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>make america thin again
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Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "Veeky Forums friends"


Not going to lie I'm a bit excited about getting these quints.

Maybe it's a good sign. I've been gaining weight, lads. I need to get back on track but I've been so hungry lately.

pls halp!:
How do I break the cycle? OMAD?
When I get hungry for snacks or tempted to overeat, are there any tricks you have? I remember one user saying go for a walk anytime you get hungry?

>those fat arms

t. armlet

drink water when youre hungry. also apples. they are low calories, very healthy and keep you full.

Thank you. I'm drinking lots of water. I just buckle when I get hungry, it's awful.

What about the sugar in apples?

I do keto + omad at the same time. Hunger is almost never an issue.

I drink a shitload of water at work.

I can't do that normally because it will raise red flags with family but I can do OMAD the rest of this week and through the weekend since alone. I do IF 16:8 normally but once I have lunch I get very hungry it sucks i need to get some control of myself

What's your usual calorie count?

It's good natural sugar not that Jew shit

Don't listen to this. This is mealcuck advice, not the "redpill" it thinks it is.

Biochemically, there is no difference between fructose in fruit and fructose in sugar. There are mitigating factors in whole fruit, including fibre, and fruits have lots of healthy attributes in small quantities, but if weight loss is the goal you want to reduce fruit consumption. In many ways fructose is worse than glucose, when it comes to fat storage. Fructose causes fatty liver. Fatty liver causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to higher insulin levels. Higher insulin levels drives fat storage.

Fruit should be eaten in very small quantities if your goal is weight loss.

Keep your diet very low in carbohydrates, avoid sugars, and keep eating windows tight (I wouldn't go beyond 16:8 IF, and would recommend OMAD).

mealcuck? is this what we've fucking degenerated to?

im going on a diet of only Drinking protein shakes for a week. opinions?


Giving good advice is a degeneration? Seems to be a slight improvement over recommending fructose bombs.

Uh nasty you're going to destroy your gut . Excess protein just get converted to glucose you need to balance ur macros

Sounds pretty dumb. Why not just fast for three or four days?

This is when I normally order my food for lunch. I'm trying to do OMAD today. Man I'm hungry.

why would fasting for three days be better than consuming lots of protein with little calories for three days

More hunger despite eating more calories (very little instead of none is often worse in that respect), insulin response from too much protein. You can either have a steady supply of energy from your fat stores, or keep fucking it up with protein shakes which will leave you tired and hungry.

I made food just now.
General tsao stirfry.
General tsao sauce
Red potatoes
Water chestnuts
Chili beans
Red peppers

Psych has me cooking now to get my calories up since I was passing out and my organs were hurting all the time.

discord link
it better fucking work cause it will only generate temp invites now

>tricked me again

Nice get.

It's youth that made her look good. Not being "thicc".
If she gained weight now she'd still look like a corpse.

Thank you. How's your progress coming along?

uggh. this one is 24h then

Decided to get serious about my weight loss again. Lost 2 pounds in 2 days. I realise that that's probably water weight but it's still nice because I haven't seen my weight decrease since May.

How's yours?

She looks like a corpse now because she ISN'T thicc.

Also decided to get serious. IF until 2:30 today for lunch, now trying to fight off cravings for a snack since didn't eat very much at lunch.

What kind of diet/mealplan/lack-of-mealplan are you doing?

No I mean it's another dead discord with no activity or useful information. Why not just use the thread?

oh. idk, it is inspiring sometimes to have people watch and care about your progress. Apart from IFing i dont know if there is any information to know

Just use the thread. That shit is so slow might as well be a thread, plus keeps this more active.

I'm not even purposely trying to lose weight at this point, but I lost a little because of circumstances and I feel pretty weak lately. When I read posts on here I wonder why I feel so bad though, in comparison I seem be eating a shitload of food and I am not on any kind of diet.

Why throw away health just to look good.

You don't have to throw away health dumbfuck

Nobody will believe me but the best diet is fruit juice, fruits, low fat milk, etc... carbs and protein.

>Malnutrition to lose weight is healty

Most aren't doing that.

And NEVER overeat. Don't go hungry but never binge, and eat less cooking oil.


You don't even look good unless where born with it.



I drop by this thread every once in a while and as a skelly I can easily say that most are doing that.

You're right: I don't believe you. The best diet is a lot of veggies and a small to moderate amount of unprocessed lean meats.

are most people able to achieve the hollow cheek look? i'm about 25 BMI and can already see definition of cheeks and theres a slight inward dent, this is a good sign yes?

do your hobby to distract from it
focus on effay
drink liquids to fill you up
don't even think about the intake of calories through a medium that is edible

Would like to lose another 3-5 kg. And yes my ribs do look strangely pointy on one side.

