Interior design and cleaning

>his house looks like a complete tasteless plebhole
Lets share some ideas and tips on how to have a good looking house and clean it properly

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Minimal knick-knacks
Colours that go together
Dust, Hoover, Mop, clean Carpets, Sweep, etc




Here's some tips from the archive:
>Always buy all white duvets, pillowcases, sheets instead of ones with garish print. They won't clash with the furniture and will actually make the room look more open. Look at all the "comfy" rooms in this thread ... what do you notice they have in common? Fucking white bedclothes

>Make sure there's plenty of light, whether it be natural or otherwise. If you buy lamps, make sure they're higher (like a stand lamp) rather than lower (desk/bedtable lamp) and buy color-corrected, "natural light" bulbs instead of those disgusting yellow ones. Brushed aluminum or white powdercoated lamps like the ones you can get at Ikea for literally $10 don't clash with furniture. Actually really important because you have to spend so much time in your room, and proper lighting (and PROPER LIGHTBULBS) can actually help prevent clinical depression

>Put some plants in there. Plants make every room look and feel better. Succulents and snake plants are really easy to take care of.

>Don't leave your fucking lotions and books lying out all over. Keep your room tidy because it already looks so dingy because it's a fucking dorm.

>Cover the floor with cheap stuff like a bamboo mat or woven carpet. Don't use shag carpets, they'll just get disgusting, and again you have to choose stuff in a neutral tone.

>Hanging pictures on the wall makes it feel less like a cell but don't just tape up ugly movie posters. Look online for DIY ways to hang posters (like using those clamps clotheshangers) and then choose simple ones like black-and-white or low-contrast photos. Again, doesn't clash and also makes the room feel more homey/comfy.

thanks, bump


good shit


Nice list senpai. Just how bad are yellow lights? Im still using a warm halogen bulb in my desk lamp

I see your a man of culture as well my friend
this my room, what did I do right/wrong? what should I leave/remove?

? i cant see a pic of your room?

Anyone have advice for how to go about buying high-end furniture? I have a few grand to blow on bedframes/tables/chairs/etc but 90% of the design I see is either mid-century modern or an IKEA ripoff. If I'm going to buy something to last a few decades, I'd like it to actually look decent instead of some Goodwill shit.

Besides going to the supperupperexpensive stores like those catalog stores:

or u can go to custom desing stores and buy stuff that is well made, well designed and so unique u do not see them usually in the pictures everyone share, like this sofa im in love with since i saw it for the first time but i cant afoord it:

Also depends where u ar, u can buy quality furnitore made from good wood, from an artisan that will last a lifetime and will look real good.

Tall legs on everything including the sofa so there's ample space for mops and vacuum cleaners.

Stay away from linoleum flooring unless you're prepared to wax it regularly - if you don't do that, dirty will be rubbed into so thoroughly you'll have to sand it down to get rid of it. Plastic, stone or hardwood is better.

>Make sure there's plenty of light
>If you buy lamps, make sure they're higher (like a stand lamp)
This. Get one like pic related. They're dimmable and reflect their light of your walls and ceiling, which gives you a soft and diffuse glow like sunlight.

sorry m8 my power went off
are you taking a decor course or something? pic1


what country you in mate

Do you live in Morocco or some shit like that?

nice celling and windows mate

Yellow lights best lights
Fucking white blue spectrum will fuck with your sleep


Threadly reminder to research any potential houseplants before bringing them home if you have pets, as many common houseplants are poisonous to cats and dogs.

Can someone explain to me color theory and how to tell which colors work together? My room is white with hardwood floors, and my furniture is dark/brown wood. My sheets are dark beige /almost bronze with a light green comforter. I have lots of plants but I absolutely hate the way my room looks, any tips?

Look at a color wheel. A color will contrast the most with with the one opposite it on the wheel. Red and green, blue and yellow, teal and orange for example.

How dark something is also affects contrast, as does saturation (how colorful it is). You work with these aspects of color with a plan in your mind, there are no rules as such.

I have a white room with hardwood floors as well. I have a gray couch and gray drapes that hide the bed alcove, oiled oak table and wall shelves, and lamps/candelabras/other small objects are brushed steel. Sofa cushions and blankets are an earthy orange to provide some warm color along with the oak.

The carpet in the middle of the room is a rather wild and grungy thing that looks like case hardened and rusted steel.

Pick a combo of three of these colours in each room and they'll look good.

Morocco lmao, I'm from Colombia pals

Thank you, I painted on blue because the sunrise light hit m hard
Should I remove the couch? It seems for me it doesn't match its colour with the rest

w2c wall shelves for clothes/shoes and coat rack (DYI?)

i am a dog, don't believe him hes lying we love houseplants

OK my Colombian friend, I let me tell you what does it take to take your room from a 2 to a 10 ( I live in Brazil so prices are close )

>get some Laminate Flooring, it can be installed on top of your hideous floor and it's real cheap, like 10 to 30 dollars per square meter

>your baseboard is also the same color as the floor so install some wide baseboard molding over the existing narrow molding like this

>paint all your walls white, you don't even have to buy the paint, your room is small enough that 2 free sample buckets should do the job

>get white coverings for your bed this is a must

>throw everything you don't use on a daily bases out, and by that I mean cds, the guitar, books, the speakers etc

>buy some non green decent lamps wtf are those cucumber lights?

