Alright, guys. Hear me out. Is it currently possible to rock this look again? Trench coat, fedora and all...

alright, guys. Hear me out. Is it currently possible to rock this look again? Trench coat, fedora and all. I've been getting way too in to noir movies lately and I've been eyeing a double breasted trench coat and a vintage fedora. Talk me in or out of it

Trench coat is okay but it has to be a contemporary cut, chances are you're way too young to pull of a brimmed hat.

fedoras are a no go. But I was thinking, what if you combined it with an aviator hat?

The hat wouldn't be everyday wear, obviously. Neither would the coat for that matter. trench coats are just nice rain coats and I'd wear it accordingly.

Oh boy, here we go.

>not Soviet Ushanka

The hat is what's scaring me here. I'm 25 and look like a grown ass man, but I don't know if I can pull off an actual vintage fedora. Not that neckbeard trilby bullshit. I'm pretty much sold on the coat though

It doesn't matter what variation, brimmed hats are fucked. You'll look you stepped out of the 1950s in the worst kind of way

too puffy and fuzzy for my tastes

this particular trench coat is gay as fuck. get a cool one like mine

desu I think I'm gonna go through with it and try the whole thing out as a halloween costume and probably never wear it again. In the past day, I've watched like 18 hours of noir movies and it's rotting my brain

i doubt you would be able to do it and not look retarded. Depends on your location and how grown up you think you look. I don't think an old man who used to rock the look would be able to rock it now. It would just make you stand out too much and not in a good way. The coat is fine

>What are you looking at, STALKER?

I recognize I need a hat that shows my face, that's why I think I'll cop this aviator

I've been a homicide detective for two years in Florida and my partner is an older guy that's 62 and he fucking kills the trench coat look. he only wears it in winter because of how hot it gets down here

>3 hole balaclava
nah nigga

Why do you want emulate the sad sacks that are the anti-heros of film noir?

what non-fedora headgear would you recommend?

because I think that look is fresh as fuck. it's got a certain disheveled elegance to it

A fucking toque like a normal person. You can add a neck gaiter if it's really that cold.

Sometimes when I ski, mostly when below -20C, i wear a 1-hole balaclava. People also really seem to like pic related. Personaly I don't like how they fit/look, but they're super popular.

3-holes are clumsy, don't let you breath well, will fog up your glasses, look weird and are immediately associated with crime by everyone. I know that they look 'badass' and make you feel like a cool special op's dude, but they are kinda cringe.

Also what fucking look are you going for with a trenchcoat and a 3-hole balaclava? Those are on opposite ends of the spectrum, one is riot-core and one is *tips*-core. Literally anything is more acceptable with a trenchcoat than a balaclava.

I was skating on a canal... it was cold and windy, is my excuse. Anyways I think a leather aviator hat like could be cool, thoughts?

fuck those guys. The trench coat balaclava combo is Cheeki as fuck. Keep it up

I think you fundamentally misunderstand the point of these characters. They're the most despicable, vile, soulless people on the planet. They are totally numb to everything but sex, which usually ends up being their unraveling (see: spider woman). Even then their love is not a pure, passionate love, it's a selfish, rotten love which will never last (despite the often happy tone of the ending). I hope I'm not being too rude, it's just that these movies are some of the truest explorations of the human condition, and looking at them as "wow cool suit bro" is watching these movies through the right lens.

>we noir critique now
dude likes the outfit and for good reason. why can't bad people have good fashion sense exactly?

I guess there's nothing inherently wrong. Personally I find the characters despicable and have no desire to look like them.

Maybe watch two or three Bogart pictures besides casablanca?

out of those 18 hours which films would you recommend?

>watching more than 1 film a day

Not him but the best noirs are:
Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep
Third Man
Touch of Evil
In a Lonely Place

thanks user i'm gonna go watch all of these in the same day

Looks like animeshit

Aren't you the detective that's been schtuppen that German broad?

Took a pic of this old gentleman a little while ago

Don't forget Farewell, My Lovely. 1975, much past the golden age of noir, but set in the 1940s.

This guy is on the right track.

The trenchcoat: In the 1940s and 50s, where these movies are mostly set, the trench coat was cheap WWI surplus. The characters are the opposite of dressing fancy. Military surplus has always been the cheap option for well-made stuff.

The fedora: From about 1920 to 1960, was the default hat that most men just threw on to go outdoors, regardless of how else they were dressed. It's a classic design that you might want to wear when the weather demands it. Fuck fashion.

Under the trenchcoat: Anyone who was not a manual laborer wore a suit and tie with oxfords whenever they weren't just lying around at home. There was nothing fancy about a suit. The classes were distinguished by the quality of the suit.

The detectives in these stories were working class, streetwise dudes who just didn't happen to do manual labor, ordinarily.

I don't want to start a new thread, so I'll detail this one. How do I get the aesthetics of a WW1 veteran? I wanna look like some freikorps mother fucker. I have a somewhat beat up looking black peacoat, so I should be on the right track. Any tips/ideas?

Also I just realized how Veeky Forums this aesthetic is
>usually depressed or traumatized
>usually smokes
>mostly milsurp or wool
>usually a mix of baggy and slim like most designer fits today

You can make a trenchcoat work if it's within the function of a trenchcoat: outwear that can cover a suit. If you're not wearing a suit you're gonna have to justify why you wouldn't be wearing a parka beyond "because I want to."

If you start using "because I want to" into justifying your clothing decisions when the function of the clothing isn't met people are going to know. It's a subconscious thing. They know there's no practical reason why you're wearing an unnecessarily huge, formally perceived jacket instead of something smaller.

That's what makes the fedora a massive mistake. It's been replaced by the baseball cap. Its use was when wearing a suit was the norm and was considered appropriate. They stopped wearing these as soon as Vietnam ended and counter culture became a thing almost 50 years ago. Wearing it now would be like walking into a 1940's bar, much like anyone from those noir movies, with a tophat on.

I would classify that as neo-noir, of which I couuld recommend if you want.

Furthermore, a lot of the characters, or at least the archetypes, are detectives, someone who absolutely does NOT want to stand out in a crowd.

Stop photographing strangers on the street, you weirdo.

I'd say just don't do it. I am someone that has worn both a fedora and a trenchcoat. I never wore them together, though.

They are funny things because you really aren't universally hated. You get more hate than you ever did before but I have never had an item of clothing complimented more than the trench coat.

Puttees (the leg wraps) are essential. Get some work boots too, and make sure they're leather soled - ww1 military boots were basically the same shape as what we now generally call a work boot. Look at Redwing, Wolverine, Oak Street, Viberg if you're willing to pay out the ass. Milsurp wool trousers complete the look

One funny thing is people really did call me a school shooter behind my back. You can't even get semi-autos in my country.

Oh one last thing, I'm pretty sure the Finns still use 100% wool for their standard combat uniforms so look for those. Might have been the Swedes or Norwegians. Wool is definitely essential though.

Thanks for the reply, but how do you suggest using puttees in a tasteful manner? They seem a bit extravagant, but by god are they aesthetic

You can if your a Philosophy professor in a cold area. My professor always came to work dressed like that. Pretty classy dude, now that I look back on it.

you could probably still rock a suit then, but it'd have to be a cheap suit that makes you look like an office worker, but you'd definitely have to be a certain age I guess.

Now that you bring it up, Chinatown is in that category, and is considered one of the best movies ever made.


Fuck it, I'll start a puttee thread. Also bump