? Can you still buy them?

Basic bitch R us :p

I started playing Catherine recently and I have to say these characters are all pretty Veeky Forums. I fucking want a jacket like the one in this picture but I have no idea where I can find one with both this color and style.

w2c a similar jacket as in this pic? Obviously can't afford SLP so I guess just what type of jacket is this so I can look for one?

w2c stripe shirt like this dude isnt answering

you look like shit

why do niggers culturally appropriate everything?

why are white people so dumb that they cant read? Im asking what the shirt is you fucking idiot

Take your race baiting to /pol/ dumbass

Cool as fuck, managed to find one on a UK website, going to cop myself

Where can I find a hoodie similar to this one by fear of god?

w2c coat like this

from a waywt a few weeks ago (shirt)


he said thrift no one is gonna know the brand

What do you think of James Anderson

w2c a shorter fur parka that isn't yeezy?

looking for tech-ish shell, poncho or loose fishtail, the more functional the better

w2c polos like this? different colored collar to base color?

w2c bootleg sportswear shit like this that isn't marked way the fuck up by urban outfitters

Stuff like champion you can find at sears

yeah but sears champion shit doesn't have the fuccboi graphics

you just made my week sir. thank you so much.

W2c this fit

id on boots in pic?

id on boots in pic?

w2c pic related?

oyasumi punpun sweater

Buy a bathrobe and cut the bottom off

literally thrift lmao

shorts like this

don't want them to sit above my knees but they need to have a taper

This jacket or something similar. Everything I come across either has too large of a collar or doesn't have that triangle silhouette I'm looking for.

Is pic related ok for turbo femlet inverted bodyshape?
I know this is a "where" to cop and not "what" but I don't want to shit up the board with a new thread

A quality belt in the UK/EU

I'm in dire need

these pants?

w2c shirt and pants? I'm not expecting an i.d., but I'd appreciate any kind of suggestion.

Slim shirts of similar fabric

W2C GATs. Please. I'm in Asia. I can get it shipped to the US and have it from there if possible. But H2C?


30 bucks. Sign up for an account use the free trial period and get them for 26 instead


also use brsh1708 for free shipping enjoy

Dont really like OG gats I prefer my MM ones

w2c incantation entrapment of evil longsleeve shirt

What's the best way to cop a full black Adidas tracksuit in Canada for cheap? I wanna dress like a gopnik.

id on striped shirt?

Where to cop a north face puffer jacket?

idk maybe north face? just an idea tbqhwy

shiny cargo pants vaguely like these.
I'm a dude, would prefer longer ones to wear with boots and with more pockets i just like the material