>get the sofa painted and the color of the pillows changed, or even better! Just throw it out, I mean, how many people do you recieve in your room at once? can't they all just sit in the bed like in a normal house?

>sand the paint out of the wood ceiling and if you can put some varnish over it too

>get a new wardrobe, if you cant afford one just buy some box made out of pallets to store underwear and build a copper pipe place to hang your clother for cheap like in the pic

> get something to cover the AC wire

>wtf is that thing over the big window? is it a wood board? a curtain, get rid of it or get it to match the white walls

>this bed must be so loud to have sex in with all this wood creaking, get another mattress and just stack them on top of each other

>steal a bench from anywhere and get rid of that chair

> take the frame of the mirror and place it behing the clothes in the closet not alone on the middle of the wall

can someone tell me what the fuck these wallrugs are and where i can get them?

what like tapestries?

I just threw up

wtf is a wall rug lmao

Seems comfy but also a huge fire hazard.

My room is literally pink. How can I make a pink room effay?

Mate thank you quite much for ur tips
I'm really excited to see my floor covered with that wooden laminate floor, didn't even know it existed
I'm also gonna take some of ur advices, you made my day pal thanks for replying

fuckin wall rugs
stop user you're killing me

they're tapestries i.e. thin or medium density woven cloth in a design thats hung

Giving floor color could help.

retro aesthetic maybe? You'd have to do it perfectly for it to not fail though

Unironically posting my living room (again).

I've been meaning to get a shelf (wall-mounted or floor) for the tapes, since the TV stand, the storage bins on it, and my bookshelf (not pictured) are all full. Maybe some fake plants too.

Everything in the picture is DIY except the table in the middle. Just get planks of wood that match your room color scheme, clean them up, then put simple wall brackets below them.

For the coat hanger, you'd have to just get a wooden pole and sizable rope, then drill the the radius of the rope into the pole and tie a knot after feeding it through.

Very nice aesthetic you're going for, user. If you're going to place a wall shelf, place it in the corner.

this is a very old but very outstanding copy pasta

Friendly counter that most animals aren't stupid enough to eat plants.

t. has multiple pets with zero eaten leaves

Will these attract bugs?

No but some of them like pothos and the spider one are memes, they do need sunlight and water otherwise they die

My cat used to eat my spices.

You never know.

Moving out soon to a bachelor apartment/studio

any tips or inspo ?

Guys , I need help decorating my Livingroom , moved in a good while ago but I didnt have the time or money to work on it , so I just left it as it is.
Here are some pics. I want to keep the couch and the TV stand (gonna get a bigger one eventually) I cant change the floor but I can recolor the walls , everything else can be thrown out as far as I'm concerned.




Any blog, books or so for someone with no clue?

I keep laughing imagining you asking a girl to come chill and you two sitting on that couch just facing your bed

NO, don't get that shit! Total granny-lamp (at least here in Norway, every over-60 home has those lamps)

Agree with you on the tall legs on sofas part, tho. Also like the airy light look of sofas with tall legs.

Do you live in japan?
Your house looks like one of a weaboo trying to copy a 90's japanese house, including the cats.

You've got the right idea, user. Cat's instantly lifts the comfyness of any room.

Here are my unsolicited opinions:
>space the mirrors out a little
They will take up more of the wall, and those ugly seems between each mirror won't matter anymore.
Try giving 3-4" around each one and see how you like it. You could try drawing the wall's dimensions on some graph paper and experiment with the spacing there before you move anything.
>get rid of the drapes.
They're too big for the window. Also, when they're bagged up on the floor it looks messy. Get something shorter and not purple.
It looks like you might have been trying to cover up the radiator when the curtains are closed. That's a big waste of heat, and I think the look of the radiator is kind of cool.
>at least consider replacing the couch
It's covering part of the radiator, which is a clear sign that it's too big for the room. Sectionals are space hogs, and this one is adding to the messy feeling of everything. It's also really dark and nothing else in the room is, so you have this big black lump of couch. I understand that you want to keep it because it's a nice couch, but it just doesn't fit the room, and you shouldn't decorate your living room based on your couch. I would get something smaller and find another solution if you need some extra seating.
>Table is cool but too tall for the couch
You almost have to move it out of the way if you want to watch TV, which defeats the purpose of having a table there to begin with.
>Get something decorative to cover that light
>paint walls white
if you can't decide what to do with the walls yet (and you should wait until you learn a little more about color theory) at least just paint them white. It's relatively cheap and the room will look way better.

anybody got any tips or supplies for cleaning my room. but depressed for awhile and the shit is a mess

Delayed response , I was at work.

