You have to reply to the post above you with a way to make what they posted fashionable

you have to reply to the post above you with a way to make what they posted fashionable

Take a pair of scissors to it, make a Jughead hat.

There is no saving these


Something roman like this

become a batman villain. scarecrow wears nooses sometimes

must be over the age of 55 and wearing something formal
try to look like you're wearing them ironically. everything else has to fit perfect and probably all black.
next phase of the choker meme

hard mode: pic related

>hard mode
Fuck dude

Bought a pair of John Varvatos wingtips for $50 dollars on clearance but they sent me these bizarre monstrosities instead

Brown suede chukka boot, contrast stitching, moc toe, how do I make them fashionable? Or is this checkmate?

OP you have to make it look fashionable

Get your head out of your ass

why don't you contact them and let them know they made a mistake lol, or are they all our of the wingtips and you want to see if you can make these work? these are some real mfa shoes though

how about a dark denim? With a purple tshirt.

i have the white one but here you go OP, only fedora ill wear

put some metal patches on the trenchcoat

Wear to a beach party

i copped this becouse im weeb but never wear them, i dare anyone to make an outfit with this, the catch is that they are size 12 when im size 9

Lunarcore dude. Grey skinny cargos with like quilted patches on knees. Then some off white bomber jacket or something and for extra flare a sea green Hawaiian shirt underneath.

It's called a whoopie cap.

Flip it inside out

Be Sápmi


kek i used to wear those one when i was 16

be scrooge

shit dude just my size
fuck you