Mfw I fell for the buzzcut meme

>mfw I fell for the buzzcut meme
>mfw went from a 7 to a 2
Help me lads now I look like I live on /pol/ and plan on running over a few muslims with a jeep

lmao dude you look so fucked

>Help me lads

how? we can't make your hair grow back. just wear a hat if you think it's that bad. also on Veeky Forums we post all questions like this in the existing fuccboi general thread to keep our board less cluttered. I would suggest you head over there but as i said they probably don't have much advice either. just wait and grow it back out.

pls help me

What the fuck can I do to fix this?!

Let it grow

Looks good bo

You look fucking inbred, I don't think the issue is your hair, mate.

shave your face.


>went from a 7 to a 2
post before

Might as well accept it, you have a receding hairline anyway.

this. There would be no use growing it back anyway

Either go full bald or grow hair. You didn’t cut enough so you just look like a 30 year old dad with a receeding hairline.
Might aswell try to go bald all the way when you're at this stage and if you don’t like it let it grow.

You look like Zayn's non-Middle Eastern cousin with more upper face and less lower face.

You better wear a big hat for like 3 months. Other than that, you're fucked for the time being.

if its any consolation you were never a 7


I can't believe you'd do that to yourself. Buy a baseball cap. It will grow back.

you were a 2 before and after

Seven six two millimeter full metal jacket.

literally the stanley of buzzcut threads, fuck off, it looks good.

Not short enough, bruv

More upper less lower - what does that mean
And you just did not see my now from the side, I am SO middle eastern.

this is me before it happened

What the fuck happened to you

more like 4 to 2 but it's w/e

What does Stanley means lol

here's the compliment you're fishing for you massive faggot


You look like Ross Geller: Douchebag Edition

You should take a pair of tweezers to your head honestly relieve yourself


also kek

That's real nato

yeah u were never a 7 lmao


Dude you can't get a buzz with a receding hairline. That's like the number one rule of getting a buzzcut you Karl Pilkington looking motherfucker

fuck man a couple months ago I had buzzcut, white shirt, black shorts, and all black high tops and I couldn't tell whether I looked like a /pol/tard or a punker. I think it was the former because people kept giving me weird looks.




whyd you get an edge up, you stupid wigger

you look like a medieval peasant

but im a baldlet anyway so can't talk too much shit

>Middle class
You shouldn't try to be different

Tfw i have a shit hairline like yours but i have chest length hair

I thank you for making me reconsider shaving it all off

Not universally true!

I like the way I look with my hair buzzed even tho I'm receding.

OP looks like shit

Lmaoing at the washing machine in place of the dishwasher

o u got me laffin

fuckin lol op you are such an ugly faggot this is your only way out.

your mom and dad are brothers

lmao that's dank

where do americans keep their washing machines?

i love the buzzcut meme though

you look like quasemodo though


You were never even close to a 7. You look like that Maoist Naruto tranny.


Face isnt sharp enough to ever pull off a buzzcut you prick

>banging esmeralda

fine with that

killing lefties and mudslimes is actually pretty effay af.

>receding hairline

Dude there is nothing you can do at this point, the damage has already been done regardless of you growing out your hair.

everyday i thank the lord I wasn't born white

everyday i thank the lord i wasn't born a nigger

OP you look like a fag both ways, you look less faggy now that your head is shaved off desu

>This is white in Shitmerica


>from a 7 to a 2
Fucking lol you are delusional. More like from a 4 to a 2.

would look good if you took it down to a #1 or no guard, this just looks like you've been lazy with cutting it and let it grow for like 2 weeks

This, op, THIS.

Time to stop giving shit my man

You both should hang out together and call your little group 'Downey and the Nigger'

buzzcut only looks good if your face is at least a natural 8. At that point anything you do with your hair will look good. If you have an average or below face (like you) you're better off sticking with safe normie cuts that distract from and compensate for your face rather than emphasize it. It's like the male version of the pixie cut.

I think you mean Nosferatu.


Any delusions of thinking I could pull off a buzzcut have been staved off by this post.

Repeat to self 3 times

>I will never look as good as James McAvoy
>I will never look as good as James McAvoy
>I will never look as good as James McAvoy

in the laundry room
kitchen is for food and dishwasher

fuck no u reminded me of this nightmare i hate you

What is mine natural score then?


Average at best.

if it's my lazy eye i can fix that, i know a surgeon

If it's any consolation he's actually a fairly cool guy. He did a Q&A on lolcow I think.


honestly you look better with less hair

Pvt. Pyle is that you

Make sure you don't get BTFO by antifa desu.

whats that gay ass pose hahahh

you literally look like you have down syndrome

how does he know it was anti/fa/