Question about shoes and outerwear & other questions that don't fit in a separate thread

So,fall is coming up and I need some help on what shoes should I buy.
I have 3 jeans (one black and two denims) and that's pretty much it but i could buy more if i wanted to.
I also plan on buying a bomber jacket(in black or camel) for hotter days and I have a leather jacket too.
Yeah also I have jumpers and plan on buying some flannels so i don't need help with that.
I listen to punk,metal,and shiet so that might give you some direction on what to reccomend.
So to end this my final question is reccomendation on some shoes that I can wear while it's raining.
will add some random inspo pics to bump this thread l8r




that's it i hope it bumps the thread enough

Black adidas samba/gazelle. Any black or white retro type trainer would do. Maybe docs/ or any boot type?

As for your second photo. That's been a huge inspo for me aswell. I got myself a pair of these (pic)


stop posting this trash image


Cheap stuff from Zalando, Eurofag btw.

yeah i like shoes similar to adidas samba/gazelle but will it look okay with the leather jacket?

Can be pulled off, depends on what your jacket looks like honestly. Not the best photo but this is what i had on my comp. Black on black is always good.

yeah it kinda looks like the jacket that guy has

Well in that case id buy a pair of black adidas. Goodluck buddy

btw i have something like this,except the red thing is white and i have a red line on that white thingy (google translate says it's called sole)

I get what you mean, a small line on the sole of the shoe. If you have these why not try that first with the jacket so you get an idea of the look. If you like it then you could get adidas for instance.

These reeboks are quite nice actually. What do you think of these? (Nike Cortez)

yeah i guess i'll try with the reeboks first.
And I don't like the type of that shoe,for me it looks like that one type of dog (pic related).If the end looked different the shoe would look decent

Just copped these


not bad,what will you wear with them?

actually that's a good question, the best option is obviously some techwear/cargo pants, but i'm actually trying a way to make them work in non full techwear fits, that would be quite original

well that can look good if you pull it of right,if you don't then :////

op here,would it be stupid if i buy shoes to look good with the bomber jacket,and buy boots to wear them with the leather jacket?
I mean those two styles look different so idk

Just ordered my first non black/white sneaker ever. Thought I'd go with a basic simple colorway for the fall.

Same guy that was telling you about the adidas trainers. What about converse?

Yeah totaly, but it's by making mistakes that you somehow find the best way to pull something of ;)

I was thinking maybe this type of cropped jeans but in black could work in a certain way, but that's not going to be easy

>basic simple colorway
Beautfiul trainers but hard to work with in a outfit.

i don't like non black/white sneakers but that color is nice,good buy

converse is nice also,especially in that pic
also what's ur opinion on the question i asked in also you can tuck them in (if they are longer) but personally i like the way you said

really good choice, just wear it with a basic colored outfit and it'll do a nice job

Converse / Adidas can go with a bomber and leather jacket. Trust me, i wear bomber jackets and adidas all the time.

nah as i said my worries are not about adidas/converse going with bombers,i can pull that off,my problem is if they go with the leather jacket but as i said in ill try with the shoes i got

I ordered these this morning because they were cheap, and now I'm regretting it.

How dad core do they look?

kek,where i live it's more hooligan core than dad core


Ah sorry misread it.

These are okay. Not the best but i suppose you could make good fits with these. I like em better all white for some reason

this fucking dog is so spot on

the bright brown/orange color makes it look like you stepped on a fresh pile of dog shit