What do you think of season 4?

what do you think of season 4?




for someone constantly pushing and changing their sound as a musical artist, kanye really seems to do the opposite with his clothing collections. overall very boring, feels more like season 3.5 to me

This looks good

What the fuck

Both of these are complete trash

I gotta say he did a great job on almost all the boots he made

I know this isnt season 4, but the boots are still really interesting




literally the same shit

I really fuck with it, but as an other user said it's the same shit as season 3

Also Ye said that he'd try and bring the price down with every collection, but this is still way overpriced for a designer in his 4th collection making fairly basic (but really cool imo) stuff.

Maybe it's cause he hasn't been selling as much as he thought he would and needs those sales to be able to bring the price lower, idk. Or maybe he's just money hungry

boots are the best thing he offers everything else is meh or eh


I wish I could afford the fkn boots

I guess all just order pablo merch t shirts for the status




More importantly what you think of the Season 5 pieces that just dropped?

I like the Cali sport tee but I hate the Cali sweater. The adidas logo sweaters are aight but I wouldn't cop

Probably gonna grab some of the 950s for general wear and some snow walking (ol Canada) if anyone has tried these/can report quality and how waterproof they stay? Can always waterproof them if needs be.