Post em

Post em

Also, 1 or 2?

I buy girls backpacks more often ebcause they are cuter than the boring guy backpacks(or rather I find the backpacks I prefer in the chick section most of the time).
Anyone else?

1 looks nicer but 2 will go with more clothing.
I own 2 myself. I white like it.



Where is it from? I have been looking for a new backpack.

From everlane.

No because when it comes to backpacks I like my shit to be tacticool not fashionable as I am carrying a lot of tech shit


Thanks senpai.

>Post em
MJ has some incredibly satisfying patterns. Would recommend for what you want. Pic related
>tacticool not fashionable
Lol. Almost all techwear bags I see look good only in heavily staged photos or on display. I've never seen one in daily life that looks nice

best selection in this thread, prove otherwise

>quite like it

i have this backpack in olive and i like it a lot. not the best bag but it looks good, holds enough shit for college and wasn't too expensive. it's basically a canvas sack though, keep in mind there's not a lot of padding if you're gonna have a laptop in there. personally i think #1 looks better but if you wear a lot of black i would go with #2

Just got this yesterday

Also 2

pic related is my daily for school

everlane reddit mfa recomended bag /sage

As someone who owns the black one. It will attract lint like no other piece of clothing/accessory you own. It is absurd and I would not recommend getting it.

what are the best/coolest black backpacks that aren't wildly expensive. My old backpack is finally dying after 6 years of abuse

I have the blue one and my sister has the gray one.

I get compliments on my Blue backpack, but the gray is more versatile.

What are you using your bag for, mate? Like what do you carry on a daily basis? Do you live in raining/winter conditions?

ive been using a marmot one, and i carry textbook(s), notebook, laptop, and some pens/pencils usually. I live in New England so we get a decent amount of rain and decently rough winters, depending on what your standards are

i have the darker grey one, it feels very well made and i feel i could use it for many more years (used it for one school year)

it survived very rough treatment and a couple spills from retarded peers (it's waterproof) and it's spacious enough for all my school stuff.

choose what would match your style, personally i like 2