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10/10 fashionable women thread: "don't argue. just post" edition

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Fucking garbage taste

There's already a thread up


Nothing beats a conservatively dressed woman.
pic related

>effay females thread



not much better


ウハラ is perfect

It's been love since the first album

that shoop

You all have shit taste

there is no such thing

Yeah, that flag is effay as fuck.

leave this to me

What's it like to sniff your own farts

Has she gotten BLACKED yet?


lmao nice

who's this and where can i see more of her??

is this hila?


>bon jovi


>forever 21 outfit
> Veeky Forums...



my girlfriend




she will never get blacked

This bitch seemed like she was gonna be Veeky Forums a few years ago when she first popped up with Natalie Portman vibes but she dresses like lil debbie now. She completely ruined her aesthetic

is just another diminutive looking, average asian, you yellow fever pos

nordo master race much more striking

hey this is weird why did you save my photo

By far the best

shes russian

You got shit taste





>You know Makoto...we are the same you and I
>You went with the White Pants Clan and I with the Black Skirt Clan, forever we were enemies
>Then we discovered through our many vicious battles... we both enjoy white shoes
>There is no good or evil in fashion, let us join forces and together rule Japan Fashion Square forever!

some high grade autism right here

What is the original?


Very Korean, me likes

she mad purdy my dude

That's a very Chinese fit
Those earrings, that neckline, them colors

Anyone would know how that kind of dress is called?

Yes, my opinion is definitely based on my yellow fever, and not her constant stream of outfit posts and stories on her instagram for the past several years.

This Russian model is much better. I mean just look at her white hair. Purekinowoman/10

wow how unique


>body like a fridge
get the fuck on the treadmill

Nice hips

"have you heard of the high elves?"

Bumping for interest

it's a shirtdress, everyone

can we just discuss some of the finer points of distinction between chinese, japanese and korean vaginas?

not on /fa
surely you'll find some other place

Ty homie

Are there actually any girls here? Who do you use as inspiration?

Please don't say Bella Hadid

Let me guess... You're a burger.



rebel chicks and revolutionaries are my favorite

get out


I love Rooney Mara's street style-- kinda cleaned up Lisbeth Salander?

I think she really shows how necessary thin is as underpinning to good minimalist looks


Yes. Depends. There are good albums on reddit. Mostly I pick outfits I like in movies/tv/street and try to reenact it.
These days I'm ogling Indian fusion, westernised Indian clothes or whatever you call it.

Gross slag. 2/10




She's really hot user, lucky nigger

also *Chinese


i dig this

Disregard the 80s concert dress, hair is what's on point.





K stew is the shia of women.


Does liking lesbians make me kind of gay for appreciating her male qualities?


You know she had sex with that cringey director for a role right. Shes trash

But...but... annie clark

Retarded or decent?

I'm jelly as fuck, my last gf had the same body type

It's strange that she always sticks her chin out in photos

Both of them look retarded.

Beautiful face and hair and a Veeky Forums body, but her fits are high school-tier.



right is really cool, left is autistic cancer

yes !

>swearing in your profile

I'm astonished someone can be this low class.

this looks just like my friend
who is this?