Is it poseurish to wear a team's gear if you're not a fan?

Is it poseurish to wear a team's gear if you're not a fan?

who gives a shit

this tbqh

A little bit, yes. But the whole idea of being a "poser" is retarded.

A lot of subcultures where sports gear as a matter of regional pride.

I personally like weird minor league baseball hats, even though I'm not the biggest baseball fan.

If you're wearing a local/popular team in your area you'll probably blend in and nobody will care. I'm from Boston and everyone wears Sox/Celtics/Pats/Bruins gear and they don't actually give two shits about any sport.

Don't rep a rival team though (unless you're genuinely a fan). I see so many stupid Stacys here wearing Yankees "dad caps" from trendy fast fashion stores and it makes me rage.

Maybe if you are american.
I assume the rest of the world doesn't give a fuck, at least they don't do here.

Yes. Bottom line.

Be prepared to have strangers trying to start conversations with you about "your team"

Depends on the climate.
I live in Chicago and after the Cubs won a ton of girls were wearing Cubs t shirts and I overheard a group of baseball nerds ranting about how they were posers
But desu

Sports logos are pretty much like any other corporate logo that gets in your face. Kinda ewww.


also you'll have to endure basic fuckbois talking about how'the game' went

Baseball is one of the dumbest sports. I really don't like when it's hyped. Why japs like it?

I still don't know wtf is going on on a baseball field. Retarded system. Boring af


some south american guy came up to me on orientation week trying to start a convo about baseball cause I was wearing a 2$ yankee cap off ebay.
Like get the fuck away from me beaner we're in northern yurop, fuck no I don't watch baseball.

Yea and youre setting yourself up sort of to get asked about it maybe, but who cares desu

Not necessarily. It's poserish to pretend you're into sports to show off as a sports fan, but if you're casually wearing pieces of clothing it's fine.

Because they want to be us

Because its a really fucking fun sport assdick.

for you maybe fucking mongrel subhuman

>Why japs like it?

I hear in Jap schools they do shit like make you sweep a floor for an hour when it's clean because you swept it for an hour the previous day. And the next day you'll be sweeping that same floor for an hour again.

So maybe boring shit like baseball is comfy for them.

Bad idea, especially if your town has two teams with an ongoing rivalry and dedicated fans for each other, regardless of the sport.

If it's only one team or from a sports team that doesn't have an autistic fanbase at least in your area, you might pull it off. But expect people to comment or interact with you over what you wear. if you don't like that, don't bother.
Besides, I've yet to see any gear with effay potential at least for local teams.

Sorry the Yankees are popular even in Boston.

this. Just pick your local area. Every team has like 3 variations of their jerseys for home, away, batting, etc.

Some jerseys are more effay than others like dodgers & giants pretty classic

This is Tiffany from Girls Generation, she's Korean and she was pitching at the game

this is what Americuck believe lmao