Are raves effay? Any effay clothes to wear to a rave?

Are raves effay? Any effay clothes to wear to a rave?

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ones like that pic are. going to EDC witha bunch of neon dressed basic ass college frat/sorority kids is not

Be sure to take lots of ketamine.

Lol I'm in a frat and going to edc

You can enjoy both outdoor music festivals and actual raves, don't be a grandad.

Get some taste my friend

No. But if you're going to a rave wear full rick

yes it is. wear shit you wont be afraid to fuck up and dance in, dont be a sissy. people there have great taste, so dress nice but feel free to be fucking experimentative.

rave are for faggots who don't take showers for months.

Only hardcore my dude
Adidas tracksuits and light shoes for maximum speed

That doesn't mean it's effay.

>do ketamine
>go to get food
>be there for 20 years
>check watch when I get out
>it's actually only been 15 minutes
fucking ketamine

>do xtc
>be there for 20 minutes
>check my phone
>already at home in bed

fucking drugs

Time for some inspo





if youre there for the music and not dancing, wear all black or nerdcore.

if youre a basic white girl wear nike am and 3m.

all routined girls wear pants.

wear light pants, wear a tshirt (dont layer you retard), wear some good kicks and maybe a SMALL bag (dont fucking take up 2 dancing places)

swedish/german/polish perspective

Which polish raves have you been to?

I doubt they exactly had names, I was invited by a polish friend (I was a one-month tourist). in 3 city and krakow, though.

pic is literally irish rave/techno scene


is that phonox?

nice pic angle lol

Fuck raves, free party is the shit.

You can dress up with military cargo pants and black tees with some tekno stuff printed on it and get pretty much any girl. It's quite useful as well in order to keep all you'll need for 20+ hours in your pockets.

>Adidas tracksuits
Doesn't work if you have dark hair here, people will just assume you're an arab who's just there to sell cut coke and rape girls who're too high on mdma.

I once somehow stumbled upon a video of that guy and his friends drinking goofing off near a pool on youtube. Must've been shot before his "career" took off.

found it

WHat do dudes wear to raves? Or clubs for that matter



only European/UK raves are effay

vintage windbreaker + ketamine and *pic related

Any good raves around Dublin?

Goes without saying. Rave bros are not very Veeky Forums at all. I'm going to Europe soon and the scene seems pretty cool so I'd like to go to some raves



not directly rave related but just something to note for concerts in general

i went to a really fantastic noise punk show in LA last weekend

there we quite a few really fantastically good full commitment goth/club kid/drag type fits and it was probably one of the most quality fashionable crowds i've ever been in

all i wore was some jeans, one of the tees from my brand tucked in, and air max plus, nothing too crazy but not really that "good" either

but the point of this is that everybody who was wearing layers or platform boots or shit *didn't actually dance* or appear to have fun, and definitely didn't go into the mosh pit. the mosh pit was pretty much all guys wearing the same shit as i was

now there's usually no moshing at a fucking rave so it's usually a little easier but

but don't try too hard with your fit or wear something you aren't willing to get dirty in or don't feel comfortable wearing, having fun should be more important than looking cool

for a rave i'd say wear a tracksuit and athletic sneakers & remember to drink lots of water :)

fuck ketamine my guy
>cant wait to do it again

Fucking hate balloons they do fuck all

good rave:
most people wearing all black
berlin or detroit influenced dj
minimalist doesn't go above 160
good low end sound system
more people on ketamine and ghb
ecstasy is acceptable if the dj is rare, but if it's no one particularly famous and people are rolling without knowing who they are it's bad
lower cost clothing
goes until the next day
in an abandoned warehouse or underpass

bad rave:
no one knows the dj
bright clothing
muscular str8 guys
fewer people of color
gabber/happy hardcore exclusively being played
not exclusive
expensive drinks

In France we have exclusively gabber free parties where most people use ket instead of xtc and where the ambience is quite nice.

For instance :

w2c pants

damn how much I hate this useless "clubbing scene" made by faglords with no actual interest in electronic music


>tfw """raves""" in my city are full of faggy PLUR kids and std ridden whores

I wish they were like the techno ones in Europe

id on socks?

Gosha dummy

I don't get what you're trying to say

KC? That's the fucking scene here they're a plague to be avoided spouting their pretentious filth to others, fuck them bitches

raves, literally anything. no one will give a fuck anyway. I usualy go beater shoes/black cargo pants (lots of pockets, no need for huge bag) then a black tshirt and a small backpack with jacket/windbreaker/hoodie for the early hours, a bottle of water and a fruit or something

if youre straight dont go to raves thankyouuu

everyone's a little gay after some disco fruit



Hahaha what, if you're some twink faggot dont make eye contact with me ty

yea this is the same for UK too

>fewer people of colour

Raves are only good if there is a 50/50 split of whites/blacks. Weird

>Happy hardcore exclusive
depends where you are, 80s free parties were exclusive and are arguably the best ones to have happened in the UK.

Besides that user has got it all right

90% of straight people at raves are assholes. they dress like shit, dance like shit and feel the need to occupy tons of space. and they stare at, bump into and make all my girlfriends feel uncomfortable.

Im only there to enjoy my drugs and dance. I rarely care about your girlfriends and if i do theres nothing you can do about that. Also not there to impress judging faggots like you with my fits or dance moves.

>Im only there to enjoy my drugs and dance
So am I (if you add music to the list), but you hitting on girls is preventing them from enjoying those same things

>straight people are the only ones who flirt at clubs

the only time ive ever had problems at a club is when some fag tried to squeeze my dick at a queer night

Who cares. Girls dont deserve to enjoy things.

everything I've seen from American raves screams no, they're not Veeky Forums.

Is that felicity jones with the red skirt

Raves here just have a lot of laughing gas balloons, it's pretty lame

Where can you actually find decent raves in America? I'm familiar with the New York and west coast scenes, but I'm stuck in the midwest. I've heard a few good artists from Texas, but I don't really know what kind of scene is going on there.

Damn man at first i got the impression you were some gay twink with shitty attitude. Now im pretty sure u're just a whiteknight who pretends to be bi just to get female attention.
Also you think girls dont want to get hit on? Man its really time to revaluate some shit in ur life

you couldnt be more wrong

nice cxema awsome party
I got to know some of the guys orchestrating it they're pretty much all gosha clones

cxema is most definatly effay

fucking newfag

spend your time doing better things

Opium, Hangar, District 8...Not living there anymore, can't remember it all. Had a great time doing mdma last year in Glendalough