Is being chubby/thick more effay than being skinny?

Is being chubby/thick more effay than being skinny?


This isn't even a possibility

na but she's beautiful is she lost the weight

>"thicc" = fat or overweight go and lose weight your a burden on society I pay taxes for you to eat french fries. Be like the japs they understand

nah, she's pretty. bet you don't pay your taxes and you know it.


Only to chubby chasers like me

I'm a fan of some thicc, but in the context of fashion, skellies objectively make the clothes look better. I guess the exception would be thot-tier clothing, but that's the case more for curvy and not fatties like OP's pic

This desu, the only clothing that thicc people make look better is clothing that shows off their bodies.

Thicc body > skelly body
Thicc is not Veeky Forums because skellies make almost all clothing silhouettes look better. And being Veeky Forums is more about how you look in clothes than out of them.


some chubby girls like OP's photo can look cute but not Veeky Forums. its just not the right body type for either males or females

Fat arms and rolls are grotesque

To my dick, yes

Also, chubby girls are cuter, thin girls are prettier. It's just how it works, down to what you prefer

Two reasons that you must bullycide chubby chicks into becoming skinny:

*They are not stable, I mean their weight is not stable. Chicks actually want to be thinner than most of us guys like. So what does that tell you when a girl is chubby? She is out of control and she's going to go from hot to not in a couple of years.

*Assuming they could keep their weight stable at a sexy level of thickness: gravity is still going to kick in and that's all going to turn into so much sag and cellulite.

Fitness is the viable long-term plan and you are not doing a girl any favours by telling her you like thick chicks. You are almost a Feeder if you do that.

Only fat people think so. No weight shaming, boys! Everyone is beautiful.


Being a fatass is gross. Chubby is when you have a little bigger stomach, not when you look overweight

disgusting, i hope she snaps like a twig.

it's not more effay, but it is more sexy

found the "mah body is beautiful" "mah boday is cuurrvy not fat"

"Boys like thicc girls, not bones. But I want only thin and tall boys" type of girl

Thicc = overweight (in this case)


They can be pretty cute though.

As a "curvier" girl, it's nearly impossible to be effay. Stuff is always bound to look like shit. For example, straight cut trousers end up looking like 2005 middle school girl tier wide leg trousers because of how the thighs fill them. For them to look semi decend one would have yo get bigger sizes which then wouldn't fit around the waist. Before I lost weight (am female) I had to shop at a lot of "black girl" stores to find to find jeans that fit. Always ended up wearing leggings though. Thot clothing would really be the only thing that works in that case

It's sexier. But not more effay

Skinny girls

>fashionable, aesthetic, fun to go on dates with

Thick girls

>body is more sensual/arousing, better sex, better cuddling

Basically you should aim to cheat on your skinny gf with the chubby girl next door.

Thick/chubby is personaly more attractive to me but I admit thin is generaly more aesthetic and effay. The two are not necesseraly the same.

Since when is this thick? This isn't chubby either this is straight up fucking fat.

stop making these threads

I find her repulsive. She's not thick. She's not chubby. She's a fat fucking slob and needs to reevaluate her life.

Thin girls look weird moving around like that.

t. fat roastie

I have a thing for giving oral to fat chicks. Don't judge me.

>t. anonette who fell for the thinspo meme

Thick girls look better in every way. Sorry to burst your bubble. Now start eating properly, maybe one day your legs will look half as good as pic related.

thats funny

Just fuck pigs instead, little to no difference if you love pile of meat so much

I like how big fat chungos think of their big fat bodies and see that instead of the rolling mass they really are because they're just "plus-sized" in their heads

Chubby girls have a stricter number of style choices compared to thinner. However, overall the clothing should be dictated by body shape. Some styles work better on thinner, some on fatter, some on curvier. Super thin pants look MUCH better when there's actually something to push them out, while t-shirts can look trashy unless they're loose over a thin frame, or tight to show off the inwards curves of the waist.

In the end, it's what style can mach the body type well. Human engineering isn't so weak that we can only make skeletons look good. I think, regarding the point in which fashion is lost on somebody, is when they're at a weight which pushes the boundaries of their body type/genetics they simply fail to make anything look good. Some girls can look pretty cute while fat, others while skinny, even while avoiding a lot of the "downfalls" of that weight if their genetics work for it.
[spoiler]Thicc girls are still the best tho.[/spoiler]

I'm sorry you're all so deep in denial. But the fact remains that, for the overwhelming majority of people, this is the most desirable female body type.


Eat them out before they eat you?

The "thick" meme came from women letting themselves go and still trying to be sexy. It's not real. Lose weight fatty

Thicc can be sexy but skinny and fashion have been synonymous for decades.

That's my fetish

>colored contacts or computer enhanced eyes
>Photoshop smoothed out legs
>Wearing a dress that's in no way flattering to her body type

If you're gonna post thick girls, at least do us a favor and post actual thick women who look good without a shit-ton of photoshop.

I prefer thicker women dark haired and dark skinned.

You like only fatass women after photoshop? Kek

found the low test beta

Only betas are left with fatass chicks because thin and nice ones are already taken

Good god THIS >>>>>

>having standards
>not fucking any girl that is dumb enough to fuck you

sounds like you guys are gay, or something.


Really shouldn't of gone any further than this

He said, bumping the thread

Nah, I prefer thin healthy girls. Sorry, your fat wife will have a cardiac arrest and die 20 years before you (assuming that you are skinny with really shitaste in women)


jokes on you, ill hang myself before she dies