Feminine Silhouettes

Every time I see female fashion here, it's all androgynous and boxy. ITT we appreciate distinctly feminine fashion.

Men, do you like this type of look? Ladies, how about you?




I really, really love tights. Idk how men feel about them, so if anyone wants to enlighten me, feel free.


Are scalloped skirts effay?



feminine fits can be nice but so much of the time they look tacky because beta bitches wear them to look soft and cute

i think this person is correct

These r garbage indie pop / vint hipster fits please

Elegance is so key for feminine fits to work


The ones you quoted are great.
The pic you posted is snobby shit.

Fuck off.

Ya, they're great if you're 14 .
Just looking cute is a crutch. Femininity is elegant, cute, hot, mysterious, fun, intelligent, witty.
All those fits lack depth and assertiveness. Come follow me lil bird I'll teach u

truer words have never been written.

>beta bitches

That's a good thing for women, though.



>Men, do you like this type of look?
No. The more you can make yourself look like a cute twink, the better.

Are you an American? I've noticed Americans seem to have this weird thing with tights where they're like a "thing".

Who cares if men like tights or not. They're a functional piece of clothing you'd wear when your legs would get chilly otherwise. It's like asking how guys feel about wearing socks so your shoes don't rub or a coat because it's cold.

I prefer feminine looking stuff that is elegant but kind of bitchy? IDK the right word for it, but like how Betty draper in Mad Men never looked "cute", she always looked like a ice cold cunt. I like feminine look from any era as long as it has that look to it.

I hate everything about this picture. It looks like she raided a 25¢ tub at a Goodwill.

I'm 5'3". I cannot wear those long skirts like in your pic without looking like a dwarf. Give me you fashion advice.


attitude has more to do with the wearer rather than the attire


these are man hands

Well I guess I found out what my favorite types of female outfits are now. Thanks Veeky Forums

Wear skirts that fit that properly fit snug at your waist or high-waisted. Try petite sizes if available.

I personally like to wear things that makes me look really girlish, although I can't pull it off really well because with my rather not curvy body and quite androgynous face (at least according to people who say that I look like a trap/young boy) I will never be as feminine as I want

elegance is good when women are tall, older, mature looking, thin but curvy, with a specific features. If you are not perfect for elegant clothes you just look silly wearing them around. Stuff that OP posted are pretty much good for girls of different body types and ages

But women are naturally more submissive and emotional, unless you talk about black women, but you didn't post a picture of one


OP posted straight up granny core.
This trend died down for a reason. There's only so much lace, pattern, knit, and oxfords you can pile on before it just looks like you are trying to wear a costume.

I'm female but my body looks more like a guy's body so I wouldn't be able to pull that off anyway.

I personally love the feminine girly look. That's all I ever wear. However..I wanna start wearing a bit more..edgy feminine clothing too (it gets a bit boring wearing the same girly clothes everyday). What are some feminine/edgy fashion looks that don't look too adrognymous?

Search for the term "Twee"

To be honest the only time I saw this kind of clothes was in pictures, never irl, so I'm not even sure if that was a thing outside of Japan, although I agree that if you overdo this kind of stuff it doesn't look cute or gentle, just awkward

that picture is garbage

Keep wearing em, I wish more fems wore them in florida, even though the heat is aids.

these candy cotton fits aren't inspiring in any way
you can look feminine without drowning in pink sticky shit.

Pastel colours are the best if you want to go for "innocent, young and feminine" look, which is what a lot of girls want

w2c fit and tall black qt on right?


>those fatasses in the back

pic ruined

What are you talking about?

I like this style, very cute

this is shit and girls who wear it look like meek boring housewives only a male who lacks confidence would like
try badass instead

You really can't be feminine and badass.

pls return to whatever century you came from with your outdated view of femininity


Prove me wrong with pictures, the one you posted can be discribed as "shit and girls who wear it look like meek boring housewives only a male who lacks confidence would like".

Pencil skirts are hotter than any slutty dress

Asian sites often have more traditionally feminine clothes that are still minimalistic as they don't follow the seasonal trends like European and American mainstream fashion does. They have also more classical items, like wool coats, heeled boots, blouses, etc.

They stink

I like dresses that are very feminine. You can wear those with oversized jackets, casual boots and boho or viking inspired hair and alternative or neutral makeup if you don't want prom look. There are also everyday dresses that are very feminine, especially previous seasons or slightly used ones on ebay.

I sure could try but apparently our definition of what is feminine and what is badass differ. I think those Ivy League cuties are pretty badass as are these bad bitches

Punk/gothic fashion has often really feminine silhouettes. Allsaints, Religion Clothing on ebay and if you have more money, then Vivienne Westwood like this one. Dollskill has lots of gothic dresses.