I'm skinny, I love the way my facial aesthetics have improved, I barely recognize myself in the mirror. But I'm really hungry I miss food man

a bit too skinny my dude

I think it is just when you lay down though, because my BMI is 18.4 at the moment.

Do you have any advice?

Bad idea just do IM
How to get hollow cheeks, especially under cheekbones
Any supplements or diuretics?

almost fell for the Veeky Forums meme today. thank god this thread came just in time.

you could either be a scrawny fag who will attract gay pedophiles or you could have a body to enhance your personality 3 fold. A toned defined body of a greek god that women will actually want.

Hello, remember to stay hydrated and to be healthy in body a mind. Have a nice day.



Keeping my body in ketosis with 1100 calories a day while working is making the fat fly off my fucking body.

Only the fat too not muscle too much.

Lots of water, low body fat, little to no salt intakte and to some degree genetics. Not much else


So it's gotta be low calorie, minimally processed, no added oil, low sodium foods?

By low sodium do people mean like only 50% of sodium intake or is it less?

What else? I have to have a low protein diet too so I'm limited to sauteed, steamed, baked and stewed vegetables and grains (I don't eat fruits much, nutritionally speaking vegetables are just superior imo)

Also I feel off again and ate near 1500 Cal :-( I just need that sweet spot of 800-1100 because I'm 5'11" and I think near 190 still (no scale in over a month so I dunno)

6,0 167-158 in two and a halfweeks 6 pounds was waterweight. Continuing till 140.

The initial part will make you feel like dieing due to quitting the sugar addiction and carbs but then you'll feel amazing and start running off your fat storag once you start entering ketosis. I reccomend organic fats and meats highly.

what would you guys estimate gandy's BMI/BF% at?

I'm about to go on a weekend trip with about 20 family/friends and we are all going out to eat and doing a bar crawl... I told myself to just relax and enjoy it but I'm kind of dreading it too.


the fuck is that clown wearing?

the thinspo,from waay back..

advice for a lazy fuck that lives far away from any gyms and parks and hates exercise.

I'm skinnyfat. will my diet cut through?

post your nightmare body

My ribs do the same thing, I also have elbows that are super pointy on the sides

About what exactly?

yes, it is still sugar but the fiber in the apples negates most of the negative effects of this. It is not equivalent to eating straight sugar. Apples are, for the most part, healthy. Just eat like one or maybe two a day.

apple body type/ascitis

What if you were asexual?

Wonder what BMI this would be

How much more should I lose?

Aren't you adderal/meth-user from ?

yeah? how much do i need to lose senpai i need to stock up on the meth

you're going to end up fucked up in the long run.
and i can't help you if you don't give stats.
plus fasting normally v. on fucking meth is very different.

I'm already fucked up, I just don't have anything to lose anymore

are you gonna give stats or not senpai

no bully me im a smurf

If anyone on this thread is a straight male go get fit instead, THINSPO IS DEAD MEME. Women please ignore this post. Sad that people buy into the "high fashion" runway model skeleton body, rather than improving their health and looks with a substantial diet and exercise regimen.

This is coming from someone who in 2013 came to fa, got skinny and got signed by modeling agencies. I have since learned that people find me more attractive as a man not a jellyfish.

I'm the same height, don't worry.
You could lose a few more kg but it's fine. Tone your abdomen and you'll be fine.

Good thing /thinspo/ is somehow less fucking insecure and autistic than Veeky Forums so many of us are thinn for ourselves and not for women. Good job outing yourself as a tryhard beta faggot. I do things for what I find pleasing, and you know what: that is much more important for women than muscles (unless you want a common whore).

peating ? not very suitable for fat loss/getting underweight

Soooo lethargic ... are energy drinks ok when on an extreme caloric restriction diet?

no matter how hard I try I just can't get rid of this fucking gut

Pls dont post your fat lard ass body on a thread dedicated to THINspo.


Its fashion.

You wouldn't understand

go to bed, auntie

Get outta here fatty

Help me Veeky Forums I'm a fat fuck who wants to thinspo but i don't know where to begin/how to go about it ;c

stop eating

w2c eating disorder

1. Calculate your tdee
2. Instal an app to count the calories you eat
3. Make sure to eat less calories than your tdee. You will lose weight faster or slowly accordingly to the caloric deficit you choose.

You can find the links in the FAQ of this thread.

At Veeky Forums.