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Just copped me the Bunny in Black

got a pair of Reigning Champ UB's on the way to me now, very stoked

jus copped these



Pre ordered these

can you send a pic of a fit with them? I want to cop but idk how to wear them

it's shit stop shilling your own shitty e-shop



it's not my e-shop d00d

hit a stain off nordstrom clearance on these

How do they fit? TTS? I'm normally a size 11 and have no idea what to buy for RAF pieces

how much did they cost you? The first ones are a dream shoe but 500 is too much

Just copped these Jil Sander boots for like 170

Copped these for 185

didnt like the green ones

also just bought some austrian meme boots

Are these a meme? Got them 50% off.

I just copped these boots I saw in Fargo season 1 episode 2, the post office scene. I copped them from I don't know cuz I can't find them

copped these on amazon because they were on sale. seems alright.

does adidas do that hole in the tongue thing with all the collabs? i like it

Copped these, although I think the 97's are gonna be a re-sell, impulse buy and they're going up in value since the release yesterday

Also don't bully me I like reflective

Sole funky but, I like it

Some people in offspring tried selling me some AirMax but I couldn't take them seriously because they were wearing those

Cheeky m8

Pretty simple but I like them, nice cop


the 90s are pretty cool

Listen to this guy you daft cunt

absolutely disgusting
worst meme ever known


not my shop

i posted where i got it u fuck

Fuck outta here you shill

suck my dick nigger

Sold my tricolor whites and got these today

Meh I dunno impulse

a l l k i n d s o f c r a z y c o l o r s



sexy af

fuck you

Was this a mistake?

Copped from the outlet


White Jack Purcells

8/10, I thought about getting these but the tongue detail is not for me, otherwise super sleek and the sole is awesome

So so so so tight
Good if they aren't the shitty nike remakes. I feel kinda weird about Purcells tho
I like them but don't they seem sort of... overdone?
Cool detailing, for sure good cop
Not a meme, Just nu male

Overdone as in design or overdone as in condition?

I dunno how I feel about the shoe but I'm def interested in hearing about the quality of this brand

these made in canada?

>Cool detailing, for sure good cop

thank you. here's a different pic where you can see they are actually a nice off-white. I was in such luck too because they were literally only 15 euros instead of 50 without shipping. it was a steal. guess I can recommend the fashion sales on amazon.

I need some new work beaters.

What kind of work do you do?

shit was cheap

>tfw I actually purchased this shit
>tfw it is limited edition and only 47 were made

These feel amazing.

Black Levi 510's Levi Sherpa Jacket and these boots.

just a basic black/white trucker cap with mesh in the back. kinda curious how it will look on me.

>Taking memes out of the internet

Just found out my Alpha Industries J-4 parka arrived. Its actually comfier than I expected. Haven't got all the tags off yet (why the fuck are there so many?) and just threw it over what I had on but I think it looks pretty good. Seems to fit fairly well, I think I quite like it - too bad I got it at the fucking end of winter. Now I have gotta cop me some nice tall Austrian meme boots or something. Sorry about the shit pic.
Also thinking about copping a nice bomber soon and some patches - I want to get some Dylann Roof inspired fits going on.
On a side note, why the fuck is my hand so red?


Special needs shoes

what a fucking idol

Just coped this yesterday, helmut lang bomber, the price was good so had to take it

r8 or h8, got them for 60. not the best cp but the silhouette is on point, gonna work well


Kys. He's literally the worst part of the song.

lel hypebeast

nice, w2c?

>it has gold numbers on it so it must be good
you fucked up hard

My OG UB 1.0s had to be replaced, hopefully these hold up better

My favourite cw ever

So fucking nice, how do you plan on keeping them clean? If I had a pair of high end sneakers I'd be afraid to wear them out

Bought Jason markk to clean them if they get super gross but I feel like they're meant to wear so of course they're going to get scuffed and all. In the end it's just a shoe that I happen to love. I figured I'll wear them till they have holes in them, then buy another pair. Also have those cedar shoe trees to keep them from creasing.

Lel post a fit and let's talk...i just buy things i like on the're just butthurt cause you saved up 29bucks to buy Austrian boots on komandostore and they came in more used then you'd like



dolce & gabbana doesnt make good looking stuff anymore for the most part since they got rid of D&G. trying to get my hands on as many D&G era products as i can

also trying to find some vintage fiorucci in my size. i know that whoever owns fiorucci now came out with a women's capsule collection that was only available online for 5 or so days, but i honestly think they should bring the brand back. especially with vintage now being "cool". i see so much fila, ellesse and sergio tacchini nowadays that i dont know why they dont just stock it again in bloomingdales or lord & taylor. i mean they already have lacoste so whats the big deal?

I also pre-ordered the Yeezy Wave Runner 700. Last item I actually got in hand was this jacket. Wore it with distressed jeans and a pair of CP Chelsea boots in case you can't see them well in the photo. Also, OP, I had those in black once and I just could not make them work. All I can say is good luck. I had the Ozweego Robots as well, but had the wrong size.

did i fucked up?

bunnys are ugly and entry level garbage that asap kids hop on

Yeah, they're ridiculously bulky too. Not a good look. Why are the Raf Adidas collabs getting bulkier and bulkier every year?


Haha how hard can you fuck up for 60?
They're decent especially for the price


Dries Van Noten combat boots.

Just copped these basics for $86 shipped
overpaid af but what you gonna do


20 kg of whey isolate, plus a bonus kilo of Creapure: $503 CAD shipped

I feel this was a very smart decision. My first time. Shit comes to about 2 canadian cents/protein!


How comfy are these compared to ultraboosts?

if you showed me these four years ago I would've said they look like knockoff flyknit by sketchers

Pretty much any high fashion sneaker looks better dirtied. Don't be a puss.

Those look really really small for you.

I have small feet, i'm size 10, theres still plenty of room for my toes

They're out for delivery right now but I bought my first pair of acne studio jeans in ace stay cash for $115

no offense man but thats ridiculous

u mad poorfag?

>everyone who doesn't pay 400 bucks for knockoff flyknit and a plastic cage on top of styrofoam is a poorfag
you look so fucking soft

>I don't understand why people value sneakers therefore it's dumb

>2 canadian cents/protein

Is this a good deal?

Tis an pretty tremendous deal.

For example, greek yogurt costs me 3 times more at 6 cents/protein. And is full of lactose and just a lot of shit to eat to get to the actual target protein amount