Got my first tattoo today what do you guys think also tattoo thread

Got my first tattoo today what do you guys think also tattoo thread

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snake eat it self

it triggers me


>all black everything even if its shorts and a t shirt meme

yea pretty fitting meme tattoo

Some eastern spirituality thing

Very fitting on a whitey

It's an ouroboros. Very unoriginal, but I guess some people are okay with that.

Who cares?


It's a black circle nothing special about it

get a hello kitty teardrop tattoo

I am going to surprise my girlfriend and get a tattoo of a creature that has the body of a fish and its head being my girlfriend's head.

She lives at the coast, so much symbolism. I know she'll love it.

hit the weights and get some style of your own

you dumb non-gooks, its an Ensō

snek eating own ass

It was once a nice tat, since every 3rd people at my local tattoo shop started getting it, it's become a meme

no no no, don't do this you fucking retard

nice coffee stain

Would be a better tattoo...

yeah, kinda looks like a solar eclipse

>all black fit

Or something from that movie arrival

>yeah dude so what does this brown tattoo symbolize
>I just spelt my coffee and thought it looked cool so I had it tattooed on me

he eat he own ass


kek do it

its clearly not its an ouroboros

excellent idea user pls send a pic when its done

i was actually considering getting my first ever tattoo from a sailor jerry design. still unsure of which one.

very nice op, i like it personally. i may be biased though cause just a week ago i was considering getting the exact same one however, but decided nah. i like it however, how much was it?

anus ape seems most appropriate


that bitch is hard as fuck to beat in SMT Strange Journey, not a fan

it's way too big

Full Metal Alchemist reference.

It is both an ouroboros and an ensō, which is a zen buddhist symbol

desu I respect that

i wish this wasnt bait

Rick double bars

twin towers reference?

gonna get mad pussy bro..

i like your shorts op
what are those?

Ouroboros has appeared in European culture for thousands of years, babycakes.


who fucking cares fucking mongrel cumskin

it's a fact that you can just shit many ugly tattoos on you and it'll still look great.

pls be jesting.


hepta for Galaxy

God why

Looks like there is a little ring of shit on your arm

lmao user fuck dont

kek naught snek

nah that's jormungandr

How come all the tattoos people get on Veeky Forums are fucking awful?


Baby's first tattoo. They either get something huge and dumb like tribal tattoos or small and pointless.
Honestly the best thing they can get is some nicely commissioned forearm sleeve. It's in an obnoxious location and it'll get them all the attention they're so desperate for.

snek's head looks kind of retarded
other than that i'm surprised at how much i like it
good job, user

do it and post results faggot


>they either get something big or something small
woah... incredible...........

Reworded and out of context. I apologize for insulting your dumb or pointless tattoo.

why are you so mad, friend?
are you jealous you don't have a large and/or small tattoo?

I wanna get a crow on my chest, like this, but not done by an autistic person.
This sorta style

Get that drawing tattooed exactly like that

Buddy a good sleeve can cost you upwards of 300 dollars

You'd be out of your mind to not start with something small and add on later.


do this no meme

Fucking retarded

i bet you have no clue what the actually means


it's a zen symbol for the nature of reality

whole premise is the "seer is the seen"

what you see out of your eyes it's actually "you" you are seeing because it's all being processed and projected in your mind

if you try to visualize this you'll notice that it's a paradox and you'll keep looping, hence the snake eating itself in and infinite cycle

You know Jordan B Peterson has been turning this into a meme right? You will be seen as alt-right as soon as some more frogposters start posting ouroboros some more

How is what I'm seeing me?
I am seeing something outside of me, it is represented inside me, in which step does it become me?

But peace doesn't beget peace..