I didn't think of that, I was considering just taking them off and replacing them with some pictures , but I will give your idea a go.
They were there when I arrived. I was considering replacing them completely with blinds or what you said , get shorter ones , I didn't already because I wanted to have a general Idea on how the room will look like before I randomly buy something.
>Replacing the couch
As mentioned , I like it and I would keep it if possible , for now it will remain untill I can get a more fitting one. And I was hoping to make the room darker but I don't know how to achieve that without making it feel small and edgy.
I was considering getting rid of it and replacing with with a glas one to match the TV one, also It's not too tall , if I replace the TV with a bigger one it's not in the way at all but as I said I will replace it eventually.
>Light decorations
Looking into that, I was thinking a metal ceiling lamp with 3-4 LED bulbs.
I will deffinetly repaint the walls. was going to keep the gray parts and only repaint everything else white, as for color theory , that's new to me, I will look into it.

That being said that link you gave it is very helpful , thanks for the tips user. Any other opinions are most welcome.

I wouldnt take the couch out the radiator thing is not a problem at all, ur probably in europe am i right?

Take out the drapes, get some white japanese blinds just to cover the window space and let the radiator be seen, they will make the room more bright.

Paint the walls, the place looks dark so maybe white would look nice, if u want color just one wall but get rid of that awful turquoise border it looks bad.

Also the floor well ill get a big rug to place infront of the couch, just one but big, i know u have cats so get a good one to avoid that much hair cat sticking everywhere.

Also the tv stand ill take it out, try some clear wood one like this one for
u can build one better than the ikea one, but is jsut the general idea, the space have low ceilings os u will benefit from a tv stand like that.
U can build something like this for cheap and would look good in ur room:

As for the light u need something powerfull since is the main and only light spot in that room.Dont get an spider lamp the room is too small for one.
Dont get a glass center table, just throw it away and get a cart.
Cover the doors with decoupage That wood tone doesnt add lifht and doesnt make ur room look any better so decoupage the shit out of it with a clear theme.

Also the brown blinds in the other windows, get rid of them that color doesnt look good with that floor and theyre too vertical wich is not good with a low ceiling space like urs, get some shorter and matching blinds for both ur windows.

About the mirros ir agree with the other annon, try jsut space them see what they look like and if that doenst work u can do something like this for cheap and it will work:

How did you gues I am in Europe?
Anyway, japanese blinds , I looked them up and they looks nice , I'll get some , they should also go well with white walls.
Still dont know exactly how to recolor it but white will at least look better than what have now.
I actually liked the TV stand , but if it doesn't fit then there's nothing I can do about it, I'll get something similar to what you reccomended (oh yeah, what should I use to fil the space behind the TV?)
I was going to get a lamp that sticks to the ceiling , nothing that hangs down because that would just make the place look smaller imo.
What do you mean by cart? something like this?
I imagine it would go well with a TV stand like the one you showed.
As for the door , I was thinking of using some vinyl stickers to cover them (I plan to use the same method on the kitchen furniture since I can't change that either).
That isn't a window , it's a glass door that leads out on the balcony so getting shorter ones is not an options , but I will replace them to match my windows.
And finally that's a nice take on the mirrors ,I'll take it into account

I guesses because ur apartment have ;
Also because the kind of vacuum cleaner u have is less common in the states.

Windows ar probably 2 crystal for what i can see, those ar quite nice and in the states people dont usually get them in rentals, maybe except some cold places, but the cold places rent is cheaper so they get those big ass houses.

Im guessing ur in a big city, london Berlin something like that.Im maybe biased about germany because the jaguermeister thing, but im just juggling posibilitys.

For the space behind the tv, in a house i lived before the rental i am now, i had some small place under the stairs wich i use to store the drill and all those usefull things there,but since making something like it would take too much space ill just place some Shelves there so u get soome room to store stuff, and in the floor there if roomy enough a Vault.

Yes by cart i meaned something like u showed me, i think is nice and will look good.

Oh a door balcony, i have one like that, but i didnt place anything on it since for darkness with the external shutters was enough so if i were u ill place shutters in the window and let that door free.

Vinyl would work nicely, is a great idea go for it.

If u got a Delz store or Poundland u may want to check it from time to time,u can get some usefull staff for a rental for cheap.

The cat litter will be where is in the picture or it was jsut there the moment u take the picture and u will move it?
IF it will be there u may get something like this which will add storage but also conceal it.
Just google ikea cat litter and u will get great ideas.

The lamp i agree with u, leds ar good for it.
If u go for a white tone and japanese feel for the room that floor would look a hundred times better.

>a few grand
>high-end furniture

a few grand will buy you a nice chair if you're thrifty

thanks for the link, seems exactly like what i was looking for. should be added to sticky or so

Germany but not in a big city , I'm on the outskirts of a nice suburb.

I'll place some shelves behind the TV and use it as a storage area.
I like the cart idea , I think I will go with it. and get somrhting similar for my TV.
I don't know of any Delz store or Poundland near me but I'll look.
The cat is not mine, taking care of it for a friend but I might get one for myself later one , that being said , I love the cat litter idea.
So white walls , some japanese stuff and the old wooden carts , I'm getting somewhere , time to look up some pictures on that.

Useful information for the Veeky Forums crowd. Thanks brah.

this looks exactly like my room when I was in college