That's not different definitions, it's wishfull thinking.
OP's stuff may not be all that great but at least it's not pretending to be something else.

70s fashion like Free People

How being feminine and badass aren't compatible exactly?

Cute definitively, but somewhat old-timely at worst it fits her well though nice summer/spring look.
Try hard little school-girl look.
It's-going-to-be-autum-soon-enough look, still cute though.
It gives a self-made look to it, at worst it looks like a grandmother has knitted it for you, just like her table cloths.
Colours don't match at all, looks a bit kiddo's first colouring book style to me.
Classic nerdy style.
This is nice
Perfect for coldweather.
Alternative fit for the classic red on green.
The seethrough doesn't really work here, it stands out too much.
The: I-put-something-on-my-body-dress.
Please no.
Eastern Classy.
The: Nobody wears this outside of the photoshoot.
>I got into fashion lately.

Because you can't be a little cute delicate badass.

y not?



Thoughness and delicacy are polar opposites, cuteness undermines commanding presence.
It's pretty easy to undersand.

Is there a book/guide that explores these concepts even further?

Being purposefully daft doesn't help your point at all.

Ah, you're fucker.jpeg
Nah man, I want to know more on this subject.
Are there any sources for me to learn more from?
Do you have more information for me?
Where did you get it from?



Why see through to the point of seeing one's underwear?
Just silly.
Awesome yet feminine.


I personally don't understand what is the deal with seeing underwear. If it otherwise suits, why is this so controversial? Seeing bikini is ok, but underwear somehow unsuitable.

It isn't controversial in this case, it just doesn't make sense.
One has a beautiful dress, yet you fully see the underwear.
Where's the focus? Underwear or dress?
It's fine if the underwear shows barely little enough to accentuate the dress lightly, but here it's just both at 11.
There's no distinction, nobody want's to wear this going downtown without trying to make a statement.
>Seeing bikini is ok, but underwear somehow unsuitable.
Bikini is for the warm beach environment, typically thicker and more covering in cloth than underwear, and underwear is more for you and his/her eyes only.
Thus it's understandable that you keep that more for the private moods, opposed to the beach-wear.

Maybe the dress wasn't the best example and you can wear something else under it. But if she wore the entire dress made of the same lace material and no underwear at all, it would be ok. Like bodysuits are ok to wear, if they don't look too much like underwear but there is no clear border.

Interesting, do you have examples?
I would like to know more please.

>emphasizing your feminine
>no intent to bear children

what's even the point of advertising those wide hips and fat tits then?
you only do this because you like playing the social game and need to assert your identity solely based on your gender.
Utilitarian, sculptural, or androgynous fashion is the asexual future.
you're just a cunt.

Not transparent enough

This kind of feminine fashion always looks cheap, like they just bought it off Aliexpress.

>Colours don't match at all
...What colors?

>twee bullshit

Fuck off to 2012 tumblr



I'm not trying to argue over semantics , where is any of what you listed in the definition of elegant?
You can be a short ugly whale and manage to put together an elegant ensemble, and even more importantly, wear it with poise and grace.
The pics OP posted are literally a disservice to any body type.

oh wow, another female fashion thread.filled with uninspired fits
do you people even pay attention to high fashion, or whatever just looks cool that pops up in your pintrest?

It doesn't matter what the definition of "elegant" says, he's right.

If you haven't got the poise, body type or look to pull off "elegant" clothes you look silly in them, and look like you're wearing a costume rather than an outfit.
Body, attitude, looks all play a part in whether an outfit works. Think putting a fat guy in that blue shirt and green trousers Ryan Gosling wears on that picture of him with Steve carrell will give off the same impression? (And no the face swapped version doesn't count because it's still Ryan Goslings body and posture. Face is less important than that).

Different looks suit different people, and forcing a girl who doesn't have the attitude or look for something won't make her look elegant.

>Men, do you like this type of look?
I would lick her twat if you know what I mean.
Would marry \ 10.

Sorry I meant.


What is it with /r9k/ and /pol/ posters obsessing over girls like that?

girls with no personality but who would like to appear like the invested time into being a better "alternative" to the blonde "bimbo" wear this kind of clothes

penis in girl????

That's just what you tell yourself so you can feel superior about your shitty purchases that nobody takes notice of.

my purchases are timeless minimal pieces and don't look like my grandmas cheap curtains that someone blindly sew together, so the shit doesn't even fit right. And when you're good looking there's no need to wear attention causing fashion to get the attention anyway

I think Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe wore some great feminine silhouettes, those posted here are truly cringeworthy

Exactly what I mean

I am a girl and my body is too petite to wear a lot of elegant clothes, because even though I am tall, my waist, butt and breasts will just ruin the "I'm trying to look like a woman" effect, the same with my childish face. The only way I can do that is by mixing cute with elegant

You sound very unpleasant