>guy gets tattoo of snake eating itself
>his body is constantly catabolic from malnutrition and lack of exercise

pretty deep

you brain is a filter everything you experience processes through and you can't ever experience 'real' and 'objective' world as you can not remove that filter
at the same time those experiences (that you filter through your brain) are what mold and shape that very filter to behave and be the way it is

You know why people shouldn't get generic common tattoos? Because symbols that have been around for ever attract alot of different meanings over the years. You see a neat snake, maybe make something up about new beginnings or some gay shit. But what you actually did is brand with a big huge question your gonna get asked over and over. People will make assumptions about your tattoo and when you don't know what the hell Greek alchemist texts are or some other zen thing, you will look very dumb when you have to really say why you got it. My sisters boyfriend got some runic tattoos, my mom assumed he was a nazi, I assumed he was a big Tolkien fan. When he explained that it's for pegan worship, I suppressed laughing at him. His personal ideas about them were pretty fucking weird, and totally not supported my actual historical religious texts. If you have a emotional or important message to convey, symbols will work, but you must agree that art is the far better choice to give a complex nuanced naritive in single frame. Can you call a single symbol art? Not really up to me, but if I had the limited permenet canvas of my own skin, I'd probably set out to answer a few questions about why exactly I want Jörmungandr the world serpent on my inner arm. Or is it the god Mehen, protector and guide to Ra on his travel to the underworld? Or is it just generically all of them, smooshed Into a grey paste of symbolisum that I think looks cool, and like, represents my like, my childhood, because if death is not the end, then what's before birth? That's heavy man, I really digging this idea so much. I think it might have changed my life, I want to commemorate with is a tattoo, but I only have 200 bucks...

that's retarded way of looking at it

this, lol.

then again, you know that tats are just for fashion mostly and it's a vapid ass choice and OP just got it because "looks cool, lol! let's get inked n shit.".

when I see tats, this is how I usually know somebody is a fucking normie.

also, your sister should probably dump that pseudo-pagan faggot and meet a man with taste and without tats instead

>vapid ass choice and OP just got it because "looks cool, lol! let's get inked n shit.".
why in the fuck wouldn't this be a valid enough reason to get a tattoo
I swear the tattoo threads on this board are the worst thing ever, they are so schizophrenic, half the time people are mocking the 2deep reason tattoos and other half people scream about normies because they take tattoos that they think look nice
like what the fuck is the ideal tattoo then?
something so fucking ugly that you absolutely loathe and the meaning is some 2deep highly intellectual philosophical thing but it only holds that meaning to some person other than you or something

>why in the fuck wouldn't this be a valid enough reason to get a tattoo

because you should at least do some research before getting it. people gonna judge with or without knowing the meaning behind it but it's worse if it's a meaning that they don't like or that is somehow politically charged and they don't like that. getting inked brings stigma into your life, like it or not. that's why it's usually better not to do it in the first place.

>because you should at least do some research before getting it
again, fucking why? maybe people don't give a fuck about those kinda things, people are going to judge you for just having tattoos, why on earth would you give a flying fuck about what they think something you have taken means

well, even if your tattoo doesn't have any popular or specific meaning, the image of having a tat is pretty bad. people gonna assume that you're low-class, low-brow or blue-collar, that you're a thug, that you make shitty and bad decisions in life because you got one in the first place etc. etc.

then of course there is the stigma at some workplaces. Some jobs you're just not allowed to do if you have a lot of public interaction with random ass people and they won't allow tats outside the t-shirt line that you can't conceal, unnaturally colored hair or lots of piercing or even not being shaved or having long hair as a guy. this is just how things are because all the stuff mentioned makes you less approachable, less friendly looking in the public eye.

of course you can say, you don't give a shit about any of that and still have them but it will be more of a hindrance than what it is worth for because it might shut certain doors in your life that you'd rather see being open.


good analysis


stirner you weeb hack

Looks like you're trying to communicate with Aliens brah.

>mfw i look like 19 year old big boss

Start saving up for the removal

upmysleeves. this is my only ink, starting to source new ones

new ink, let me know me what you think

Jesus fucking christ anons

Do they have any significance to justify their awfulness?

nothing weeb about eastern philosphy, atheism is the weeb philosophy

sure, 'cause someone saw that movie right?

I like this one.

Not the same without Nimoy narrating,

If u really wanna know ive been working as a sailor the past two years and also struggling with alcoholism since some years back. Got it at about the same time as i quit drinking completely (couple months ago)

messed up debian logo

Skeleton one looks very nice, those small ones are really bad tho (imo)

Ist that a hitmarker?